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I made a game in 48 hours this weekend, for the Ludum Dare competition. It's an action based dungeon crawler with six levels, four boss fights, and plenty of secrets and loot.

Posted by Kizzycocoa on Aug 22nd, 2011

I made a game in 48 hours this weekend, for the Ludum Dare competition.

It's an action based dungeon crawler with six levels, four boss fights, and plenty of secrets and loot. It takes about 20-30 minutes to beat the game, and if you die, you need to start over from the beginning.

(Development blog link)

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Kanealii Aug 22 2011, 10:47pm buried:


Thats a Gnarly texture pack

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Blue_Dust Aug 23 2011, 4:51am replied:

This has nothing to do with minecraft..Notch was either testing his skills again or just wanted to make the game..

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SirBrodzik832 Aug 23 2011, 5:36am replied:

well it does have blocks. =D

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Zealot671 Aug 23 2011, 5:41pm replied:

******* stupid xD

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VodkaEagle Aug 22 2011, 11:08pm says:

It is a VERY interesting game. It an't a texture pack though. My PC runs this VERY smooth for a 728MB of RAM PC from '02. This game is fun. I like it. This is a dungeon crawler while MineCraft is a Open World Creative Sand-Box game.

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ReLiFeD Aug 23 2011, 1:22am replied:

notch himself was playing this on 600 fps in the beginning :)

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TheNodCommander Aug 23 2011, 3:46am replied:

600 FPS isnt too hard for something like this, but yep.

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jovian95 Aug 22 2011, 11:18pm buried:


Why is this on the minecraft page...

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LKMax Aug 22 2011, 11:30pm replied:

Because was made by one of the Minecraft developers? (in only 48 hours)

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macacos2 Aug 23 2011, 9:19pm replied:

This is be like posting a DOTA2/Left-4-Dead news on the Half-life 2 page just because it was made by same developers, which would be Valve.

Downvoting that guy just shows how much intellect most of the viewers from this page have. Maybe making a news post everytime Notch farts is a way to fill the void where the news from the mods should be.

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Lockdown323 Aug 23 2011, 11:35pm replied:

I usually don't make - hell yeah! - posts, but damn, the girl above me got it straight.

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Flash112 Aug 24 2011, 9:57am replied:

must agree with you on that one, and minecraft fans have gotten a bit annoying lately xD (im a mc player too xD)

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DarkPivot Aug 23 2011, 1:11am says:

Seems some people who follow Minecraft are out of the loop on what Notch has been doing lately. I love this game, got a good bit through and then died. For some reason it's cut off the right a little bit though.

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architectts Aug 23 2011, 1:30am says:

I was also a good way in. And then "FFUUUUU--!!!". Those zombie bastards got me while I was slipping around on the ice. Really sick game Notch! Can't wait for any other interesting games you guys at Mojang pump out in the future.

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Flash112 Aug 23 2011, 1:50am says:


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Flash112 Aug 23 2011, 3:31am replied:

why am i being downvoted? i said its a cool game. xD

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johny14 Aug 23 2011, 3:40am says:

this should win!

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Blue_Dust Aug 23 2011, 4:54am buried:


Well,from what i see notch has big tallents..Not everything he does if focused on minecraft but unfortinetly his community is orriented to minecraft mostly..Mainly mojang has other games after the full release of minecraft,scrolls is gonna be their future project,we should enjoy other games,not just's unhealthy to play minecraft all the time!

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Auxor Aug 23 2011, 5:07am buried:


It's probably because Minecraft is a pathetically unfinished game which we spent good money on, he should spend more time actually adding gameplay depth to it instead of working on crappy games.

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Blue_Dust Aug 23 2011, 9:11am replied:

So you're saying minecraft isn't good enough for you?Than don't play it,end of problem..

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Martanz Aug 23 2011, 9:34am replied:

You paied for the "crappy version" of minecraft. The updates are just extra content

From the prepurchase.jsp on minecrafts website:
Please note that when you buy the game, you're paying for the game as it is right now!

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Flash112 Aug 23 2011, 6:05am replied:

yeah, i think you should do the exact thing...

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CMDKeen Aug 23 2011, 5:13am says:

20-30 minutes? I have beaten it in 19:18! :D

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Scorpionov Aug 23 2011, 5:13am says:

@auxor what is it about minecraft that you find so unfinished?

they are constantly updating & i hope they add new content soon

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Kizzycocoa Author
Kizzycocoa Aug 23 2011, 6:44am replied:


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DrHojo123 Aug 23 2011, 5:18am says:

33 mins finshed but thats because i got stuck

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Der_Cherusker Aug 23 2011, 6:02am says:

Golden Ghost killed me and I'm not going to play it again.:P

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Rhidgev Aug 23 2011, 6:42am says:

This game is better, than CoD MW2 :D

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Jpmerida Aug 23 2011, 7:06am says:

Wow, You guys created this only in 48 hours?
Wow! again... IM IMPRESSED!!!

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Smoth Aug 23 2011, 7:38am buried:


ugh, stop posting stuff that has nothing to do with minecraft.

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macker8894 Aug 23 2011, 7:55am replied:

i believe one of the developers of minecraft made this. which means it has to do with minecraft. grow up.

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Kizzycocoa Author
Kizzycocoa Aug 23 2011, 5:47pm replied:

hey, the page has been barren. even tangential news is good news. shows he's still alive and Mojang hasn't exploded randomly :P

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macacos2 Aug 25 2011, 6:10pm replied:


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l0p Aug 23 2011, 11:21am says:

i hate them f'in things that shoot the ball thing at ya and drain all your health :(

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Kamikazi[Uk] Aug 23 2011, 12:04pm says:

Not to bad for such a short time. Maybe this was the adventure update he promised us lol.

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Kizzycocoa Author
Kizzycocoa Aug 23 2011, 5:55pm says:

he's always done this form of game. They say any game is a ripoff of one of four games. I know one is quake, one is a puzzler, one is a sandbox (The Sims?), and I think the last was a sidescroller. maybe mario.

try to find a game that defies this rule, and you win the games industry.

COD? MW2? hell, even MC? all ripoffs of quake. MC also falls into sandbox. bejeweled? myst? Amnesia? puzzler ripoffs. chess? Super meat boy? VVVVVV? wii fit?

actually, wii fit is a good exception. but it's not really a game. it's a portable gym. but you get my line of thinking.

there is no originality. there is only ingenuity. to make the concept new and refreshing. Minecraft does it well, Super Meat Boy does it well Amnesia does it well. these are the games that are good. and they are all technically ripoffs.

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Blue_Dust Aug 23 2011, 6:53pm replied:

One of the BIGGEST problems these days:Players think they're gamers if they have all the crap in a game (BIG EXAMPLE IS MW2) instead of playing over 100 games..Back in 2004 if you wanted to be a gamer you needed to play atleast 100 games,that's how it worked,these days people are gamers with only one or just a few games..They start accusing other games of rip offs just because they haven't played enough..I'm currently gonna try deus ex 2 to see how it is,i'm curious..I like to play tons of games when i have the chance,i can't say i've completed 100 games but i do know i appreciate every good game i play,even the ones with flaws are still fun to play at moments..The beauty of being an actual gamer is you just play for fun,not for levels,perks or whatever the hell the game includes..This game was fun,i enjoyed it....Nice speach kizzy,hopefully mine is just as good and also,wanna be a real gamer?Than play games from all times,no matter if NES or completely new games such as Portal 2 or the really brand new Deus ex which my PC can't handle..

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f0u Aug 23 2011, 11:15pm replied:

Deus Ex 2 (Invisible War) was not so good, Deus EX 1 was fantastic, and Deus EX 3 (Human Revolution) is fantastic too!

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mjl8 Aug 23 2011, 8:44pm says:

gold ghost keeps getting me :(. Anyway, its pretty well made for a game made in 48 hours

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SolarTerran Aug 25 2011, 7:52pm says:

I agree with pox aug this looks like wolfenstein

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Cyowolf Aug 26 2011, 2:57pm says:

Damn this thing is hard. Can anyone tell me if there are anymore hidden health potions? I've found 3 before taking on the golden ghost. I died to him tho.

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ChristmasPeanuts Dec 8 2012, 11:20pm says:

It was more fun than expected, though, minecraft I did no have the patients for, don't ask me why but I think that it may be because of the action involved.

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