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4.0's secret bonus feature is finally revealed to the public.

Posted by SvenViking on May 10th, 2009

In breach of various natural laws, yet another Sven Co-op update -- 4.07 -- is coming in just a few days' time! Planned for release on Friday, the 15th, this patch will include fixes for a couple of issues from 4.06, some general tweaks/improvements, and also the latest donor list (recent donors will receive their bonus features in this update).

Since a fair amount of time has passed since the release, this seems like a good time to publicly reveal the secret donor reward that was added in SC4.0B!

Once 'summoned' (you should be able to figure out how from the video), your personally-named Chumtoad will follow you about and attack enemies by expelling a poisonous cloud of gas. While the cloud is active, it also obstructs enemies' vision, reducing the accuracy of their ranged attacks. Chumtoads normally start with 100 health, and are particularly effective against zombies.

There are still about seven recent donors who we don't have valid Steam IDs for, by the way. If you donated after the Sven Co-op 4.0B release and have not received an e-mail specifically saying your Steam ID has been added, please go to this page and follow the instructions.

Anyone donating now should include their Steam ID with the donation for the best chance of getting the bonus features in 4.07. Anything after Wednesday night can't be guaranteed (until 4.1). IMPORTANT: Steam IDs are different from your Steam username, they look like this: "STEAM_0:1:23456". See this page for details.

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claytonian May 10 2009 says:

That is freaking awesome. Can't wait. Looks like I'm gonna have to scrap up some cash and donate.

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Whizzard May 10 2009 says:

Cute thing

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Underet May 10 2009 says:


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Daystranger May 10 2009 replied:

Transtation : "that was unexpected!!!))"

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MortalMaxx May 10 2009 says:

I figured there was an update coming.. Getting a lot of client.dll errors lately

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23-down May 10 2009 says:

nice work... This little feature will be fun.. Still i personally would like to see the Chumtoad as real npc not just as a bonus for some.

A side from that i would like to finally see the long promised game modes such like assault and invasion, VIP escort etc.

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meazum May 10 2009 says:

That's a pretty bad Cyborg remix..

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purplehaze412 May 10 2009 replied:

That is your own opinion, And the developers/and or author made it in thier own spare time, There could be no cyborg at all, Be grateful.

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ÐiamonÐ May 10 2009 replied:


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Snow_m@n May 10 2009 says:

I'm gonna be honest. That is problably the worst feature ever. Where is the fun of having a Chumtoad that kills mobs with smoke? If killing mobs "with like 4 or 5 people on the server" is easy, it will get even easier now, and "puff" there goes the fun of it. ok it's cute, thats the only thing I agree with. I was expecting for better imagination.

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Miroku08 May 10 2009 replied:

But you need 10 snarks at least to do it. That should cause some problems. Many maps have mobs, and many maps have snarks. Fewer have both. Even fewer have both at the same time.

Also, now I'm sad. With everyone donating, I won't be special anymore.

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SvenViking Author
SvenViking May 10 2009 replied:

They're excellent against things like zombies, but against most monsters they usually die pretty fast if you don't protect them. Though their poison cloud gives them some cover against ranged attacks, they're super vulnerable while hopping about.

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purplehaze412 May 10 2009 says:

hehe, I recently donated, Good to see that the puff effect was added, I think it's cool,and i ahve to agree with Miroku, it won't be a common weapon

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Nokiaman May 11 2009 says:

Too bad it's donated-only.

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HarmonBlues May 11 2009 says:

I haven't played in a while, but I'm going to have one extra reason to be glad I donated a little while before 4.0 came out.

That little guy looks like a lot of fun to have around.

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