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It has been a long time coming, but Plastic Piranha's back to basics FPS is now on IndieDB!

Posted by PlasticPiranha on Sep 27th, 2012

Featuring prominent members of the modding community such as Jason "TrailerTrsh" Brice(who's maps were officially featured in BF 2142) and Yohan "Zeroy" Riou(, alongside industry veterans who have worked on the likes of the Unreal Tournament and Rainbox Six franchises: Plastic Piranha set out to create a great core FPS experience, with full Mod Tool and eSports support, after the established industry began to turn it's back on both.

Rekoil is the summation of our efforts to date. A lot has been done, but there's still plenty to do. Below you'll find a quick teaser trailer featuring some Alpha gameplay footage. Be sure to check out our summary page for much more information about the game!

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Comrade-Alucard Sep 28 2012 says:

why ig gangnam style related to this video. *mind blown*

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PlasticPiranha Author
PlasticPiranha Sep 28 2012 replied:

Clearly our trailer is on it's way to becoming the next internet phenomenon a la Gangnam Style :P.

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WNxKraid Sep 28 2012 says:

Are all of your maps large outdoor arenas?
What are the classic FPS references you base your game on?
I mean when i think of classic FPS roots i think of an Goldeneye64 multiplayer, also Unreal Tournament or HLDM and CS ofc.

Also, if your goal is moddability for the user, i think UE3 isn't the best choice because it requires a lot more skills to create maps and other custom content for it then it would be on e.g. source.

I'm going to track this game now, just to see where it wents.

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Krej Sep 28 2012 replied:

Source is crappy for multiplayer FPS
donno if i tried UE3

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Swyter Sep 28 2012 replied:

Tell that to Counter-Strike. :)

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ShrikeGFX Sep 28 2012 replied:

CSGO is heavily outdated in terms of gameplay, balance and tech, I dont see anything impressive there. UE3.5 is the best all around there is.

Rekoil looks very neat, if you get good and motivating player progression, it could turn out really well, just dont like the name <.<

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zeldar Sep 29 2012 replied:

Um why is it a bad thing that CSGO's gameplay and balance is "dated?" Do you want it to have ironsights and crap? Then it wouldn't be CS.

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PlasticPiranha Author
PlasticPiranha Sep 28 2012 replied:

We have a mixture of indoor and outdoor maps. Many of our outdoor maps also feature indoor elements as well :).

When we refer to classic FPS action, we basically mean that everything is stripped back and bare bones. Whether or not you win comes down to you and your skill with your gun, rather than what kill/score streak you have, or attachments you have unlocked and strapped to your armament.

It's all about you, your gun, and your skill.

As for the engine used. There are two points that come to mind. While the Source engine is great, we feel that Epic's iteration, upkeep and updating of the unreal engine is better for smaller indie teams.

Not only that, but one of the reasons we have made it a point to include mod tools in this game, is to give potential future developers a doorway into game development. A real chance to learn about game development, and improve their skills to the point where their mod work will be a real aid to their entry into the industry. As far as that goal goes, the UDK and UE3 are most certainly the way to go. Many more companies are building games using UE technology rather than Source. There's a real reason for that too. While Source is good, UE3 is pretty damn nice too. Some would go so far as to say better ;).

As for ease of modding. One of the barriers to modding with UE3/UDK is that assets are comparatively difficult to come by. This makes it tough for the uninitiated/smaller teams/individuals to start doing their own thing. To combat this issue, we will be providing a comprehensive asset library to allow players to start modding with our tools extremely quickly :).

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fragfest2012 Sep 29 2012 replied:

I agree here. UE3/UDK is FAR better than Source for modding. It is also the engine of choice right now for game developers licensing a third-party engine, and UE4 only looks to heighten that. Source is at this point out-dated and Valve does a pretty crappy job of updating it for its community. I would say the barrier for UE3 development is assets, like PlasticPirhana said, but I would also say that when a game releases mod tools, it also releases its assets for use which goes a LONG way.

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Noah_W Sep 28 2012 says:

Welcome to indiedb!

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PlasticPiranha Author
PlasticPiranha Sep 28 2012 replied:

Thanks! We're really pleased to be here :).

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Noah_W Sep 28 2012 replied:

Totally, it is exciting to see this on indiedb. I hope this turns out to be a smash hit!

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BTNNinja Sep 28 2012 says:

THAT VIDEO WAS ALPHA FOOTAGE?? That looks way too awesome to just be alpha. Definitely tracking. Also, will there be controller support?

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kaiserpanda Sep 28 2012 says:

Levels and models looking good. Animations poor, particle effects overblown. I like your modding and features.

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pvt.Johnson Sep 29 2012 says:

Thank god there are no kill streaks, rank/perk system, blah blah blah overated noob loving ****.

I miss the good ol days of guns, aiming if you want to, and blowing your enemies to bits. This looks very polished for alpha footage and i wish you guys the best. Keep working hard! Good choice on UE3!

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Enderborn Oct 4 2012 says:

gimmie gimmie gimmie

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