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In this update we'll be sharing more info on the story, the world and the inspirations for Subvert: RTS.

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Let me get this out of the way first: there have been some questions as to what we mean, exactly, by "RTS". I can tell you for certain, we're not talking Age of Empires or StarCraft-style RTS here. We're using the acronym in it's truest form: Real Time Strategy. With emphasis on the strategy. We will not have any sort of resource-gathering mechanic or armies to control and there will be no structures to build. When we talk about RTS, we're referring to the style in which you will play the game, not the conventions associated with the genre.

Ironically, when were working on the FPS, we looked at some RTS games for inspiration. Now, working on the RTS, we're looking at FPS and other genres for inspiration. The dummy version of how the game will work is this: You control a squad (usually 4 members). Each squad member will be customized by class, gear and abilities. Different missions will call for different combinations of squad members to get the job done. As with Subvert (FPS), we will be focusing on a tactical approach to each situation, not just running in with guns blazing. Think back to the mission planning in the OG Rainbow 6.

We'll share more info as we get further along in implementing different systems.

We've explored a bit of the world in which Subvert takes place in the first trailer we released (Timeline). Chronologically, this is a prequel to the FPS. In summary: Private military contractors have all but replaced traditional armies around the world. The most powerful corporations use these PMC's services to protect their locations, technology and other assets around the world, which are constantly targeted by governments and competing companies. The days of total war are long gone; replaced by perpetual skirmishes among PMCs. With the decline of traditional warfare, the threat of nuclear war has diminished as well.

That's all I have for today. Now I'm off to implement some more stuff in the game!


Ah that was how I was looking at it kind when you first announced it. Did any of that inspiration come from jagged alliance?

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RayBarrera Author

I never did play Jagged Alliance, but it looks like Commandos, which is a game that I've drawn inspiration from.

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so its an RTS that is not an RTS...

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RayBarrera Author

It's RTS down to the core.

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