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TNM still in oven, not quite fully baked. Things are still charging ahead at breakneck speed.

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For those of you that have been going by the release date on the Moddb profile, I apologize, but it's not correct. Moddb wouldn't let us specify the more nebulous "Month of February" so we had to go with an exact date. I realize the constant assurances that we're working as fast as we can are probably getting a little old, but they remain the truth. Here's a sitrep:

-Of the more than 13,000 lines of dialogue, a mere 6 remain to be recorded. In a cruel twist of fate, the actors microphone turned up broken today when he went to record the lines. He's a pro, though, and is working on a way to either fix the mic or record the lines using a tin can and a string

-Leo Bad is putting the finishing tweaks on the last two endgame sound tracks. We have a rather large number of endings, so he's been working his fingers to the bone to finish everything up post-haste

-Yet another Beta build went out yesterday (or was it the day before...I don't know, they now blend into one massive TNM Time Unit) and is being poked and prodded the by testers to ensure that our zero-hour bug fixes haven't spawned MORE of the vile things

-OiNutter, the web guru, may or may-not have been toiling 26 hours a day for the last month coding up a damn sexy new website designed by a Sir Kenneth The Awesome

-Jonas and I have been compiling awesome bonus material that spans the seven years of TNM's development and is a ton of fun to flip through. It will be included on the DVD and available as a separate download

-Myself, Jonas, and Shane sat down with the Moddb folks this weekend and chatted about the development of TNM for a little over an hour. The banter contains a lot of interesting TNM info and a good batch of narcissistic rambling on all our parts. Sadly, it won't be posted for a number of weeks yet, but you can look forward to enjoying it whilst playing TNM!

-I refuse to give an exact release date, but if everything goes smoothly (something that happens rarely) we should be compiling our release candidate this week. After giving it a speedy once over we shall initiate Operation Release TNM Before The Team Suffers Ulcers


Good luck finishing it up!

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Oh well, so we gotta wait a little bit more. Time is only time take all you need to complete perfection. You will see me buying the DVD.

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I cannot haz modz yet?

This makez kitteh sad :(

If the delay is to put some final touches like voice-acting and bug-crushing, teh kitteh is willing to waitz.


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I personally love seeing delays. It gives developers more time to polish the product, and it serves to remind us that we're waiting for quality.

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i noticed today, the 3rd of march, that the release date changed from today, the 3rd of march, to 2013. If this is the case, i retract my previous comment. :o

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Trestkon Author

That was just to amuse myself, mostly :p We're building RC2 tomorrow, running through it one last time, and then releasing it if it doesn't blow up in our faces (which is quite unlikley). So you should see TNM on your desktop or in your mailbox sometime next week, but I won't say when! The launch trailer and new website should be up by this weekend.

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