A list of potential Stargate Ships, choose wisely for theyll make it into the mod

Posted by Spinobreaker on Jun 26th, 2012

With the new Starbases im planning on adding a few new, extra ships into SFAW for each faction, if i can...
As you would all remember SFAW had 3 fighters, 2 bombers, 14 unique ships and 7 heroes. With the new starbase system ill have extra slots for new ships. So i figure i can expand a bit. Im tinking of Having 4 Fighters, 3 Bombers, 20 Unique Ships and 7 Heroes (medium fighter and medium bomber will be in the supergate)
Heres your choices, and the lines are not 100% u cna blur them if needed

Stargate Fighters Set

Fighters (one for supergate set)
Death Glider
Anubis Heavy Fighter
Needle Threader
Wraith Dart
Ori Fighter Variant

Stargate Bomber Set
Bombers (one for supergate set)
Ori Bomber
Puddle Jumper

Stargate Light Unit Set
Unique "light" Ships(one for supergate set)
Replicator Corvette
Replicator Spider
Kassa Alkesh carrier
Goauld Pyramid Ship
Asuran Corvette
Wraith Cruiser
Old Hatak
Replicator Frigate
New Hatak
Asgard Beliskner
Asgard Daniel Jackson

Stargate Heavy Unit Set
Unique "Heavy" Ships (one for supergate set)
BC304 Mk2 (advanced nose sensors)
X303 mk2 (asgard wepaons, weaker than the 304)
Replicator Cruiser
Apophis's Mothership
Ori Mothership
Grace Ship
Asgard Oniell
Asgard Carter
Anubis's Mothership
Lantian Cruiser
Aurora Class
Wraith Hive
Wraith ZPM Hive

So we need, in order of power
Fighters (limit 15)
Scout -
Light Fighter -
Carrier Fighter -
Med Fighter -
Heavy Fighter -

Bombers (limit 15)
Light Bomber -
MEdium Bomber -
Heavy Bomber -

Light Ships (limit 10)

Heavy Ships (limit 10)
(limits of 1-3 aplly below this line)
T17 (non-hero flag ship)

i know this is a lot of decision making, but one of the big criticisms i got from the original was that there was little user input, so heres the other extreme. Also all ships are from SGEAW Reality, so check them out there. If ive forgotten one let me know.
Also heroes will remain the same (with one added to the Supergate), unless someone can come up with a case to add one or 2 new ones
atm they are (off memory)
Stargate Hero Set
T1 - SG1 in an alkesh
T2 - Mitchel in F302s
T3 - Prometheus
T4 - Apophis
T5 - Anubis
T5s - Larin (in lantian ship)
T6 - Daedalus
T7 - Thor
might have them out of order, but close enough

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Jun 26 2012 says:

my thoughts

Scout - Teltak
Light Fighter - Death Glider
Carrier Fighter - Dart
Med Fighter - Anubis Heavy Fighter
Heavy Fighter - F302

Light Bomber - Alkesh
Medium Bomber - Ori Bomber
Heavy Bomber - Puddle Jumper

Light Ships
T1 - Replicator Corvette
T2 - Kassa Alkesh
T3 - X303
T4 - Pyramid ship
t4S - Asuran Corvette
T5 - Old Hatak
T6 - Beliskner

Heavy Ships
T7 - Wraith Cruiser
T8 - New Hatak
t8S - Lantian Frigate
T9 - BC304
T10 - Daniel Jackson
T11 - Repli-Cruiser
T12 - Oniell
T12s - Lantian Aurora
T13 - Ori Mothership
T14(carrier) - Wraith Hive
T15 - BC304 mk2
T16 - Carter Class
T17 (non-hero flag ship) - ZPM Hive

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armyguy277 Jun 29 2012 replied:

i like that but i dont think you should have both the BC-304 and the BC-304 mk2 i think you should get rid of the regular BC-304

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kcirtap Jun 27 2012 says:

I go with yours and want to add a few heroes, which is the Adria in a Ori mothership and the Odyssey, reason being is that Adria is a big person in the Stargate universe even though she was only there one season and the Odyssey because it was the main ship used against the Ori in the last 2 seasons.

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jedimastereraol Jun 27 2012 replied:

yes this is good, but add grace as pirate station ships...

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Rogeronfire Jun 28 2012 says:

Your ship selection is nice, heroes can be better though. You should replace larin with major lorne in his Orion ship. hes much cooler imo lol.
also will be better to move sg1 to near last and give them odyssey instead of a alkesh.

If possible, you can just make prometheus spawn Mitchel in F302s

For a near starting stealth hero unit add Jacob Carter in his alkesh or w/e ship he flys.

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rumiks Oct 10 2012 says:

i think ausio would be nice
silence is not ******* golden

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