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I'm almost done! I have planned the release date for April 4th. Here are a bunch of news on whats new and stuff.

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Read better thing here:

I come to you today with a big announcement! Boring Man is almost ready for release.

After a long grueling 2 years and 1 entire remake later, I'm proud enough to call it finished.

And whats bad news for me and good news for you, is...

You guessed it. B-Man and all future updates that come with it, are free.
I have been in limbo as to how to distribute it, and I finally decided I care more about people playing this game then making money off of it.
I also feel like it wouldn't have generated much sales anyways.

Light Rockets

So. Whats new in this game?
Tons of things! Starting with new weapons. There are 21 new weapons made since 0.1.2!

Oo mama. Like what kind?
Heal your friends and enemies with the new Heal rifle! Or maybe use the new, possibly overpowered Power SMG! But to find out more, you have to play the game!

There are too many weapons!

I know! Isn't it GREAT? Oh. I guess not. I have actually painstakingly balanced each weapon so they are viable and still fun to use. I'm not perfect though, so some weapons initially on release may be too strong or weak.

Is the map editor done?
No! It can make maps (all maps you see were done in the map editor) but its very unwieldy and awkward. It's mostly based on hotkeys then menus.

Can I still have it?
The map editor beta will begin when the game is released. You can create maps and upload them online, but servers will not automatically give new maps to player clients, they will have to download any maps manually.
I will certainly try to make maps automatically download, but file-transfer protocols are very hard to implement in GM.

Are there any new game modes?
Yeah! If you ever played "gun-game" on games like Counter Strike, there is a new mode similar to that called Weapons Deal. When you kill a player, you get a new weapon to use, and you must kill another player with that weapon. If you die, you revert back one weapon you had before.

Weapons Deal game mode

Are the old modes still the same?
Mostly! Zombrains has seen a tiny update. You can now have zombie classes! Each class have different abilities, each useful for certain situations. One example is the Zomikaze, who explodes upon death or by will. It's very useful when those pesky humans stick together.

Survival Mode is a co-op mode where you must survive against waves of enemies armed with stronger and stronger guns. Unlike Zombrains mode, you can just simply select the weapon loadout you'd like to use.

What about muh mutators?
There are 3 new mutators! One of them is "Drunk Mode", where the player's screen is consistently woozy and makes you sick! There is also Invisibility Mode, where all players turn transparent depending on their move speed.

The insta-reap mutator has been removed from the menu, because you can still recreate it through other options (setting max life to 1, banning all weapons except the rail gun)

Banning what now?
Ah yes, while still clunky, you can now ban certain weapons from your server! You can do it through the bm_weapons.ini file. However it is hard to edit it as the banning is done through weapon IDs. I will include a list of the weapons and their IDs with the download.

How about maps?
See the world's sights! I have redone the 2 old maps, and added 3 more maps! 2 new climb maps are also available.

Selecting weapons is hard and I always die!
Never fear, I am here to introduce loadouts! In the main menu, you can now pre-select weapons and save them in a loadout. You can then select the loadout in-game to quickly select a set of weapons for situations.

Okay okay! Achievements have been added as well. As I type this I still need to implement a good amount of them, but I can guarantee they are not easy to get.


This game is eeriely quiet.
I know. That's why I have recruited the help of the talented Domm Ferger! He is an independent musician who came to me offering to make a soundtrack for free. It's still in the process and the whole track might not be available on release.

No game ever is! But especially this game, it is widely untested. I will need YOU to email me any bug reports, or to submit them on this bug report form.

Players can now vote for the next map in-game with the command /votemap! They can also ban unruly players with /voteban. Democracy!

Map lists!
Maps can now be played in a certain order with a map list.

There are many secrets to find in Boring Man. Some of them being bigger then you'd think. I don't even know if you will even find them all!

A new experimental type of server option, you can turn Stamina on or off. Stamina mode is where your player can get tired after doing too much acrobatics and needs to rest. It is off by default.

When can I play this master piece?
The date I plan to shoot for is April 4th. I may be a day late or a day early but you can start harrassing me to keep my promise around that time. I give you permission.

And thats about everything, I think. If not I'm sure you'll find it! Thanks for all the support, even when I planned on pricing this thing.

You can play 0.1.2 here:
Boring Man - Alpha v0.1.2



Yay! Sad thing there's a month left :c

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