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We just released Bisounours Party! Let's go download it!

Posted by L⋅P on Jun 30th, 2009

Hey guys! Guess what? It's 1st of July already! We just released the mod. Download it and let's go for some Care Bear slaughter!

(Don't forget to type "sv_lan 0" in the console when you create a game)

dm_sacred dm_sacred forts_moony / dm_rapezone Media release

Bisounours Party
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Armageddon104 Jun 30 2009, 10:27pm says:

W000000T! I r rdy!

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freredarme Jun 30 2009, 10:36pm says:

Nice news :)

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MasterChopChop Jun 30 2009, 10:43pm says:

hahaha will have to check this out.

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MasterChopChop Jun 30 2009, 10:48pm says:

also the headline says this is for UT3 on the front page

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hundeswehr Jun 30 2009, 11:22pm says:

weird name

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piper647 Jul 1 2009, 12:08am says:

I told you I wasn't crazy! They do exist!!!!

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turkey72 Jul 1 2009, 12:26am says:


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garuyos Jul 1 2009, 12:34am says:

Nice work guys! this is win

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NullSoldier Jul 1 2009, 12:38am says:

AWESOME, Lan party madness here I come. Theres no servers up yet unfortunately.

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Mkilbride Jul 1 2009, 12:51am says:

Best mod evar, amrite?

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pvt.Johnson Jul 1 2009, 12:58am says:

Awesome face ammo for the rocket launcher? haha... so sick.

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FJS Jul 1 2009, 1:53am says:


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Lez Jul 1 2009, 5:37am says:

Congrats guys!

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Jesternz08 Jul 1 2009, 5:42am says:

Awesome!! Nice work, I hope theres an AU server!

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jonthe838 Jul 1 2009, 6:53am says:

Best game ever!!! :D:D hahaha cant stop playing it xD

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sailormonz Jul 1 2009, 8:27am says:

The models and the visual concept of this game look very cool however all the weapons seem like weapons we've seen in half life 2 but with new models.

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JopiMan Jul 1 2009, 9:17am says:

needs servers with good ping.

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Th3S1ckneSs Jul 1 2009, 10:38am says:

Those rockets are, AWSOME :D

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Pvt.Midnight Jul 1 2009, 10:38am says:


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fyahstone Jul 1 2009, 10:48am says:

Finally i have waited so long for this mod :D Good work guys.

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Rukus_ Jul 1 2009, 10:50am says:

Am I the only one who noticed that the RPG rocket has the awesome face on the back of them?

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lcpuche Jul 1 2009, 11:14am says:

thats crazy!

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TheDualWorks Jul 1 2009, 3:13pm says:

hey can u guy who made the game put a way to make maps for this game cuz i dont know how to

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purplehaze412 Jul 1 2009, 9:03pm says:

Thanks for the near birthday present, It's tomorrow! This is great.

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Icedecknight Jul 2 2009, 5:11am says:

It's not showing up in my source mod folder and neither my games list... WTF

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DuckSauce Jul 2 2009, 5:24am says:

Played it this morning, only got to play a small deatmatch with 4 people max but the size was right, just wish the server didn't have such long time limit on one map with that amount of players, liked how it played and will defo be playing some more in the future to try the other gamemodes!

Very nice job developers :)

It seems the installer is not capable of finding the directory YOU use, as it was trying to install it on C:\ for me while my SourceMod folder is in D:\ make sure you set the install path correctly when installing!

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Icedecknight Jul 2 2009, 6:05am replied:

Your so ******* right. TY

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DuckSauce Jul 2 2009, 8:21am says:

no problem, being a control freak I always look at the install paths myself :D

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DuckSauce Jul 2 2009, 8:34am says:

As for people saying it looks like HL2DM but with different texture's and models that's barely true, yes some weapons like the Crossbow and the melee weapons may seem to be not all that much different, but let me tell you what makes them different enough to make it worth trying:

- The 8 Ball bounces around heavily and seems to explode when it touches a player only(or after a certain time passed) the bouncing making it more unique and interesting then the HL2 grenade.

- The smg/uzi is completely unlike the HL2 Smg, it has it's own unique feel and is a welcome addition to the weaponry.

- The revolver thing is also different from the normal HL2 weapons, first off all it has quite low damage, isn't as accurate as the HL2 revolver and doesn't have to reload and fires faster.

- The crossbow seems to react well and gravity seems to impact it more, it also has much heavier bouncing and under the weirdest circumstances, but at close range it does still feel like the HL2 crossbow, but over longer ranges it does feel like a different weapon!

- The Rocket Launcher isn't guided and the rocket fired is much more affected by gravity giving it an arc, making it different from the HL2 rocket, it also has more ammo, no reloading and thus faster firing then the HL2 counter part.

So there are still plenty of differences from the HL2 weaponry and you can't seriously expect them to come out with entirely new weapons.SMG's, Pistols, Rocket Launchers and the like are all standard weaponry in most shooter mods, why would it be a problem here?

Also their gameplay video only shows Team Deathmatch, but they have Co-op and some other gamemodes too, I haven't played them myself but they certainly sound worth to try it even if the weapons were HL2 weapons(I mean there's Co-op mods with hl2 stuff and Sourceforts has HL2 stuff, this doesn't thus = more unique then those, assuming the gamemodes are well made)

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xandar Jul 16 2009, 12:59pm replied:

Thank you dude :)

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Alt+F4=Win Jul 3 2009, 2:20am says:

I can't find ingame screenshots I took, where should I look for them?

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Frozencloud Jul 3 2009, 11:52am says:

Great mod :)

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ZiZaNie Jul 4 2009, 11:55am says:

I saw a Care bear jumping while in default position :( just like in HL2DM.

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