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What was once one of the best mods of its day (having won the $1,000,000 Make Something Unreal competition), is now only a few weeks from hitting the shelves as a fully fledged, no-shortcuts-taken awesome game. What is even better, is RO's drive to support and help out the mod community and that

Posted by INtense! on Mar 4th, 2006

What was once one of the best mods of its day (having won the $1,000,000 Make Something Unreal competition), is now only a few weeks from hitting the shelves as a fully fledged, no-shortcuts-taken awesome game. What is even better, is RO's drive to support and help out the mod community and that is why (thanks to Tripwire Interactive) we now have a handful of Steam Beta access keys to give out. So if you are like me and counting down the days to this games release, stop waiting because you have a chance to get playing right now.

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How? Well we just need a few enthusiastic volunteers who want to give this game a good hammering / thrashing. Respond to this news post if interested, and this time 2 days from now - we will pick a few people at random and give them access via their Steam account. It couldn't be easier to jump onto the battlefields during WWII. For more information about this game, head to the Red Orchestra official homepage, or jump onto the Red Orchestra Game Profile here at the Mod DB.

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TheTeutonicToaster Mar 4 2006 says:

If I'm getting the Acess this game will be tested every Night and Day !

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Dcode Mar 4 2006 says:

Id love to test :D

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Widebranch Mar 4 2006 says:

id like to test

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Varsity Mar 4 2006 says:

OMG please give me a key!

Oh wait, I already have one...}:-)

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Integra.Prodrive Mar 4 2006 says:

I'm definitely interested. I'm a very critical person, not easily satisfied, so if something is not the way it should be, I will say so. I've got a decent computer (AMD X2 4200+, 2 GB RAM, MSI K8N Diamond, XFX 7800 GT, ...) and I've been looking forward to this game. I hope it is as realistic as it looks like it is. I used to be an Operation Flashpoint player, if the game is anywhere near the realism of OFP, then it will be a wonderful game. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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From Mar 4 2006 says:

Please pick me=)

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HINDY Mar 4 2006 says:

Lead Sound Engineer - Andreas is from sweden and me to ,so give me a try and i expand the swedish influence.....

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Atelophobia Mar 4 2006 says:

...would like to have it like all others :)

Greetings from munich!

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Kirbal Mar 4 2006 says:

PLEASE I need a beta key, or i'm going to die... , save me, a key!!!! :-)

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CatManglerOst Mar 4 2006 says:

So gimmie ago at the full beta pls!

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Korbala Mar 4 2006 says:

I must play! The fascists must die for Mother Russia!

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Burgerzz Mar 4 2006 says:

I cant wait tp play it. I already paid and cant wait any longer. I compete in cal for dod:s and love ww2 based games.

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Cytrix Mar 4 2006 says:

Ready for the Beta test !
Thank you guys.

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Death_Eagle_571 Mar 4 2006 says:

I've been a loyal RO Addict for almost a year, I cant play any other games, nothing in the FPS world can compare to Red Orchestra, its the best game on the planet!!!

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jacksonj04 Mar 4 2006 says:

It's great to see so many people interested in supporting RO! Keep those responses coming in, and good luck in the selection to those of you who already have.

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Juniper7 Mar 4 2006 says:

This is going to be a great game, I can't wait anymore!

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GodIX Mar 4 2006 says:

I need RO, I need it or I'll explode! that happens to me sometimes....

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gribble Mar 4 2006 says:

nice.. have preordered the game, but can't wait to get my hands on this baby :)

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fireship4 Mar 4 2006 says:


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Frenchy737 Mar 4 2006 says:


i'm ready to test!! :d

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adr0ck Mar 4 2006 says:

for sure i want to beta test it!
i love realistic ww2 games and would like to help you..

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apocalypse81 Mar 4 2006 says:

Im really excited about Red orchestra and am following it very closely, to beta test would be an honour and a privilage, please count me in!

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KodY Mar 4 2006 says:

Would be awesome to play it now :)
Always been a fan of the mod and gonna buy the full version, too ;)

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ArChNeMiSiS Mar 4 2006 says:

Id just like to apologise for my unprofessional comment before. I would be honoured to recieve a beta access key and help Tripwire Interactive squash any bugs they may have with the game to prepare it for release. Although i would be upset not to recieve a access key, i believe it should go to those worthy of it and who will help with the process of the game and not just want a free trial.

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drakon2k Mar 4 2006 says:


I'd like to be a beta-tester for RO Ostfront 41-45, and don't worry, I'm not one of those "OMG BETATEST GIMMEH SO I CAN PLAY BUT NOT HELP AT ALL OMGZU13777!!11"-guys, I've been a beta-tester for several HL-Mods already(Taskforce, Move-In, 1944 D-Day), and know that beta testing doesn't only mean you can play it before the others, no but that you really have to work finding bugs.

So while this little text probably was useless, since in the news it says you're picking people randomly, I still hope I might have luck :)


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RIKUSYO Mar 4 2006 says:

I want to play the RO beta.
Please let me go to the battlefield.

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Zawath Mar 4 2006 says:

I'm ready to test.

+1 vote     reply to comment
RossaSwe Mar 4 2006 says:

I love the smell of ostfront in the morning...

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Pionier Mar 4 2006 says:

I am ready to fight on the Ostfront.

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sayon Mar 4 2006 says:

I'm Ready and waiting to be picked, Sir! :D

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ShadowMug Mar 4 2006 says:

I'd like to take part at that beta test.
I cant wait for Red Orchestra :D Already preordered and preloaded. Asked a couple of mates until I found someone who had a credit card (I dont have one)
Even if I am not gonna be picked, I wish good luck to everyone and have fun to the winners :D

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602RAF_Puff Mar 4 2006 says:

As a previous beta tester on many games , I would love the privilage to test and iron out any remaining bugs before release. System specs are about standard for now allowing fps and dx 9 features testing.

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Aarup_slayer Mar 4 2006 says:

I'm ready to fight for the Motherland!

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DrKNickel Mar 4 2006 says:

I want it, too :)


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chrisjudge Mar 4 2006 says:

Hi to all!! As a legendary FPS Player i´m very interested to test out RO. I already have bought RO via Steam and wait for the release.
With me u have a really good Beta tester for u´r product.

Good work and stay cool.

greetings from italy

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Core_MrT Mar 4 2006 says:

who does not let me play the beta foo.

Seriously i play the mod lots and have lots of hours to help the devs put a nice shiny layer of polish on the top.

I better not be pih-tayn no MOD DB foos?

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JohnnyB Mar 4 2006 says:

Count me as one who would love a shot at playing this mod. Regardless i've already pre ordered and plan on playing until my eyes bleed, or something like that.

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gustheblind Mar 4 2006 says:

ohh... yep please.... its pre-ordered and ready to go.....

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Daemon_92 Mar 4 2006 says:

I am all for WWII FPS Games and Red Orchestra seems to give me all what I waited all my live for:
Realistic Recoil (Damn CoD2!). Realistic tank driving and a endless list of what is realistic.
Thats how games should be.
Also I like the support of them. Realeasing SDK, MOD tools and all that stuff
I hope I can get in the mod scene with this help
Greaty appreciated
Good luck to everyone

Mfg daemon

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svack88 Mar 4 2006 says:

I would love to test it! it looks amazing!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Poro Mar 4 2006 says:

When I read this news at Red Orchestras site , I posted this as fast as I could! I ready to test more than anyone else! ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
the_fink Mar 4 2006 says:

A beta key would be awesome, already pre-loaded and paid.

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trillex Mar 4 2006 says:

I'm the best beta tester there is but I have nothing else to say except.

Come on, just come on.


+1 vote     reply to comment
Loki-009 Mar 4 2006 says:

okay, I got my hammer out good old' mjolnir muahaha! LET THE BASHING BEGIN (don't worry I won't break the game I will just dent it up a bit so I can see those damned bugs easier.)

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smitty Mar 4 2006 says:

Please include me in the drawing for being a beta tester. I love this game!

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Tankhunter_Ryan Mar 4 2006 says:

I am ready for service !

This is something I dont want to miss.

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Tankhunter_Ryan Mar 4 2006 says:

This Is something I dont want to miss.
Sign me up please!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jimmy! Mar 4 2006 says:

I've been playing Red Orchestra since the release of 1.2, and I'd love to have the opportunity to beta test this latest incarnation.

Not much to say that than really!

Good luck everyone! :)

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Sokkan Mar 4 2006 says:

Would love to help beta-testing this fine game! Been playing the UT2004 mod for some time, and pre-bought Ostfrost as soon as I could. The beta would top it all off nicely!

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AngryAdam Mar 4 2006 says:

I am responding in hopes of a beta key.

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