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The Great War 5.0 now officially has a release date!

Posted by .Mitch. on Aug 3rd, 2013

Fans of the Great War mod, it's been over three long years since this mod began, over that time we've always had a vision of what we wanted our WW1 mod to be, and up to now it's been hard to realise our vision.

With the introduction of new community made tools, the dedicated hard work of our mod team and the endless support of our many fans we reach what we've always hoped our mod would one day become.

That's not to say this journey is over... If anything, it has only just began.

To those who doubted us, thought this mod would never work, that our endeavour was inherently flawed, thank you. Without you driving us, pushing us to succeed when things seemed tough we would never have reached where we are now.

To those who always believed in us, to you I'm afraid I have no words. There are truly no words I know of which can fully express my gratitude. This mod is every bit as much yours as it is this mod teams and I hope it goes at least some of the way towards repaying you for the dedication and support you have shown us over what has been a very long time.
You stayed with us when hope seemed lost.
You waited patiently while we remained silent.
You are the reason this mod is what it is today.

~ The Great War team

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#k Aug 4 2013 says:

Fur mein Kaiser und Vaterland. Danke

Prepare yourself France, three long years of German rage is about to be unleashed.

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evilerink Aug 4 2013 replied:

the Belgium is here still waiting the invaders :p

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parade Aug 4 2013 says:


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Schrubber Aug 4 2013 says:

Thank you so muchGreat War Team. I've waited years for this, now the waiting is nearly over. I almost cried when I saw the release date. Congrats to you!
Can't wait! ;)
Ps: awesome video!

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Extradaemon Aug 4 2013 says:

Not much of a release date to be honest. But congrats none the less.

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nitebones Aug 4 2013 says:

does this include the campaign map or is it just battles for now

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Sly442 Aug 4 2013 replied:

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't release it without a campaign.

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[Beta]Imperator Aug 4 2013 says:

Nono we deserve nothing, it's all your work! Respect from Germany! btw France will suffer in this mod! :D

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AllUnderHeaven Aug 5 2013 replied:

of course the will all they do is surrender.

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don_durandal Aug 6 2013 replied:

That would historically inaccurate and in complete contradiction to France's staunch attitude in WW1 though.
You don't hold 80% of the Western Front by yourself for four years, have the 3rd largest army of Europe (after Germany and Russia), loose 4.3% of your population (16% of all mobilized) and prevent the Germans from taking Paris twice in a single war by merely surrendering.

(seriously. French surrender jokes might have been pertinent 10 years ago, but now they got really stale. Try thinking of something new for once.)

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luksm23 Aug 10 2013 replied:

Here Here! Well said. The French did not fail to learn from their very obvious failings made starkly evident by the Prussians during the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. The lessons they learned were put to good use against the Germans in World War One. The French fought like demons possessed! They are judged too harshly for their failings in World War II, and to be perfectly honest, their so called failings in the second world war were shared by the entire Allied Command structure.

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tehochiwa Aug 11 2013 replied:

Always the same joke. No originality. Seriously, it is not funny anymore. Please learn some lessons about humor.

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Curtis323 Aug 4 2013 says:

A week before my birthday sweet

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Sebestyen Aug 4 2013 says:

Gott erhalte Franz dein Kaiser, unser guten kaiser Franz!

+5 votes     reply to comment
Hellcat456 Aug 4 2013 says:

I always love those dramatic speeches. I cant wait for 5.0!

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Chilzone173 Aug 4 2013 says:

I have waited a very, very long time for this mod too come out. The feeling too know that its finally time for it too come sends shiver's of the coldest level's down my spine. This is it, this is the mod ive been waiting for. Thank you for making it, i can't wait too play it.

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Laxylax Aug 4 2013 says:

Can they shoot while running..?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Aanker Aug 4 2013 replied:

Nope. Shooting while running was, is, and will probably always be a very dangerous thing to do (both to yourself due to the high chances of falling and to your friendlies because of the lack of proper aiming).

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Sebestyen Aug 10 2013 replied:

That is only in films.

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GriffinZ Aug 4 2013 says:

this have potential to be the most awesome thing since the cheese slicer.

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Zgok Aug 4 2013 says:

Congratulations!. I am so happy to hear this after waiting,and being amazed for 3 years. It will soon be time for the Ottoman Empire to take back land lost by foreigners and restore the Empire to her former glory. Vur Ha!

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The_M_Factor Aug 4 2013 says:

debating on who to play as? russia or france?
+ for russia - for france

-4 votes     reply to comment
The_M_Factor Aug 4 2013 replied:

Is nobody voting or is it really that close?

-1 votes     reply to comment
Sebestyen Aug 10 2013 replied:

I fiht for no Russia no France I fight for Germany!

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ALECOS Aug 4 2013 says:

Great job guys i have been watching this for almost a year now and even from just then the quality of work has only improved congratulations and i cant wait to play it!

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Curtis323 Aug 6 2013 says:

Watch out Russia ill make sure u do not get into Germany

+2 votes     reply to comment
allcanadianreject Aug 6 2013 says:

I came.

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fenix02 Aug 7 2013 says:

think this news is up there with the release of rome 2 :) time to start checking everyday for this beautiful mod :)

+3 votes     reply to comment
Curtis323 Aug 7 2013 says:

One day splitting and the release date

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Pottstick Aug 10 2013 says:

will there be an Australian faction/units??

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Guest Aug 10 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest Aug 10 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Generalwinters16 Aug 11 2013 says:

the wait just mite kill me

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