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Discussion over the dynamics of Revamp in general, along with a three point statement over experimentals, game strategy and faction diversity...

Posted by leosake on Feb 28th, 2013

I created this post so that people can discuss and elaborate on the strategy dynamics of Revamp mod, and what I mean about strategy dynamics, dynamics in a strategy game are basically the elements of the game that the player cannot change, but can manipulate to his own benefits, some eamples given:

  • the rules of engagement
  • the options available (sea, air, ground)
  • the weaknesses and the advantages of each faction
  • economy manipulation
  • zoning
  • etc.

There threethings that I will state in my initial post, but feel free to elaborate on any aspect of the dynamics mentioned above...

UEF not having enough tanks

The first thing that I wanted to discuss is the reason of me and Avitus developing more mechs than tanks for UEF. There is no specific reason on that other than the love we have both for mechs! But besides this there are plenty of treaded experimentals for UEF, and to mention some:

  • Fatboy
  • Juggernaut
  • Riot tank (not sure about the name)

As far as the actual T1-T2-T3 units, there are many treaded units spread out the tiers, with one more coming in T3 (cannot say more at the moment other than it is really powerful but needs micro), and even some wheeled vehicles at T1 and T2...

UEF AA Experimental

Someone stated in the "summary" page that he was worried when a Cybran player is going to get 15 Soulrippers, he wont be able to fight back having UEF... My thoughts on that are the following:

"If a player spends time (and resources) to build 15 soul rippers, the other player will have the equivalent of 4000 simple me through my experience even against heavy turtler players, nobody has the patience and time to risk building that many experimentals of ONE the time you have your first one (or if you truly are good second one) the other player will harass you and force you to spend resources towards something else..."

which brings me to the last thing that I wanted to state, and is indirectly related to the second part...

Rock-Paper-Scissors Dynamics

I don't really see the whole point of eliminating advantages and disadvantages in factions, advantages should be applicable every here and there inside an RTS...for example the UEF has a clear advantage in its navy, this doesn't make the rest factions navies useless, you just have to put more effort on outsmarting your enemy, while you use YOUR advantages like ground forces with Aeon...I hate rock-paper-scissor RTSs like Starcraft were all factions are equal on all points...There should be weaknesses, and a good strategist could and should surpass them with his advantages....

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Igncom1 Feb 28 2013 says:

From what I know of the game, the factions go as follows.

UEF: Best all rounder, best army, decent navy, competent air force, but lacking in special ability's and tactics that are not just a straight up attack.

Cybran: Crazy and crafty, trickster army, very mobile bombardment navy, and overall best air force, but is lacking in stopping power, and for their ability's, actual power.

Aeon: The glass cannon, amphibious army, powerful weapon navy with weak health, speedy air force, but needs late game techs to turn from mundane to downright terrifying.

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leosake Author
leosake Mar 1 2013 replied:

You make it sound as if the rest of the factions are weaklings, and the UEF are ubah-powah :P

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Igncom1 Mar 1 2013 replied:

Only in a straight up, even fight.

But that rarely happens, so actually consider the UEF to be the weakest!

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MrAzuryZ Mar 10 2013 replied:

Dont underestimate my battle tactics commander.
I use my supreme defence to totaly annhilate any opposition with my barrage of Mavor Fire, and if you try and come in via ground i will have my cookiemonster cannon to totally annhiliate your armies.
When you come via air, i will build a massive air army within moments with my countless numbers of idle factories, all whilst slowly turtling towards your base.


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OhNoesBunnies! Feb 28 2013 says:

I'm glad someone else hates Rock-Paper-Scissors mechanics. This ruined CnC 4 and Red Alert 3 for me.

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Igncom1 Feb 28 2013 replied:

It's ok for non-simulation small scale RTS games, because it would be very hard to impossible to balance rocket troopers on that scale.

But for scales of SupCom 2 and above, it really isn't necessary.

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Farhang Mar 1 2013 says:

I`m a big UEF fan but what ****** me off is that NONE of their XP units can attack aircrafts. So I can't attack the enemy base with only XP units and always have to have some WASP's covering them.
Imagine you have a big army of Kings, Fat Boy II's and AC-1000's and they can't defend themselves from one tiny air bomber...
Other races have AT LEAST one XP unit that's very effective against air units.

Off Topic: Revamp Team, I really appreciate your job. This Mod will rock the whole modding community. You guys are the best.

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leosake Author
leosake Mar 1 2013 replied:

the Fatboy's missile silos can fire anti-air missiles, and so does the Annihilator's....

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Farhang Mar 1 2013 replied:

Sorry I thought this was about the original game.
Yes you guys did a great job for adding those Anti-Air weaponry to UEF's XP unit.

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leosake Author
leosake Mar 1 2013 replied:

"Discussion over the dynamics of Revamp......"

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Rtys8 Mar 1 2013 says:

Well,Ive stated design wise and in universe why the UEF Woodpecker can exist......

The only thing stopping it now is why should it exist.
Anyway,there will be alot of clashes and debates over canon and game balance,remember that.

EG.The most famous example - The Monkeylord vs the Aeon Universal Colossus.

If it is the old Monkeylord from the Infinite War,there's no freaking way it should beat the Colossus so easily.In the old games,1 GC could roflstomp 4-5 MLs.

Unless if it was ML2,maybe.One could just think they made this latest version a lot tougher.

But ether way the Aeon look screwed,their once powerful titans are now dwarfed.

The Cybran just have too many new powerful toys initially from the DLC.

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leosake Author
leosake Mar 1 2013 replied:

okay I'll tell you what, give me your best shot at describing that "Woodpecker", and if your proposal convinces me, I'll model it, and we'll see how it goes...

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Rtys8 Mar 1 2013 replied:

Sounds good,but lets do a reverse first.I always like hearing both sides of the story.

What do you really have in mind exactly for that position?

I'm running a few good features of fighter aircraft,will post soon.

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leosake Author
leosake Mar 1 2013 replied:

1st point
Since most of the alter tiered UEF units are good all-rounders, they have anti-air capabilities, a look at the UEF T3 units will convince you, a quick example is the T3 Siege Mech which has two anti-air flak cannons, many T4 experimentals also have anti-air capabilities, which brings me to the point that while UEF do not currently have an anti-air only experimental, they don't actually need it because half of their army will have mediocre anti-air capabilities, missiles and bullets will fly towards enemy air force from half of your army, what else do you want?
(if the woodpecker was an AA fighter-plane as someone suggested)

2nd point
For me an ideal airplane experimental for UEF would be a carpet bomber, but then again we'll see it through time for it's purpose... for a strafing A-10 one, I'm not sure, I don't have anything In mind, although I can imagine one for them, that's why I said, propose your idea and we'll see...
(that is if the Woodpecker was an AG plane)

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Rtys8 Mar 1 2013 says:

Yes,sgt.surge forgot the upgrade that adds AA to everything.In general the UEF are very well round defense,that he forgot to see.

You should allow him to propose since he decided to spearhead this,despite me mentioning it first.
But as i said, this XP position still needs something.

Your arguement works,if only the said player was building a land/balanced army.
On those Air combat maps,that's where they might lose out.
(Pure air battles are occasional,but they do happen.)

Thinking about your perspective a bit....hmm maybe yes,it need not be a pure fighter,but a fighter/bomber may also work.

So lets take a bit from you,make it a fighter/bomber instead.
But i think it might be called something like The Mockingbird instead now.

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Rtys8 Mar 1 2013 says:

Well,here's MY idea of it.Sgt.surge may have a better one.

The key characteristic of it,is that it would be FAST.

It would swoop in like a bird of prey.Depending on the enemy type(air or land),it would fire it's according weapons.
It's meant to be a single target focus fire unit XP,with enough firepower to take down a singular tough unit.
It's not that different from the Ashwassa.

Main Nose Machine Gun(targets air and land)
Wings and Tail AA Turrets
Twin Wing AA Missile Launchers
Twin Wing Rocket Launchers (targets land)

It's reminiscent of modern aircraft jet fighters.
(Yet another question: Why do Fighters in this game, just use bombs on land units? What happened to aircraft missile strikes?)

It would be a jack of all trades,like the faction it comes from.
It would be able to take on a Soul Ripper III,but it won't come out unscathed.

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Rtys8 Mar 1 2013 replied:

But anyway,you are right you do say the UEF has more than enough for air defense.

Baring all land defenses....
The Air fortress is extremely tough actually,and with the ability to make fighters at a cheap cost.

AC-1000 is fine as i previously stated...

As much as it seems fine right now, for in-universe reasons, i say you should still make this huge fighter/bomber XP as an option for alternative to having masses of fighters.

Since UEF fighters are the only ones you still suffer from the fatal flaw of unable to target land units,this would fill in the role.
It's a very small yet big flaw that i think the UEF can use a "fix" to.

A Fighter/Bomber XP that can advance through an air army and then take on the enemy base straightaway instead of sitting there helplessly.

Since the other factions have gotten past this small hurdle with advancement in tech,why not?

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Rtys8 Mar 1 2013 replied:

So,it would be the first UEF fighter that can attack both air and land.It's an "oversized prototype",but still the first steps of an advancement.

This is the basis of the UEF XP Fighter/Bomber.

It may seem like a small thing,but it seems like a good first step in advancement.

The rest, i think you can handle.
That's all i can say on the issue.

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narh... Mar 1 2013 says:

Great Pag Leo Bro
Also same wen its all equal its boring and unchallenging coz every factions unit should have a purpose and shud be USEFUL and this way they all get used more and it makes the game more strategic; if its all equal u cud just keep making like 3 units on repeat a Big anti Land a big aa and a big anti naval and its just that easy...

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Rtys8 Mar 1 2013 says:

Now,a genuine balance issue.

This is regarding the Aeon XP gunship Soorpriser.It is severely quite useless for its costs.Dpm is insufficient and weak,and its slow.It cant do anything that its competitors can do better.

Now,an important question here is,what was it supposed to be??
I say, given the way it was designed,it is a different type of gunship from the Soul Ripper II and the AC 1000.

Taking inspiration from navies, i propose it be something like a aerial Battlecruiser.
High armor,yet not so slow as a real Battleship,but still cannot compete against a Destroyer(Soul Ripper II) or Frigate(AC 1000) in speed.It would have similar long ranged hard hitting alpha base dmg armaments.
Buff its speed,but no faster than a Soul Ripper or Darkenoid.
Buff its weapon damage and range massively.

It would be the first gunship to not destroy via rate of fire.

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leosake Author
leosake Mar 2 2013 replied:

I really doubt that a huge air battleship would complement well with their current army, imagine a line of fatboys, packed with a line of T3 Sniper gunships, and some of your proposed experimental fortresses...what has a hope of even coming close?

let alone the experimental tower defense the UEF has....

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Rtys8 Mar 2 2013 replied:

Uh i did not suggest a XP fortress.The Czars and Air fortresses are perfectly fine where they are.
Yes,the idea i have for a counterpart to fulfil the role the Soorpriser failed to do so,but you guys don't seem ready for it yet.

The Soorpriser was given to the Aeon like the Cybran were given the Monkeylord,so it can be sort of assumed that this will be their powerful XP to really seize the position of being masters of the Air from the Soul Rippers II and III

And this is the AEON air force dude.

We have too many fast gunships already,so why not the Illuminate develop another working type?
They are more advanced in universe anyway after all.

It's a niche gunship,that acts like a naval "warship". Given it's size and low number of armaments,that's the only conclusion i can draw.

If you are mentioning how it would work in combat,it's got a massive pool of hp.
(You can't change much of the units already in game,so let it be a sort of Tankish Bruiser for destroying bigger targets like other XP.)

I mean,the Aeon have unique UFO siege weapons already.

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Rtys8 Mar 3 2013 replied:

Uh, i reread that again.

The key with this changed Soopriser is that it's like a Aerial Battleship.In game it's already quite like that,but its not efficient for it's cost.

High HP,Long Range High Damage Armaments that exceed the effective engagement range of defenses.

Cause,lets face it,it's in the game already.There isn't too much you can do to change it unlike an original modded unit.

So instead of giving them another ROF gunship the other factions are toting around crazily,in universe wise,they might be trying a new design of Gunships.

Yes, it current state is still okay...Only if left to it's devices.
Ive heard of players saying it's got situational use,when the Darkenoid cannot approach it's target.

But that's all.It needs to be more efficient at what it does,and be a bit more capable like it's cousins from the other factions.

Ur not implying the UEF just got more powerful at turtling....did you......

The game has enough turtling already.

And the Aeon needs their "turtle crackers" back.RAW POWER.
Man, i so feel they got left in the dust thanks to the DLC.....
Actually,their XPs just suck,that's why.

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leosake Author
leosake Mar 3 2013 replied:

I thought that the design you proposed was for the UEF! I just realized it's for Aeon, well all I can is that the Aeon will get what they deserve when the time comes, I have some experimentals in my mind for them that would complement their army pretty darn well ;)

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Rtys8 Mar 3 2013 replied:

*head spinning*

We need to talk this in pm.
Only design i proposed so far is the UEF XP fighter together with Sgt.sarge.

I was suggesting a buff to the Soopriser,which is inefficient for it's costs.

Why the buff.
A.As said, and Ive tested before as with people before me, also,it is inefficient for it's costs,and weak compared to the Soul Ripper II.(Approx 100 less dpm,Soul Ripper's also has AOE on hit.)

B.Design wise, there's nothing to suggest it's a fast moving gunship.It's more of a Aerial long ranged "Battleship".

C.In universe wise, the Aeon may be advancing ahead of the rest by bringing out bigger and more sophisticated constructs.

The new Aeon Air XP i am proposing soon is following that trend.
And there's the Czar-Darkenoid problem.....

{Like with the UEF,you dont have an idea for the Aeon counterpart to the Soul Ripper III yet do you?]

UEF XP fighter- A new gen general purpose fighter,fast and lightly armored compared to other factions counterparts.
a.Made as an prototype advancement for getting round the ancient problem of "helpless fighter unable to target land.
b.In universe,it can be considered oversized and heavily much more armed,to it's mass produced brethren.

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leosake Author
leosake Mar 3 2013 replied:

unfortunately for the Sooprizer I have no idea about its place and stats at Revamp, maybe Overrated can elaborate on it...
but anywayz, about the UEF strafe runner, I'm on it...

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Rtys8 Mar 3 2013 replied:

I thought Avitus was making it?

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Rtys8 Mar 4 2013 says:

Pardon my musings.
Ps.I think this news post is flooded,better make a new one.

(I know this is a mod,but i just love speculating on how these new advancements fit in the universe)

Actually,i'm quite happy how the design team has made things so far.
When i rethink it,the design decisions make sense.

UEF,at this point,may have found the limit of treaded/armored warfare.
Due to newfound mobility from of Cybran Warfare Mechs,they deemed it necessary to advance in that field.

Cybran,at some point,found the slow inefficiency of old walker designs inpractical,thus decided on a new generation of robotics: Mechs!

The Aeon,now that i think about it with the metagame we have now,the power creep,in universe may have symbolized that their old designs and their slower inclination for development,(compared to UEF and Cybrans)
were slowly losing out on the arms race.

Here's what i think would happen next.
And also why they should begin making "Constructs".
Learning more from their Seraphim forefathers,they begun to develop more unique Constructs for battle to make up for that difference in the arms race.

(I don't mean mechs or tanks,something that it way more distinct,abstract from a mere humanly identifiable vehicle or mecha.)

[Leosake,you have played Rise of Legends,you should know the Death Sphere.That will be a key basis of the Aeon Air Unit i intend to suggest.)

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leosake Author
leosake Mar 4 2013 replied:

Well to be honest I thought using Rise of Legends concepts many times throughout my Aeon modeling designs... They are indeed cool, but they luck that smootheness we are trying to achieve... But overall yeah, they have that living "statue" thing that we all loved (I believe) int he vanilla Aeon ;)

So be sure that they are getting that feel back ;)

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Rtys8 Mar 4 2013 replied:

Well Inca,Aztec or Mayan were the basis of the Cuotl,of course their blocky design wont fit.

Btw, i was thinking the Aeon AA gunship should be replaced with something else......Tiny UFOs!(like those from UAW)

The illuminate may have at this point, started reasearch on mass producing that design,based on the Darkenoid.

Mini Darkenoids FTW!

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RaidenSgn Mar 6 2013 says:

Btw its Sgt. SARGE not surge :P

Anyway I frankly don't care if the UEF xp is a fighter or fighter bomber but it just seems that UEF is lacking a SWIFT powerful hit and run type of plane (As the flyring fortress is for defense and unit building and ac-1000's are great for mass attacks {like a martyr}). As the topic of a A-10 replica that is a little futurized to be a fighter/bomber AS Rtys8 has described it, It won't be too different from ahwassa but it isn't a 1 bomb drop run. Its more of a barrage type of plane.

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Rtys8 Mar 6 2013 replied:

Which is why i added the personal touch of naming it after a bird to emphasize how fast it is.
Woodpecker is more related to how fast its "beak" gun fires though.

We will have to see what armaments it gets,to determine its name.

You too also scared how powerful the Cybran are getting?
Ive had a Cybran idea or two,but after seeing and comparing how many toys they have, i dont feel inspired.

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leosake Author
leosake Mar 6 2013 replied:

the thing is that Cybran designs are fearsome in appearance..It's one of their "things" I would say...after all psychology in battle always plays a role.. ;)

But balancement-like do not worry, all of the factions are getting toys ;)

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Rtys8 Mar 6 2013 replied:

That's part of charm of the Cybran.Sneaky,Mechanically Menacing.Which is why i think the mecha direction is an improvement for a new era.

But,You gotta admit,just at this point of time ,the other factions have too little good toys.

Maybe in an "SC 3" I speculated,where the factions techs have all developed to reach a new level where they are all distinct,i could suggest some new Cybran stuff.

But right now they seem too perfect.No room for new ideas.(to me)

Aeon suffered the most,not to say in universe it could not happen as said above,but their existing XP are part of the problem.Some are completely useless for their intended purpose.

While lacking new unique design types for a new era in vanilla SC 2.

Angel -No idea of it's capability
Walker - GREAT idea.It was about time they made one.Still no idea of it's capability.

Well,i know you guys have not gotten to it yet,but i think its time they made stuff that actually works.
No more "Support" XPs. At least,no more XPs that can't stand in it's own field.
They should inherit some of their Seraphim forefathers raw power.

(Trust me,while Aeon is deadly,but they have weaknesses as well i doubt they can truly overcome compared to the Seraphims who started off very well rounded and powerful.
But just inherit some.

EG. Ythothas sometimes need not be so reserved in attacking compared to the Galactic Colossus.They were,actually slightly economic to use,like the UEF,too.)

They were supposed to be Sacred and Strong.

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RaidenSgn Mar 6 2013 says:

BTW is there going to be a mk2 of a universal colossus or galactic colossus because I'm guessing its the main idol of the aeon.

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Rtys8 Mar 6 2013 replied:

Naw,given that the design still works,but its just not as strong in the current era as it is supposed to be.

We should be looking to a new aeon Epic XP counterpart instead.Something with a strong image.

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RaidenSgn Mar 7 2013 replied:

I guess but I've just seen the mk2 of the monkeylord and a Fatboy 3 so I'm just guessing why not a new Colossus

+1 vote     reply to comment
leosake Author
leosake Mar 8 2013 replied:

yes Sgt.Sarge,a new Colossus is on the works, as well as a small colossus for a minor experimental... But as we said multiple times, Aeon are the last faction to be released and thus the last one you'll see many things...

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Rtys8 Mar 7 2013 says:

Hmm that reminds me,thanks alot.(stupid me for forgetting)

But you guys are aware that the Aeon do not use the same naming system for newer editions of existing designs right?

Please stick back with history this time.No way in hell a Stealth bot should beat a Specialised Assault bot one on one in a direct fight.(this arguements has been tired and streched,dont make say it all again)

Part of the fun i remember using Old MLs was that they were good cheap XP assassins if needed.Please put em back in their real historical role.

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leosake Author
leosake Mar 8 2013 replied:

to be honest with you, Monkeylords should be placed exactly as you in SC1 era, where they were more of an assassin stealthish bot, rather than a massive overhaul... But guys love the massive overhaul, and the new ML really deserves some more...thus their role now is not of the original ML ;)

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Rtys8 Mar 8 2013 replied:

Well,back in the day they were actually darn fun as a rush to go XP assassin.

Megalith II s just dont have the same feel. Similar,but not same.
Speaking of which,MLs,Cicadas.

In the far future of SC 3 i predict,where unit types are diversified,the ML would be the spearhead of a Cybran Espionage Forcse....

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Rtys8 Mar 9 2013 says:

Anyway, i have 1 more reason why the MLs and Colossus should take back their real historical position,(insults both of their designs, nuff said.) is that you ignore something as well in the same room.

The Cybransaurus Rex.

Unfortunately,like the other gimped things in the game,this is a case of mismatched identity.
It acts too much like Aeon specialised purpose design philosophy.

It's too short ranged,slow speed.
Only good dps,but its good for killing small land fry.That's it.

In universe wise, sadly,there's not much i can do to speak in it's favor for any buffs to it's design.
See,some experimentals/prototype designs arent so good YET at that point of time they debutted.

It happens in warfare.
Only after refinement,then they can actually work.

All i can do to speak for the Cybransaurus Rex is this.

It was the ancestor of a new kind of Experimental Lizardbot, Salamander.
An improvement over the old design.

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Rtys8 Mar 10 2013 says:

Here's a list of the XP units that are considered gimped.

Cybransaurus Rex - Too overspecialised.Only good part is the decent dps.
1. Slow Speed.
2. Short Range.

(This is one mech design i actually would have wanted you and Avitus to make a new generation of. A new gen Lizardbot.
I would call the Dragon and Wyren Dragonbots though,they are too distinct from the C-Rex family.)

Kraken -Navy,i know.For a so called unit with a terrifying name,it's not that scary.It actually works as a mass producable AA XP sub,but subs are also supposed to destroy ships and other subs.

1.Insufficient DPS.
2.Could use a slight speed buff.

(Also another candidate i see potential in it's future for it's design,i would make a real XP that would terrify the sea,called Scylla,with an intended assault siege design in mind.)

Airnomo - as spoken of before.
1.DPS method is not good for it's intended purpose. Shot impulse speed is decent,but still it's intial alpha damage is too weak for each shot.
(I would have made it AA Flak to be honest as a method,but we cant change that in game property,can we?)

Willfindja -as spoken of before.For a sea hunter,i know it's meant to destroy subs,but because of it's XP class,we should buff it some to let it perform an anti naval role as well.
1.Drone ai,hard to fix issue,nothing much might could be done.(Dont know the real specifics,needs testing)
2.Poor Range to kill anything at sea except subs.
3.Too squishy.

I understand some XPs just arent supposed to be all great when they debut,but every XP should be useful sometime in the game.

Even back in SC and FA,everything had a function that would work some way or another.

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RaidenSgn Mar 10 2013 replied:

I for one love the kraken but its just so weak. The damage is horrible, the range is so short you litterally have to be up in its face for it to shoot you. I would love to see a REVAMPED KRAKEN :)

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Rtys8 Mar 11 2013 replied:

Kraken is fine,for a mass produced minor naval XP.......just needs to be able to do something than just what it's made for.

It's just like the Willfindja.....

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leosake Author
leosake Mar 11 2013 replied:

I have some stuff for the Kraken, when it's time comes..

+1 vote   reply to comment
Rtys8 Mar 11 2013 replied:

If it's a new model,Imagine it being something the Kraken of Age of Mythology.

It's short range is intended though.

Ah,crap,i never truly tested the Navy metagame ether.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Rtys8 Mar 11 2013 replied:


Given it's design, and with seeing other similar Cephalopod designed enemies in sci fi,there's not much of a potential for long range naval combat is there?

I think increasing it's speed is more logical,than engagement range.

+1 vote     reply to comment
leosake Author
leosake Mar 12 2013 replied:

The final design I will have won't look like the original Kraken, I already know its silhouette and it doesn't look like a Cephalopod ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Rtys8 Mar 12 2013 replied:

Then it's not a Kraken if it aint Cephalopodish....

I wish i could have pics of your tech trees, so i can put up my proposals.

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