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A complete custom campaign for Freelancer had been released today with no advance warning what so ever!

Posted by masternerdguy on Oct 31st, 2010

IMPORTANT: There is a bug I'm attempting to fix (that only seems to affect mission 1) where the game will crash 10-20 seconds after entering a new game unless you undock. When you undock, you need to use ESC to close the mission briefing window immediately. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I know right? You're probably feeling a mix of emotions. Not only is this the first ever complete custom campaign mod for Freelancer, but it was released with no warning what so ever. It's all very exciting.

Ok Cool
Excellent. Anyway, lets go over this mod's features!

  • 12 custom missions, complete with voice acting.
  • Arcadey, fast paced, gameplay.
  • More difficult than the vanilla campaign. I used a difficulty scale of 0.4 when developing it, and 0.4 was average difficulty. So, 1.0 should be a challenge!
  • Custom universe. All the systems were designed by me as well as the backstory.

Sorry it doesn't have tons of custom models, effects, and skyboxes. I don't have the skill for that kind of thing (I'm a programmer and content designer, not an artist). You can find lots of custom models in other mods, but no other complete campaigns (you can download a couple missions from an incomplete campaign called "The Corsair Campaign" if you google it).

My Mission/Inspiration
I made this mod because I though the Freelancer multiplayer mods, although fun, were sort of cheating. Tons of amazing things have been developed for multiplayer, but single player campaigns are largely untouched. This is because the campaign files are rather nasty.

I also made this mod because I wanted to play out some of my epic space battle fantasies ^^. Nothing like being a fighter dodging your way through an army of capital ships (that you're supposed to kill) with hostile fighters nipping at your arse!

So, enjoy this mod, any be inspired to make your own campaign! Contact me here or at with bug reports, comments, or questions. Fly safe.

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Bluedrake42 Oct 31 2010 says:

um 0.0 dam badass, might have to pick this up

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Tyrranus Oct 31 2010 says:

O.O!!!! :D HOT DAMN MAN!!!! Must d/l, just answered my prayers for FL man lol!!

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Meatloaf231 Nov 1 2010 says:

Goodness me. I love it. Great, great work.

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Reactorcore Nov 1 2010 says:

Suddenly, a custom campaign for Freelancer comes out of ******* nowhere.
I'm totally downloading this!

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ambershee Nov 1 2010 says:

Now that was a surprise. I can see me getting very little work done this week ;)

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Son_of_Ares800 Nov 1 2010 says:

Having a problem, Start the game, went new game, finished loading, started in base and the game just shut down on me, was the patch supposed to fix this because it doesnt want to work with the original

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masternerdguy Author
masternerdguy Nov 1 2010 replied:

patch fixes a lot of things

if you crash when undocking (and you've applied the patch!) you can just hit escape the moment the mission briefing thingy comes up. For some reason only mission 1 is affected by the bug. I'm working on it!

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adoxa Jan 20 2011 replied:

It's a wrong trigger condition. Change line 290 (under space_enter_rtc) in DATA\MISSIONS\M01A\m01a.ini from "Cnd_True" to "Cnd_SpaceEnter" and all will be well.

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Son_of_Ares800 Nov 1 2010 says:

I dont even get to leave the station, its probably something i did but it could just be coding error

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masternerdguy Author
masternerdguy Nov 1 2010 replied:

its a coding error...uggh.

immediately after you enter station, hit undock. Use ESC to close the mission briefing thingy.

I'll fix this. You should be able to undock fast enough to play the mod.

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Sharkz Nov 1 2010 says:

Very impressed by this, will be sure to play through it at some point. Featured at

Thanks for giving the classic and still enjoyable game some fresh content :)

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Star_Flier93 Nov 2 2010 says:

At last i was just thinkin of a mod.. :)

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Tyrranus Nov 2 2010 says:

Id like to thank you for the lengths you went to, to make sure everyone knew about the patch :)

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masternerdguy Author
masternerdguy Nov 2 2010 replied:

no problem. I messed up, and I took responsibility for letting everyone know. Now if only I could fix that annoying mission 1 glitch. The campaign is playable, but meh.

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c46 Nov 7 2010 says:

What's the reason for having to update to patch 1.1?

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masternerdguy Author
masternerdguy Nov 7 2010 replied:

without it you can't undock

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