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Too much is at stake, tell Congress: don't censor the Web.

Posted by INtense! on Jan 18th, 2012

Today, the 18th of January is the day to let it be known that you oppose two bills currently before the United States Congress.

These bills, PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) have the noble goal of attempting to eliminate the theft of copyright. They propose to do this however, in a manner which will fundamentally break the internet. Imagine a world where Youtube was banned, Minecraft was stopped because a fan made a character out of blocks which loosely resembles a movie star, or closed because someone from the community posted something inappropriate.

These threats are real, and today we call upon our audience to make themselves heard and let members of the Senate and the House know that while we must all work together to stop piracy, eliminating our freedom of speech on the internet is not the solution.

Actions speak louder than words so please:

  • Sign the Google petition.
  • Educate yourself about how SOPA and PIPA work.
  • Print and mail letters to your state's senators and representatives, urging them not to support this. Physical mail is harder to ignore than email. It piles up. You can find representatives' addresses here and senators' addresses here. Remember that PIPA is a Senate bill and SOPA is a House of Representatives bill.
  • Call your senators and representatives on the phone and urge them not to support the bills. See above links for phone numbers or click here to get a quick list of representatives based on where you live.

Finally, to all of the sites which have taken the extremely bold move of blacking out today - we salute you.

Thanks to Explosm for the graphics used.

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UmbrellaSecrets Jan 19 2012, 5:26pm says:

Looks like the Government is starting to take control of everything, this sucks.

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Nuvendil Jan 20 2012, 6:13pm replied:

My word this ISN"T SOPA OR PIPA! For goodness sake, Megaupload just got caught with their pants down is all. If they were being morons and looking the other way when it came to piracy, this it is their own fault they are in trouble. Believe it or not, the FBI and other police forces have a job other than inhabiting your fantasies about Big Brother conspiracies!

Goodness, use your heads people!

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deadaccount034825738 Jan 19 2012, 5:46pm says:

The third world war will begins seems.

First, this, tomorrow, others countries will declare war because U.S.A blocking their networks (Most of the Internet are on the U.S servers) and will take that SOPA and PIPA laws for a provocation against the rest of the world.

I hate U.S.A. They can burn in hell.

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Perrydepwner Jan 19 2012, 6:40pm replied:

even though I live in america i'm regretting living here, I almost agree with you but, there is still a chance for the u.s.a, i mean our president is against it as almost every one in america.

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max297thebig Jan 19 2012, 6:44pm says:

anti sopa petition close to 2m people
support it

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█Black/Brunez█ Jan 19 2012, 7:16pm replied:

Atm 2,012,477 votes. And more are comming.

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max297thebig Jan 19 2012, 7:53pm replied:



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Axl_Da_Crazy Jan 19 2012, 6:52pm says:

For those of you who don't know, there's no more MegaUpload :'(

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BluePotato Jan 19 2012, 7:04pm replied:

(Awww you beat me to it :'()
Such behavior is 100% intolerable. To all US citizens, please do something about your leadership. I know it might not feel like you have much power on your own, but every complaint sent to the government counts. So please everyone, even if you are not in the US, tell these people to back the **** down!

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usbpetrock Jan 19 2012, 6:58pm says:

Blacking out sites like that was not a good move in my opinion, but yeah, this anti-"piracy" move is ridiculous. Wikipedia is not a pirate site.

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BluePotato Jan 19 2012, 7:06pm replied:

Blacking out sites WAS a good move, as it informed the people who didn't already know and gave us a taste of what the net might become.

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BluePotato Jan 19 2012, 7:14pm says:

E3 is supporting SOPA and PIPA, please sign up for this petition.

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█Black/Brunez█ Jan 19 2012, 7:15pm says:

The Megaupload had fallen on the battle.

Damn, this is sad. I remember that I have downloaded numbers and numbers of mods from there. You will not be forgotten Megaupload.

See? If we don´t do something, Megaupload will not be the only one. It´s time to grab our weapons. The Cyberwar is starting.

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BluePotato Jan 19 2012, 7:29pm replied:

I will use the Sword of a Thousand Thruths to smite my enemies!

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max297thebig Jan 19 2012, 7:54pm says:

2,038,383 from 2.500.000 KEEP EM COMING

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D3ads Jan 19 2012, 7:59pm says:

Even without SOPA passing, megaupload has been shut down!

"The news came a day after anti-piracy law protests, but investigators said they were ordered two weeks ago"

Oh yeah sure, of course...

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palidins Jan 19 2012, 8:15pm says:

they shut mega upload down guys with lies the mpaa and riaa had them shutdown over copyright infringement and money laundering

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max297thebig Jan 19 2012, 8:16pm says:

S.o.p.a Will never pass
You know why

when the internet when on strike the opposion politicns who hate it went from 31 people to 101
the the people for sopa whent from 80 something to 60 something :D


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Gleny2416 Jan 19 2012, 8:34pm says:

Megaupload is back guys at:

Sourced -

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█Black/Brunez█ Jan 19 2012, 9:00pm says:

Megaupload.... IT LIVES!!!!!


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WS-GS8 Jan 19 2012, 9:18pm replied:

No they got that one too

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foo_jam2002 Jan 19 2012, 9:33pm says:

Politicians are so dumb and ignorant.

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DEAD_FiSH Jan 19 2012, 11:23pm replied:

That`s what you get when you hand over internet to older people!

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BlackDanaraki Jan 19 2012, 10:45pm says:

SOPA didnt die without a fight. MEGAUPLOAD is gone, just got charged with piracy by the US gov

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Delta1000 Jan 19 2012, 11:32pm says:

If you downloaded mods from this website onto steam and sopa passes,will u get suspended. I may sound retarded, but im very paranoid.

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BluePotato Jan 20 2012, 5:16pm replied:

Only if those mods contained any copyrighted material.

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Trailhog250 Jan 20 2012, 1:20am says:

This is wrong. Goes against everything America is supposed to stand for.

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Trinto94 Jan 20 2012, 1:22am says:

well, yesterday, i believe it was MegaUploads that was shut down. not everything on that website was piracy. in response, "Anonymous" hacked and disabled the Department Of Defense's website. I am against these bills, however, i believe "Anonymous" was wrong to do that. If terrorists attack our databases, we will be left vulnerable if "Anonymous" goes any further.

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Sph!nx Jan 20 2012, 2:40am replied:

I agree. This would affect more than just the efficiency of those institutes. More could be at stake. Vengeance like this is just as bad as the PIPA/SOPA bills themselves. I see no justice in it.

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cinco Jan 20 2012, 2:33am says:

most people who are worried by this are unsurprisingly, morons.

but those who aren't, bless your heart, you've got the mind of an individual.

*resumes fiddling*

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attackmike Jan 20 2012, 5:10am says:

I support the replacement of our government with new robotic overlords...oh wait they are equally evil

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Kfoolu Jan 20 2012, 6:23am says:

George Orwell must be turning around in his grave...

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SpeedyClaude Jan 20 2012, 9:23am says:

WHat's next?
Copyrighting the human being? life? the alphabet? colors? ANYTHING!?

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Gamer_Goo321 Jan 20 2012, 11:04am says:

These guys are dickheads Fullstop!

Even though we can only do so much to stop this from happening. We Should Never let this happen!

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H4nat4ro Jan 20 2012, 11:06am says:

Megaupload is down....

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[Infernal_Eagle2077] Jan 20 2012, 2:45pm replied:

mega upload have been closed! this is called a democracy?

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Nazara Jan 20 2012, 12:20pm says:

We all live in America.

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Conchobhar Jan 20 2012, 12:48pm says:

Burying my comment....foolish

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]BlackPhoenix[ Jan 20 2012, 2:43pm says:

I just heard that they have been dropped from a user community , can somebody confirm that ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Stoof Jan 20 2012, 2:54pm says:

-stops singing in the shower-

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TrashCan-Man23 Jan 20 2012, 3:00pm says:

**** yeah, SOPA and PIPA were dropped today!
Best news I've seen all day.

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azultain Jan 20 2012, 3:17pm says: sopa is dead

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kakebrenner13 Jan 20 2012, 3:34pm says:

Let gather people and kill them and we will not get threthning by this annymore :p

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Bugtrooper Jan 20 2012, 5:16pm says:

No more megaupload!......???????

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!!!karmenjell Jan 20 2012, 6:06pm says:

wow. megaupload. i woke up to it on the News. those guys looked like theyd just bin dragged out of bed too

is it just the start?

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Nuvendil Jan 20 2012, 6:26pm says:

For the love of God, this is rediculous. None of you even KNOW the execs at Megaupload and you are practically worshipping them as crucified saints! For all you know they are just as dirty as the FBI says! And besides, the indictment is too large to have been built overnight, so it wasn't in response to protests. This is not some government conspiracy, this is one, potentially corrupt and dirty (would not surprise me at all; corruption exists in many many places besides the government (and in the corporate sector it is sometimes even more potent)) company getting caught with their pants down. If the SOPA and PIPA thing hadn't happened a couple of days NONE OF YOU WOULD CARE. In fact, I predict most of you would be rattling on about "corporate corruption" and how the megaupload execs are "greedy pigs who are all about money" and various other things. Don't be reactionary, be RATIONAL. If you want to see what being reactionary results in, look at France in the century or so following the French Revolution.

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Nuvendil Jan 20 2012, 6:35pm says:

THIS generation of America? Really? The generation that is entirely dependent on Wikipedia for all knowledge in life? This generation that, for the most part has never even read Hobbes, Locke, Kant, Montesquieu, or much of anything regarding philosophies of justice, morality, and representative government? The generation that STILL thinks the phrase "Separation of church and state" is a quote from the Constitution? The generation that couldn't give you half of the amendments in the Bill of Rights? If this current generation tried to set up a new government, we would be in the worst shape of any nation in history. We would probably wind up with a freakin Nazi regime! No, the best solution is to take the Constitution (the non-human element of our government which works just fine) and learn it and actually vote for politicians that will abide by it and make it clear that we expect them to abide by it.

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D3ads Jan 20 2012, 7:02pm says:

I think you're reading a little too much into the comments here Nuvendil.

I'm a little miffed that megaupload has gone because it was a simple and quick way to upload modding files to a server to share with other artists who needed to UV a model or something like that. Some people also used it to create backups for files, probably stupid because if ever the site was taken down all that data would be lost. Of course I'm well aware that the site is a hotbed for illegal content, but then so are all of these types of sites.. rapidshare, filesonic, oron, depositfiles, netload etc Trying to control every last thing that goes on there is pretty much impossible, it's like when people upload copyrighted stuff on Youtube...

Comments here seem to be as much as about S.O.P.A. and PIPA as they are about the actual New World Order, which does actually exist... it's called NATO..

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Nuvendil Jan 20 2012, 8:21pm replied:

Well, my point is that people are blaming the government when, in this case at least, it is hardly their fault. Megaupload comited the crimes, looked the other way for others committing the crimes via their site. They broke the law, a law that is entirely constitutional and only makes sense. That Megaupload is shut down is Megaupload's own fault and the fault of the pirates that used the site. Yes, the government arested them. Today they also probably arrested quite a few drug dealers, wife beaters, drunk drivers, maybe a murderer here and there. Are these martyrs for the cause against Big Brother too? I certainly hope not. In short, if Megaupload would do their job in removing every piece of pirated software they can and if users would REPORT it, Megaupload would not be shut down.

Ps: If NATO is the New World Order, than they suck at their job cause the world is constantly goin to **** in about a hundred different ways and places and they haven't done much about it :P

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aerozol Jan 20 2012, 11:29pm replied:

An issue is that the claims against MegaUpload are not very good from a legal standpoint.
If MegaUpload is sentenced for things like "not having a search bar", it's setting a dangerous precedent in the courts, which is just as damaging as a bill like SOPA.

We'll see, but honestly, most of the charge that I've read is based on made-up figures and weird comments on what they spent their money on. Will be a case to watch.

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