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the tech tree for starship troopers................

Posted by Spinobreaker on Mar 30th, 2010

Im just now implementing the Starship Troopers Tech Tree.
Its not overly complex and is based on the BSG tech tree.

Human Tech
Upgrade - Tereshkova Base -> Luna Base, Section 1 ->Luna Base, Section 2 -> Luna Base, Section 3
unlocks - Interceptor Fighter / Neptune Corvette / Zander Baralow Fighter / Valley Forge -> Methuselah Cruiser / Rodger Young -> Alaska Heavy Cruiser -> Geneva Battlecruiser / Ryuho
Upgrade - Sanctuary Shipyard -> Expanded Sanctuary Shipyard
unlocks - Saratoga Carrier -> Star Battlestip / Shiloh

Weapons - Denser Mac Shells
All other upgrades will have generic names like "increase engine speed" Im taking suggestion on more accurate upgrade names.

Arachnids Tech
Behemecoatyl Aliance - Unlocks all Bug upgrades
Upgrade -> Colonise Hotel Delta -> Colonise Planet P -> Colonise OM-1 -> Colonise Klendathu
Unlocks -> Darkling Destroyer -> Scoprion Cruiser -> Bliskwing Cruiser -> Blac kCorsair Battlecruiser / Deathshead_Battleship / Command Bug

Armor - Evolve denser Chitinous Armor
other standard upgrades will have generic type names, please suggest something for the speed, heal and wepaons upgrades.

So thats the tech tree as it stands now. Any suggestions comment away. Also looking for a SST fact check type person, all ive got is wikipedia and some other random wiki thats more anoying than helpful. If u apply and get in then ull have full access to the internal version of the mod and the internal forums


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Kerensky Mar 30 2010 says:

Looks good.
Also if memory serves then the SST equivalent of warp, lightspeed, hyperspace, etc is something like Cherenkov drive.
Maybe for increased engine speed you could have improved/advanced Cherenkov drive.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Mar 30 2010 replied:

yeh your right, thats the FTL drive, but not the sublight drive :'(

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Kerensky Mar 30 2010 replied:

Yeah but it sounds cool. Maybe they use the same drive to move at sublight, just at a lower speed?
Other than that I guess it is just gonna have to be generic 'increase speed' stuff.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Mar 30 2010 replied:

good point, not that many SST people out there anyway let alone on here lol...

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Capt.Harrington Mar 31 2010 replied:

I do belive that SST sub-light drive is a "vectored" fusion thrust drive... It's been a bit since I have watched SST but I remember the sub-light engin pods "vectoring" to breing the ship about...

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MythbustersWannaBe Mar 30 2010 says:

"Cherenkov drive" hmm sounds Russian lol

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timstro59 Mar 30 2010 replied:

your right, but for all we know it was probably invented by a russian.

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