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Too much is at stake, tell Congress: don't censor the Web.

Posted by INtense! on Jan 18th, 2012

Today, the 18th of January is the day to let it be known that you oppose two bills currently before the United States Congress.

These bills, PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) have the noble goal of attempting to eliminate the theft of copyright. They propose to do this however, in a manner which will fundamentally break the internet. Imagine a world where Youtube was banned, Minecraft was stopped because a fan made a character out of blocks which loosely resembles a movie star, or closed because someone from the community posted something inappropriate.

These threats are real, and today we call upon our audience to make themselves heard and let members of the Senate and the House know that while we must all work together to stop piracy, eliminating our freedom of speech on the internet is not the solution.

Actions speak louder than words so please:

  • Sign the Google petition.
  • Educate yourself about how SOPA and PIPA work.
  • Print and mail letters to your state's senators and representatives, urging them not to support this. Physical mail is harder to ignore than email. It piles up. You can find representatives' addresses here and senators' addresses here. Remember that PIPA is a Senate bill and SOPA is a House of Representatives bill.
  • Call your senators and representatives on the phone and urge them not to support the bills. See above links for phone numbers or click here to get a quick list of representatives based on where you live.

Finally, to all of the sites which have taken the extremely bold move of blacking out today - we salute you.

Thanks to Explosm for the graphics used.

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hagamablabla Jan 18 2012 says:

I don't know what you are all so worried about. I love national socialism!

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ComradeWinston Jan 18 2012 says:

"I believe that all government is evil, in that all government must necessarily make war upon liberty."
- H. L. Mencken

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SkuDG Jan 18 2012 says:

This sucks, this really effects me as an artist and gamer!

+3 votes     reply to comment
jasonthiefguy Jan 18 2012 says:

SOPA SUCKS ALSO PIPA stupid government

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agent00kevin Jan 18 2012 says:

This has to be stopped; it is just another government ploy to control its people.

The USA has been slowly taking away the power of the people over the last few decades. The latest assaults are on unions and the internet, two of our most powerful assets in todays world.

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MrPerson Jan 18 2012 says:

Maybe this is what Gman from half life 2 meant when he said "Prepare for unforseen consequenses" Sign that petition! I like the internet the way it is.

Except for sites like the piratebay and places where games are downloaded illigaly, but if they block those, they have the power to block anything they want. So its better left alone than kill the internet.

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scottellison92 Jan 18 2012 says:

they will get power hungry, its another so called freedom that will be taken away from us.

Prisoners we be in our own homes :/

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formerlyknownasMrCP Jan 18 2012 says:

Let us censor all review sites so that they only talk about how good things are, that way they might as well be advertisements.. Oh wait.. its already like that now..

Surprise surprise that the owners of IGN (Newscorp) and Gamespot (CBS) support SOPA. Meanwhile indie sites that actually show alternative opinion towards consumer products get shunned. At this rate, all that the internet will be good for under SOPA is advertisement and marketing.. Meanwhile freedom of speech and freedom of opinion are abandoned.

If it wasn't for the fact that the internet was so free, most of those that support SOPA wouldn't be in the ******* positions that they're in. And yet all they want is for us to shut up, pay the admission price and enjoy it.. No thanks. I'm sick of that attitude, If you're not happy about a product, tell people, its your ******* right!

Indies will suffer the most out of everyone in this. Its not fair on us, we'll have to fight twice as hard to get noticed by people.

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Majestic_MSFC Jan 19 2012 says:

Just another way for government to try and control us, at the core that is what this is all about. To me it's just another example of politicians being too short-sighted. They don't look at all the sides or even the consequences of what they are proposing.

I just think our politicians in all countries not just the US really need to start doing the job they are employed to do, look at all the facts, sides of an argument and see the whole picture and not be so narrow minded and above all else stop trying to put in bills and laws that trample of our rights of freedom.

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Herr_Alien Jan 19 2012 says:

"Numbers Cited By SOPA Supporters May Be Fictitious"

Apparently, SOPA might have wrong numbers at its foundation ...

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Nuvendil Jan 19 2012 replied:

That is a little bit ammusing. How in the world did they get away with loop-holing their way into using the concept of "counterfeiting" for piracy means it is part of the counterfeiting market? That is pathetic, simply pathetic.

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jjawinte Jan 19 2012 says:

" U.S. santioned Socialism...hell yeah man, sign me up ! " There's always room for one more dry G-Man **** in the *** of my so called constitutional freedoms and liberties. What a ******' joke...that no one's laughing at...again.

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renegadekiller Jan 19 2012 says:

Long story short, they won't even work, the pirates can easlily change addresses/IPs and continue onward like nothing happened

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RonanZer0 Jan 19 2012 says:


made by a true DEVIL to everyone T.T
so they say i can go to jail just bcuz of SOUND?
wow thats sad the government is wat shuold go to jail not us

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_Josh26Indy_ Jan 19 2012 says:

"These bills, PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) have the noble goal of attempting to eliminate the theft of copyright."

First off I do not believe this is a Noble Goal... Moreover i do Not Agree with Copywright Laws.... I understand the need for it to a point...

However I Do NOT agree that if I watch GhostBusters from 1982 that they deserve ANY Royalties... They made their Money on that Product...

The same is true with Programing...

Many Companies require to upgrade your license every year (with cost) & offer no practical changes... & shut down the program after a year if you do not upgrade your license...

This is unacceptable...

NO company should continue to make money on an old outdated product... Putting it in the license agreement also doesn't make it fair, No more than clicking the agree button means you really agree...

If company's weren't so greedy you wouldn't have as many people who are ready to rob them blind...

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DarkSajuuk Jan 19 2012 says:

Hell no do not censor the Web!

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newbie2356 Jan 19 2012 says:

well, I'm against SOPA and PIPA... it's the start of something much worse. I can realistically imagine a world like Mirrors Edge, or something much more bloody, for a lot longer.

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arnandes Jan 19 2012 says:

Ребят , я угораю над вами , не пойти ли лучше погулять , не :D ?

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Rogal_Dorn Jan 19 2012 says:

Big Brother is shown in all its glory...I am opposed to thise programs because they violate our rights. Unless we will defend our rights to freedom in site selection, decision to buy commercial producs (for which the price often too high in relation to the quality of it) or not and freedom on the Internet, in principe, they will try to ban what we think and say agains them and their political course first, and then...hi 1984.
With these actions, they showed that they do not serve the people, as it should in a democracy, and serve for the sake of greed, corporations, big money and interests narrow circle of people. And showed that the democracy it is cover for imperialist views and a good excuse for all sorts of actions that(such as the war in Iraq etc.) Democracy is an utopia, how sad it would not be...
In short, if we do not defend their rights to freedom of choice now, will not do it ever again.

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arnandes Jan 19 2012 says:

Не будьте предурками , лучше революцию устройте.

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Protektor Jan 19 2012 says:

Welcome to the Internet version of the Patriot Act, which isn't patriotic.

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DivineDeedStudios Jan 19 2012 says:

This way of doing things actually ruins the public image of an issue that is in fact a good thing to combat. Piracy is a scourge and it should be fought, that is what should be being done.

However, the reality is that this whole SOPA/PIPA thing is stepping in the wrong direction, it's just like the DRM in the way it punishes many MORE of those who have done nothing wrong and penalises the majority who have, generally, nothing whatsoever to do with the original problem. It creates a bad image for a good cause, by saying that, I mean the core issue of protecting copyrights and fighting piracy.

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SоrataZ Jan 19 2012 replied:

While doing absolutely NOTHING to prevent actual piracy at that.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Crimson_Skie Jan 19 2012 says:


+3 votes     reply to comment
n5p29 Jan 19 2012 says:

dem greedy bastards

+3 votes     reply to comment
TalonFive Jan 19 2012 says:

"We live in special times when young and old are educated in the lie and one that dares to tell the truth, is called a madman or a fool."

I think it's our turn to say NO to this BS and stop those so called "god-blessed-moral-polticians" and send them to HELL !!!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Kusraina Jan 19 2012 says:

why must be censored ?! this is not porn site! "just my opinion"

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jodino Jan 19 2012 says:

sopa means garbage in swedish xD

+2 votes     reply to comment
Lizard_Xing Jan 19 2012 says:

oh how i wonder within the backyard of my vinyard, with earl grey and poetry, what life was like before i claimed several wenches virginity and i do dream of what life was like as a virgin.

+2 votes     reply to comment
parhana Jan 19 2012 says:

Did anyone else not read the arictle about Lamar Smith ?

i lold so hard Smith is a hypocrite and a ****!

+2 votes     reply to comment
SpeedyClaude Jan 19 2012 says:

<<Censored comment>>
you are not allowed to read the comment above
because it is using copyrighted content.

+5 votes     reply to comment
cinco Jan 19 2012 says:

*plays world's tiniest violin*

if this passes, which it won't, it won't change a single thing about my internet habits.

it restricts copyright material? who cares. youtube does that already. you can't share copyrighted files? oh yes i can, it's called mediafire.

alarmist stupidity:0

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Blur. Jan 19 2012 says:

I think what everyone's said can be summed up to: **** off SOPA & PIPA.

+2 votes     reply to comment
arnandes Jan 19 2012 says:

Интересно , если они всё-таки ведут пипу (ЛооооооооооооооЛ) и сопу (Ага чай блеать ) , лично я бы поржал над вашей свободой , такое ощущение , как-будто стадо баранов неможет убедить правительство (Ну с Россией ситуация ясна) , вы вообще какой народ ? Рабы или свободные люди ? Нет ничего проще чем бросить кирпич в местную мерию с прилегающей запиской . Вы о власти народа слышали ?

+3 votes     reply to comment
[Infernal_Eagle2077] Jan 19 2012 replied:

Translate for those who do not speak Russian:I wonder if they still lead Pipa (LooooooooooooooL) and SOPA (Yeah bleat tea), I personally would neighing of your freedom, a feeling as if a flock of sheep to convince the government feels bad (Well, with Russia the situation is clear), you do what people? Slaves or free men? There is nothing easier than to throw a brick at a local meriyu with attached memorandum. You are about power of the people heard?

+2 votes     reply to comment
arnandes Jan 19 2012 replied:

Промтом вбивал ?

+2 votes     reply to comment
AydinDubstep Jan 19 2012 says:


+2 votes     reply to comment
WaLTaRRoN Jan 19 2012 says:

This is ********... Why do some "bill" of U.S. effects the whole world? The Internet belongs to people of the earth, not to a certain nation. What they trying to do is something like this; "Zombie apocalypse begins and only people from "x" nation will survive..." Well... They don't know that 'Ideas cannot be chained'

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Stylz010 Jan 19 2012 says:

I have a friend who used to tell me some bs about The New World Order and how the government tries to control everything and such. I was laughing at him. However slowly but surely im starting to wonder. CNN, Fox News and all those news channels are all lies. The government cant control what is said on the internet. If they get to control the internet then we would have nothing to say anymore. And if it happens here then the rest of the world will follow.

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TheTriangulum Jan 19 2012 says:

I am sure moddb has been running slower ever since this article came up

+2 votes     reply to comment
lol3r_86 Jan 19 2012 says:

I just wanted to say that PIPA in my native language literally means pussy (in its anatomical meaning)i hope its enough for a comment for such idiotic law braking idea they i tying to push on us.

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GJK21 Jan 19 2012 says:

Fudge The US Hope Their Dept will Bury their Govt. Alive !!

+2 votes     reply to comment
TankinatorFR Jan 19 2012 says:

If I refer to some information found on french websites, this law can also affect website witch are not American because most of them are still hosted on american server...
As it come from medias, it is probably real...

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LemonTart Jan 19 2012 says:

The Government is trying to control and censor the internet because its the only place to get real info other than being a primary source.
The news wont tell you things in depth/ In a way you understand
The news (especially fox) has a way of steering you to "their" side when it comes to reporting issues
The news doesnt show everything
The paper: all of the above
The Tv shows you mostly major networks (all of the above)
They can even listen in on your conversations...

Ok so this is the point where we stand up for our constitutional right to overthrow the government and create a new one, or make it better. sounds harsh but its true.

+1 vote     reply to comment
fudrucker5 Jan 19 2012 says:

what if major websites temporarily shut down their site without giving out information to any of the users that they are shutting down just to show the government what citizens reactions would be like if the bill was passed. the government would then realize that there are major imperfections in the bill and they should make big changes or not pass it at all.

this idea just crossed my mind

+1 vote     reply to comment
TankinatorFR Jan 19 2012 replied:

I think they've already done it...

+1 vote     reply to comment
CrowV Jan 19 2012 says:

will there be a UK petition or can i just add on anyway even though i am not a US Citizen

+1 vote     reply to comment
TankinatorFR Jan 19 2012 replied:

If I refer to some webstie, your not forbiden to sign...

+1 vote     reply to comment
FriskyNoodle Jan 19 2012 says:

Well anyone on this site using megaupload for their gamedata, mod data, whatever, I'm so sorry. It was shutdown by the United States, a foriegn website shutdown by Big Brother. **** America

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Nuvendil Jan 20 2012 replied:

And what would you have the FBI do wile investigating them? Leave the servers open? That would contaminate any and all evidence found on them! Chain of evidence is something important in the justice system; if they don't secure the servers, it would be like not securing a crime scene. The whole case would go out the window! Piracy is illegal. Period. End of discussion. It SHOULD be and WILL be pursued and if Megaupload took the risk of looking the other way concerning pirated material, well then this is their own fault for being stupid. Now it does suck for users of the sites, but don't blame the government for doing its actual job (this isn't some "Big Brother conspirac, its just a criminal investigation). Blame the pirate dumb***** for ruining it for everyone. Need I remind you that if they weren't around, SOPA and PIPA (obviously) wouldn't exist?

Ps: If you support piracy, I believe you are at the wrong site as Moddb fights it pretty hard.

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