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What was once one of the best mods of its day (having won the $1,000,000 Make Something Unreal competition), is now only a few weeks from hitting the shelves as a fully fledged, no-shortcuts-taken awesome game. What is even better, is RO's drive to support and help out the mod community and that

Posted by INtense! on Mar 4th, 2006

What was once one of the best mods of its day (having won the $1,000,000 Make Something Unreal competition), is now only a few weeks from hitting the shelves as a fully fledged, no-shortcuts-taken awesome game. What is even better, is RO's drive to support and help out the mod community and that is why (thanks to Tripwire Interactive) we now have a handful of Steam Beta access keys to give out. So if you are like me and counting down the days to this games release, stop waiting because you have a chance to get playing right now.

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How? Well we just need a few enthusiastic volunteers who want to give this game a good hammering / thrashing. Respond to this news post if interested, and this time 2 days from now - we will pick a few people at random and give them access via their Steam account. It couldn't be easier to jump onto the battlefields during WWII. For more information about this game, head to the Red Orchestra official homepage, or jump onto the Red Orchestra Game Profile here at the Mod DB.

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DeadlyContagion Mar 5 2006 says:

I'm interested

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ViEtCoNgToM Mar 5 2006 says:

RO, im very intrested in beta testing this game and giving you guys a very very honest opionion of it and all the bugs that it has.
Please let me test this for you guys :)

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SNIPER-X Mar 5 2006 says:

Same here.
Nothing like adding new gore can ever hurt this mod ;)

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MotoMn121 Mar 5 2006 says:

Hey guys-

I've beta-tested multiple mods and retail games in the past in addition to actually helping with development. I'd certainly be interested in beta-testing Red Orchestra.

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Argyll Mar 5 2006 says:

If I have a chance, I'll try it out. I know how to beta test ;)

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Mr_Peepers Mar 5 2006 says:

BAH! bah. bah. BAH!

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Burgerlolz Mar 5 2006 says:

I need a beta test key for test it, i'm not sure to buy it, and i need a key to test it !


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Zeratul114 Mar 5 2006 says:

Ill give it a shot. Always seemed like it would be a fun, well made game. (Anything that wins that much money is generally good :X)

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Shizune Mar 5 2006 says:

Curious about it, I hope I'm lucky :D

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omlette Mar 5 2006 says:

I'd like beta access, please. Here's to good luck! *crosses fingers*

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edubya42 Mar 5 2006 says:

I would really really really like to beta test for RO.

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briguy992 Mar 5 2006 says:

I would love to test if there are still keys.

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thacarter Mar 5 2006 says:

Weet! :D

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Wilhelm_III Mar 5 2006 says:

I am very intersted, bery much indeed... I noticed that Moddb is getting more and more recognition from the world at large, good stuff, certainly good stuff.

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shif Mar 5 2006 says:

Guess there's not much else to say seeing as selection is random. :D

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Gimpy98 Mar 5 2006 says:

I want to beta test Red Orchestra I have been waiting to play it for a long time.

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sk8npirate Mar 5 2006 says:

Im extremely interested. Give me a random chance :)

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DeeGee Mar 5 2006 says:

gimme gimme gimme !!!11111oneoneone

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hellhammer Mar 5 2006 says:

I am a WWII FPS freak!!!! Throw me in coach, let me at em!

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Tycoon-Master Mar 5 2006 says:

I may be to late, but is there still an opening?

I would love to test an "awesome game". I LOVE RO and I would LOVE to test the BETA! ^_^

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flapjackman176 Mar 5 2006 says:

id like to test

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Noyaux Mar 5 2006 says:

Yes I realy want a BETA KEY ! :)

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Russkov69 Mar 5 2006 says:

I'm Ready, I want a beta Access !! :)

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Tuckerman Mar 5 2006 says:

I am willing to play Red Orchestra for ModDB!

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sleby Mar 5 2006 says:

Please withdraw me from the competion! I just won a key off the official site! Thankyou

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Scrapie Mar 5 2006 says:


this key is for a person that want TEST and help to correct bugs in game, and NOT DO PLAY for fun!!

why are moust of you posting: i wanna this key to play this great game! ?

this key is for help dev team in development of the game


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Russkie11 Mar 5 2006 says:


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Jman777 Mar 5 2006 says:

Ill test it just becuase i want to try this version i already have the UT 2004 version

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Artimage84 Mar 5 2006 says:


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BloodyWizard Mar 5 2006 says:

I'm not sure if i've already done this or not...but please let me have one of those beta really love to help out in testing this game so its perfect for release...ive tested WoW and please give me a chance

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davemaster223 Mar 5 2006 says:


I understand you guys have a few beta keys still available and I wanted to see if there was a way to get hold of one. I believe I would be a good person to recieve a serial key because my computer is not any ordinary computer, it contains an amazing graphics card, a 40" monitor and 6.1 surround sound. The ability to beta test a powerful program such as Red Orchestra on a computer like mine is not a privelege everyone gets. I was hoping to get a serial so I can truly enjoy another of one valve's wonderful programs. Anything that you can do for me would be unspeakably wonderful. I really would love to have a key!! :)

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floppydisk Mar 5 2006 says:

Arrrr, I want a beta spot!

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grimgrinch Mar 5 2006 says:

I would love to participate in the Beta test. Please add me. Thanks!

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MrTwister Mar 5 2006 says:

Would love to test this baby out

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Zennousha Mar 5 2006 says:

What makes a true "Beta tester"? Is it someone to look for bugs? Definitely. Is it someone who will enjoy the game? Maybe. Most importantly, however, it is someone who will be able to determine errors, bugs, flaws, perform with an unbiased attitude, and I emphasize this in particular, the ability to view things from a scope beyond one's own opinion. A tester has to know what Gamers want, and I believe I can and will satisfy the call for other players. That, and a bit of skill at First Person Shooters never hurt.

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MrSneakyman Mar 5 2006 says: a stay at home dad that attends classes at night. I love playing CS and for the past month have logged crazy hours playing it once again after a long absence. However, CS is becoming really borring to me now, even the custom only map servers bore me. I really need a change of pace and feel this would be it!! I promise to still give my daughter all the love, food, clothing, attention, and diaper changes(yuk) she needs through out the day! :) For the love of all things holy please choose me!! :)

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Jambozal Mar 5 2006 says:

I'd love to beta test for the RO guys.

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DrStrangeloveStriker Mar 5 2006 says:

I am another disappointed COD2 player who cannot wait to convert to ROOST. It appears to be everything that I have hoped for in a WWII shooter. This game looks so good, that I have also been spreading the word to all those I play with on line.

Having said this, I have already pre-ordered & pre-loaded through STEAM and would greatly appreciate to get the chance to help RO out with the BETA testing. Anything I can do to help out by giving constructive feedback on this fantastic game.

Please consider me as a BETA Tester.

Thank you.

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dumari Mar 6 2006 says:


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EvilSmiley Mar 6 2006 says:

what the hell, I'll post too (not very likely I'll win). But I'll find bugs like a doctor! hehe

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Gmr310 Mar 6 2006 says:

Ohhhh.... You Should Let Me In... Because im cooler then everyone else... and im very modest

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Scoobin Mar 6 2006 says:

Whoops I posted wrong place b4 just realised...

The waiting is killing me too. I'm a server admin on NZ CoD servers and a moderator on the forums, and have been playing that game for 2 years (1 & 2), but now its time to hang up the boots as the real competition comes to town. Yet the game is bringing out those child-like symptoms of not being able to wait for christmas.

My symptoms include posting too much in the RO forums to pass the time and pimping this game hard to everyone in the NZ CoD community. Its also 2am here so I must make it brief and get to bed. With my account setup on our forums every post I make is basically an ad for this game.

I never played the mod myself and am all the more itching and curious to get stuck into this great work of art. Happy to help with testing in any capacity to help deliver a wonderful game to the world.

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EssPea Mar 6 2006 says:

Hey ModDB,

I am an experianced beta tester who has pre-ordered the game and who is interested in helping the tripwire team crush whatever bugs they have left. My email is: @ gmail dot com


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Funkmon Mar 6 2006 says:

I like beta testing. It gives me an excuse to break stuff.

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lac1 Mar 6 2006 says:

Part of my software engineering gig requires me to test business software. booooring.... It sucks. On the other hand, beta testing R/O would be a definite upgarde. In short, pick me please!

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NightSage Mar 6 2006 says:

oh crap we where suppose to post HERE if we wanted the key? LOL

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NightSage Mar 6 2006 says:

oh wait I did nvm .... >.>

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Defyance Mar 6 2006 says:

...and gimme a gun

il deffently test this emazing game! :)

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Gate28 Mar 7 2006 says:

okey doky im in... i cant wait to play this!

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stickyboot Mar 8 2006 says:

Hell yes! Im extreemly interested in testing the game out! I was a big fan of the original mod!

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