Progress on the mod is very slow, but this mod is not dead (I hope)

Posted by UKGameDev on Feb 17th, 2011

Progress has come to a halt... for now (We hope)
The only progress we have to show unfortunately is this marvellous image by TheGreekDollmaker

Currently, I do not possess the correct skills to be modelling professional models for the mod. A single model requires a few stages.
1. Low poly version
2. High poly version
3. Unwrap low poly
4. Bake high poly to low poly
5. Texture
I can only do Low Poly and High poly modelling at the moment, blender isn't capable of baking proffessionally and the unwrapping isn't the best. It might be a few months or even longer before I make any more models for the mod.

If anyone has any experience with modelling with all the stages proffessional, I would really like some assistance :D

So, to answer your questions, this mod is certainly not dead, just... hibernating for the cold months.


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Cameron:D Feb 17 2011 says:

Aww man, this mod was flying earlier on, I really hope it isn't going to die :( Looked promising.

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MadMonkey119 Feb 17 2011 replied:

Do not fret. All members of the mod have schooling they must keep up with. It flew early on due to it being summer. Now I am busy with school, sports, friends, computer usage restrictions, etc.

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KortalMombat Feb 18 2011 replied:

Im a member and i dont have schooling

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p0w3rs Feb 17 2011 says:

where did the other guys go tht were helping u?

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MadMonkey119 Feb 17 2011 replied:

We haven't gone anywhere, the core members of the team are still here. Me and TheGreekDollmaker will still map. Uk gamedev will/does still model.

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DEATHSANCHEZ Feb 18 2011 replied:

Im still here :)

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SPY-maps Feb 18 2011 says:

a real shame to hear, and although i really do like you will go on in a few months or so i have learned from the past that in such cases the mod will die. because by then you will have so many new ideas that you probably will start a new mod. i map myself and do follow the modding community for over 10 years now so i think i can predict these things.

but, please prove me wrong!!!!

maybe you could just release what you have by then, should you start something new. i have been following this mod for months now as tracker and already from the start i had the feeling that this project was much to big for a small group of developers. one drawing after another was showed from designs, and i loved them all but couldn't help thinking that drawing a model is much easier as actually making them.

i guess its always best to first see what you can actually make before you start planning. a lot of mods die simply because there awesome ideas where so good that they couldn't actually make them.

all in all i loved tracking this one, and i will keep tracking it. and hopefully one day you will be back with new stuff. and should you decide to start something new then please do rap this one up and release it as a died beta or something.


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TheGreekDollmaker Feb 18 2011 replied:

Holy **** are you god?

That was pretty spot on.I did have some ideas of starting my own mod really but i dont want too abandon this.

On the very least i am gona work as hard as i can.The expiriance i and the others learned from this mod is valueable and i wont be really that dissappointed if we really do actually make another mod.

It will be the next step for us.Things evovle after some time.

On the other hand we dont have currently any plans to do that so im not really that worried.We are workin slowly because of school and IRL stuff but we are not gona give up so easily.

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xXMaNiAcXx Feb 18 2011 replied:

Don't give it up. Put Spy in your team, look for more members, try to save up like 30 minutes of your day for the mod and please, PLEASE, don't give this project up.

This was really promising, I'm kinda entering a depression state now, don't make me go any worse, please....

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Cremat0r Feb 18 2011 says:

Aww, bad to hear, though, it's always nice to see you don't give up!

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Dušek Feb 23 2011 says:

Hey, you don't need any professional software to bake normal maps. If you have a high-poly and a UV-mapped low-poly, you can do it with xNormal for free:

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revenge9026xbox Feb 14 2012 says:

Dead. Mod makers suck.... So unreliable.

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