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Released a new CG/Ingame trailer showcasing Unreal Tournament 3's mod Renegade X.

Posted by Havoc89 on Apr 29th, 2008

Hey guys.

For the past month, the Renegade X team has been working on getting more content ingame. So we had decided to compile some ingame clips for a new trailer.

The video also contains Computer-Generated scenes of the original Tiberium meteor crash at the Tiber river.

This awesome trailer contains scenes from Complex, Hourglass, and Field. Watch Nod Stealth Tanks, GDI Humvees, GDI APCs, and GDI MRLS battle it out on the fields, see the C&C Renegade we all love with a spectacular graphical overhaul, and witness the Tiberium Meteor crashing into the Tiber River, just by clicking on one of the links below:

We've worked really hard to get this trailer to you all. We hope you enjoy it.

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mjnowak Apr 29 2008 says:

Wow that looks awesome, cant wait guys keep up the great work :D

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kingsqeerel Apr 29 2008 says:

Nice! looks great! Getting this as soon as it comes out.

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Greatdictator Apr 29 2008 says:

I remember the original hope you guys will add the medium and light tanks before relase though

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c4Menace Apr 29 2008 says:

You guys are making me break the bank here. Now I gotta invest in DX 10 quad core :(

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Johnny_Phalapagis Apr 29 2008 says:

=D - all i have to say

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NullSoldier Apr 30 2008 says:

Mmm I just bought Unreal 3 on Steam for some of the mods coming out. It was about time, I was still playing Utk4 for awhile there but theres finaly some mods that are coming out that made me want to buy it.

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Arkanj3l Apr 30 2008 says:

Good Lord that looks intense.

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Noobkiller Apr 30 2008 says:

Freaking sweet! Digg it

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nugtzx Apr 30 2008 says:

omg I'll play that game!

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SubAtomicNexus Apr 30 2008 says:

Don't let this one die guys; because I will die a little inside along with it.

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Havoc89 Author
Havoc89 May 1 2008 replied:

Dont worry, there is no way we can die. Our team is way too freakin dedicated. We're all a bunch talented people, and this is our passion so this mod cannot and will not fail.

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itchylot May 1 2008 says:

What an incredible trailer!

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n0ha May 1 2008 says:

Let me say this as an old hardcore Renegade-player: awesome work guys!
I really hope you are able to get the original gameplay-feeling in this mod...and i will play it day and night.
There were some other modprojects in the past trying to bring back Renegade, but a few of them tried to bring in their own style -> big mistake, a few other died within a short time...and still alive ist the Dead Six Renegade Version for Crysis, but how it seems, they only try to port the idea of the gameplay-mode, but not the whole gaming-universe and gameplay etc. of the original Renegade. So, you guys and your project is my last play Renegade, but with a polished graphic on a whole new engine. And curently it seems you'll really reach this goal. So keep it up. Great stuff, great work.

I love it.

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[NE]Fobby[GEN] May 1 2008 replied:

Thanks bro, and yes we feel the exact same way. I've been playing C&C Renegade for 6 years now (even more if you want to count the demo, those were the days!) and I've watched all kinds of new games come by. At first Renegade was ignored, EA dropped support for it soon after they disbanded Westwood, and other games that came out in 2002-2006 were nothing like it. Just brought the same old modes.

It wasn't until around mid 2006 where games like Battlefield, UT3 and Crysis, and plenty of mods, were looking at Renegade's multiplayer mode for ideas and reference. They had taken a few ideas, but 6 years after the release of Renegade, no game managed to pull off C&C mode ever again.

So a game like C&C Renegade, which hasn't had EA support in years, whose sequel was canceled, whose engine was crap and faced a lot of problems, whose sales didn't do well, is still being played vividly and actively.

And especially after seeing Tiberium, I and many others look at this as the Renegade community's last hope in latching onto a new mod, with the graphical overhaul, new features, better engine etc. but with still the classic C&C gameplay.

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danpaul88 May 1 2008 says:

Looking good, shame I don't have UT3 to play this on, although if this gets released and continues to progress as well as it has so far I might have to buy the game simply to play this mod. Keep up the good work.

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n0ha May 2 2008 says:

Hi, it's me again. As i'm brwosing through your website and checking the latest news about C&C Reborn (a mod i'm really waiting for, because it gives Renegade a unique and new twist) i noticed the person posting news on the reborn website has the same name than you Fobby ^^ .
So are you guys working here on RenegadeX are the same guys working on is the same Mod-Team or is it only you working for both mod-projects :) ?

If it's the same team behind both mods and looking on the fantastic work done on C&C Reborn I dont't have any doubt about the quality of RenegadeX.

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[NE]Fobby[GEN] May 2 2008 replied:

Nope, different mod team for both mods. I'm the only one that's in both mods, and I am leading both.

But Totem Arts and Reborn team are not related.

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Havoc89 Author
Havoc89 May 2 2008 replied:

[NE]Fobby[GEN] and Titan1x77 are the leaders of this mod. Fobby is also the leader of C&C Reborn. However the two teams are completely different.

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[RG]SealGunman May 2 2008 says:

Nicely put together guys! It made me shed a tear of happiness!

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nameme99 May 3 2008 says:

epic trailer!

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CitizenLand May 4 2008 says:

Truly great stuff guys. It has always baffled me why EA never followed up Renegade with a dedicated multiplayer sequel given the success of combined arms games like Battlefield etc.

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