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Document Winter contains all background information regarding the private military corporation known as Artemis.

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Artemis Galactic Security traces its history back to four individuals. Initial membership consisted primarily of mercenaries affiliated with the galactic underworld but has recently been re-organized into a reputable and professional company.

Semper Paratus Sum

The Private Military Corporation and its Task Forces consist of several specialist units which have a history with Artemis founders but public knowledge regarding them is limited only to recent endeavours.

Furthermore Artemis holds several training outposts, sanctuaries and operations bases.


An uneventful mission to Thanos led to a run in with other mercenary leaders. Eventually Kallabacca, Geist and Shogun united their soldiers with each others mercenary forces. The enterprise began in earnest when they enlisted Nato to join them.


Raised as a Trandoshan slave on his homeworld of Alaris Prime the brutal Kallabacca deals the same mercy as he had received from his captors. Earning the title of mad claw from his fellows upon escape, Kallabacca forsake all sense of redemption and instead choose to pursue of wealth and power as a mercenary for various crime lords. His reputation as a sadistic killer gained him fear and admiration from his peers. Soon he gained command a mercenary group of his own becoming known as a ruthless brute and deadly commander.

Armed with a powerful Wookiee Bowcaster for ranged engagements and deadly Ryyk Kerarthorr blades for close quarters Kallabacca makes up to the Shriiwook name and the reputation he has garnered for himself.


Dissatisfied with life as nobility of House Rohana. The young Princess Nyx Rohana abandoned Alderaan for adventure. Unprepared for the dangers of the galaxy the Princess was captured by slavers but her captivity came to an abrupt end when she broke free and dispatched her captors.

Learning to rely on stealth Nyx took upon the alias Geist and became a renowned assassin. Entire star systems would come to attribute any unordinary death to the untraceable shadow.

Her reputation took a hit when the holonet broadcasted the apparent death of Geist with visual evidence. The following day holonet viewers were treated to a recording of Geist simultaneously dispatching the entire news station that relayed her demise, cementing public perception of her as an all powerful wicked spirit.


Perhaps the most curious specimen of the Talortai species. Shogun has not revealed his past nor his true name which unnerves his employers.

Shogun announced his arrival in Hutt space by claiming a long-standing bounty that had been placed upon the head of an extremely elusive Rodian with a large cult following. The heads of the Rodian along with seven-hundred cultists were presented to the crime lord and Shogun immediately set a name for himself.

The ferocious Talortai warrior brandishes a purple lightsaber and is known to drain the life force of his underlings should they fail him, inspiring dread and unquestionable loyalty in their ranks.


Abandoned at a young age and instead raised by human settlers on the world of Rishi. Nato, as he came to be called, grew up in relative peace and inherited the droid repair shop from his adopted parents.

Rarely leaving Rishi the Toydarian was specially requested to visit Thanos by an old friend to maintain several droids for some time. There he witnessed a meeting between a trio of heavily armed mercenaries. Quite aware of his presence the mercenaries recognized his potential to see to the finer aspects of leading a corporation and carefully recruited him in their enterprise.

The ever so humble Toydarian unwittingly became a co-founder and most powerful member of their organization.


Commanders Kavis, Aduro, Lornus, Atria, Talvin serve Artemis with their years of combat experience. They have attained the highest rank possible through diligence and perseverance, proving themselves worthy of leading Artemis Task Forces on operations.

The majority of these officers have previously served in the local military forces of many different worlds and governments but have answered the call of wealth or returned to duty upon being discharged.

Alpha Marshal

The original Revenant was not a willing test subject. Naturally gifted with enhanced physical conditioning and heightened senses made him difficult to subdue but eventually the human slave received from the Hutt Cartel was rendered unconscious and the mind-wiping process began.

After being fitted with the Excalibur Augmentations and placed inside the Nexu-class armor system the subject began to exhibit a certain familiarity with the situation, likely a by-product of the flash training which replaced his memories. The subject began training and maintained dominance in the circuit even when the newer Revenants finished their course. He was designated as the Alpha Marshal and placed in command of the Revenants.


FAITH is an acronym for Fully Augmented Intelligent Trojan Hardware, previously known as Subject Six. Originally a slave retrieved from the Hutt Cartel the subject has had its mind wiped and was conducted experimentation on to create a organic-digital link between itself and machines.

After a lengthy period of meticulous augmentations of the frame and numerous installations of implants; Subject Six was brought out of comatose state and placed within the control chamber. Where earlier results failed, Subject Six succeeded and surpassed all expectations earning her the nickname Faith and giving her the right to act as the intelligence officer of Revenants.


Artemis operates from several hidden as well as public bases of operations. All designed to accommodate either the military or the business aspect of the corporation.


Orbiting Fondor the Skyblade station serves as the chief corporate headquarters of Artemis publicly. For its Task Forces it is a rally point and berth before and after operations and for clientèle it is the place to go if an arrangement is to be made. Skyblade also houses a sizeable portion of the administrative and tactical staff.

External defences include potential Artemis Task Forces and Imperial Fleets in addition to two squadrons of E-wing assigned to defend Skyblade. The station itself is protected by two military-grade shield generators, twenty turbolaser batteries and five anti-starfighter missile launchers.


The frozen fortress of Mygeeto is the primary recruitment and training centre of Artemis known to the galaxy at large. The base is divided equally between superterranean and subterranean levels with the most dedicated to housing, feeding, arming and training new operators. Highwind is divided into several sectors depending on the roles of Artemis operators ranging from infantry and technicians to pilots and officers.

Permanent garrison forces include two E-wing squadrons, several infantry teams and two units of AAC-3 hovertanks. Other defences consist of minefields, auto-turrets and two ground-to-space turbolasers.


The sub-orbital mining station and platform Threshold hangs over the Tibanna-rich areas of Taloraan and siphons the precious gas for the use of Artemis. Threshold serves as a fuel and supply depot for Artemis forces and in addition to its large storage it contains recreational facilities for operators on leave.

One squadron of Phantom operators and E-wings protect the relatively hidden facility from attack.


Constructed with permission from the Selkath government of Manaan the hidden underwater research and Kolto procurement facility known as Bloodhaven serves to refine the precious Kolto healing agent into medicine and stimpacks, although in limited quantities. To supplement the production Bloodhaven conducts research into augmentation of organics to strengthen Artemis operators.

Bloodhaven is protected by two Phantom squads and its location on the sea floor in a natural valley formation. The facility is sometimes used as a safehouse for important clientèle.

Dragon Ruler

Approved by the Mustafarian government, Dragon Ruler is a mining and production facility built nearby a subterranean lava river. At Dragon Ruler some specialized gear is constructed including weapons and armor along with components.

Its secluded location and two Phantom squads protect it from attack. The facility is sometimes used as a safehouse for important clientèle.

Azure Veil

Hidden away in the Ghost Nebula of the Onderon system. The highly classified Artemis research and development station and production facility known as Azure Veil rests mysteriously among the ultraviolet plasma clouds. It acts as a last resort safehouse for the Founders should they ever need it and is therefore outfitted with luxury as well as all the requirements for a long-distance command.

Azure Veil relies on its secret location and the natural defences of the Ghost Nebula for protection but as a last line of defence it has the Ascendance, a Legatus-class Star Destroyer. Whilst unfinished it is still a great threat to any attacker.


The Private Military Corporation, Artemis, maintains several specialized starships for a variety of reasons. Most are specially modified warships customized towards the needs of the individual founder.

Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser

The first Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser acquired by Artemis. Licensed by Rendili StarDrive initial parts were sent from Rendili itself but the bulk of the Myrmidon was constructed and completed over Bonadan by the Bonadan Heavy Industries.

Modified specifically as a long-range combat and command warship the Myrmidon trades in the regular laser and turbolaser cannons, removing a staggering twenty cannons, for fifteen concussion missile launchers, additional hanger space, shield power, advanced communications and sensors for more effective command and control over the Task Forces.

The Myrmidon is also known to serve as the home of Artemis officers on the move on occasion.

Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser

At behest of Geist an additional Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser was constructed after Task Force Zero had been completed. Rothana Heavy Engineering was tasked with manufacturing the specialized warship which would serve as the personal carrier of Artemis founders.

Stripped of all of its original weapons and hanger space the Supremacy receives enhanced systems in most non-combat areas whilst still maintaining a level of security should it need to defend itself. Two octuple laser cannons and eight anti-starfighter missile launchers make up its offensive systems whilst enhanced hull plating and heavily increased shield power protect its passengers. Other notable systems to be upgraded are the sensors, communications and both engine types.

The Supremacy at a glance is a heavily armed and armored luxury liner with surprising speed.

Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser

Constructed after Operation Insurrection and the formation of Scythe Battalion over Rothana. The Eagle is the mobile command centre of Scythe Battalion and is modified for the roles of supply ship and carrier.

At the cost of most laser-based weaponry the Eagle has been outfitted with missile launchers and two precision turbolasers for long range combat along with additional shield, hull playing and improved sensors and communications.

Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser

Sister ship to the Eagle with a penchant for chasing down targets. The Falcon comes equipped with lighter, fast firing turbolasers and rapid-fire missile launchers.

At the cost of most laser-based weaponry and armour plating the Falcon has had its engines updated and hull streamlined allowing it to be extremely fast and highly manoeuvrable.

Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser

Produced to serve as an extension of Task Force One and its flagship, the Horizon, by Bonadan. The Ghost has been stripped of all weapons in order to be fitted with modifications to fulfil its role as support vessel.

Ghost sports additional shields, improved sensors, jammers for communications and missiles and a gravity well generator to blockade enemy vessels from leaving through hyperspace. With its sensors and advanced communication relay network it functions as the focus lens of the Horizon.

Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser

The most heavily modified Dreadnought-class to serve Artemis. Reminiscent of the Assault Frigates used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The Horizon was contrusted at Bonadan with additional components being delivered from Rothana.

At the cost of speed, long-range sensors and some electronics it boasts an incredibly enhanced amount of ordnance to fulfil its role as flagship of Task Force One. It is partially slaved to other Dreadnoughts, chiefly the Ghost, for navigation and communication.

Legatus-class Star Destroyer

Based and named after older lines of Star Destroyers the 2,600 meter Legatus-class is an original and highly classified Artemis design created by an unknown starship architect. Although officially none of its class are known to exist rumors circulate of a warship that appears strikingly similar to the Legatus-class, called the Ascendance. Artemis has released no comment on the subject to refute knowledge regarding the design itself and the existence of such a warship.

Legatus-class Star Destroyers are constructed with a Titanium-reinforced Alusteel hull and frame, Quadranium and Durasteel make up its internal superstructure. One heavy military grade shield generators powered by one main power core reactor and four emergency generators power its systems. Armed with 20 twin barrel heavy turbolaser turrets, 40 heavy turbolaser batteries, 20 medium turbolaser batteries, 24 heavy ion cannons and quad-barrel laser cannon turret batteries, 12 heavy proton torpedo launchers with limited torpedo capacity and finally 16 heavy tractor beam projectors the Legatus-class makes for one powerful warship.

Non-combative modules and attachments of note are the military grade sensor array, navigation module, electronic and cyber warfare module, the advanced life support system and its 60 armed life pods.

An optimal crew of 19,000 is needed to man the ship but the minimum is a mere 7,000, lower than the amount required for Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruisers. Its engines have a Hyperdrive rating of Class 0,75 with a Class 2.0 backup making it faster than the CR90 Corvette. The Sublight engines can accelerate a Legatus to 50 MGLT but the cumbersome vessel is slow to manoeuvre despite its speed. The ventral, port and starboard hangar bays can house three dropship transport squadrons, two starfighter wings, two shuttle squadrons and two Corvettes. The Legatus has a passenger capacity of 15,000 along with a cargo capacity of 50,000 metric tons with enough consumables to last up to 6 standard years.

Multiple radiator panels line the hull, each attached to massive, motorized hinges. When fully extended, these fin-like appendages sap heat from the engines and reactor, preventing the vessel from overheating during high stress operation. These panels also make a full power shunt possible, which involves all four emergency power generators and the main reactor itself redirecting power from weaponry, engines, and other such systems to boost the shields far beyond their normal capacity enhancing its survivability but taking away all of its weapons, propulsion and sensors.


Exceptional men and women make a name for themselves and gain infamy. Becoming the go to operators Artemis defers to in vital contract assignments and crucial operations.

Dragon Squad

Expert marksmen specializing in reconnaissance, special take downs and sabotage behind enemy lines. Dragon Squad is an elite unit of commandos specially trained to be superior to their ordinary Phantom counterparts. Whilst visually only appearing more heavily armed with slight differences in combatsuits the members of Dragon Squad are among the most powerful operators Artemis employs.

The four operator team consists of a leader, a slicer and two snipers designated Drake, Spike, Gizka and Silver respectively. All but one member of Dragon Squad is female, having been formed from mercenaries operating under Geist.

Talon Squad

Dedicated to stirring as much trouble as possible the members of Talon Squad are appropriately armed for demolition and continued direct engagements with numerically superior adversaries. Daring the courageous Talons are an elite unit of commandos specially trained to be superior to their ordinary Phantom counterparts. Whilst visually only appearing more heavily armed with slight differences in combatsuits the members of Talon Squad are among the most powerful operators Artemis employs.

The four operator team consists of a leader, a medic, a riflemen and a demolitions expert designated Titan, Stims, Razor and Acklay respectively. The members of Talon Squad are closely associated with Shogun.

Scythe Battalion

Led by Colonel Kath. Formed from the veterans of Operation Insurrection and without affiliation to any particular Founder. The Operators of Scythe Battalion are almost exclusively Phantoms and well versed in both urban en environmental combat. Equipped decently with quality blasters, repeaters, snipers, grenades and missile launchers to counter most threats. They don the standard Phantom armor for protection.

Like all Phantom operatives the use of implants and stimpacks is authorized and these resources are provided to give operators a minor edge and to close the gap with superior military forces.

Reaper Company

Swift, silent and absolutely deadly. Expert Artemis operators piloting the AAC-2 hovertanks of Reaper Company will swear to its unquestionable lethality.

The Reapers served with Kallabacca and are led by Captain Ares, commanding from his hovertank callsign Helios. The remaining AAC-3 tanks bear the callsigns Wyrm, Wolf, Jaw, Mirage, Hera and Nemesis.

Firehawk Squadron

Infamous as the ace Squadron of Artemis the Firehawks dedicate their E-wings and selves to head-to-head dog fighting and interception missions as well as long-range anti-capital ship operations. The aces of Firehawk Squadron opt to swap out the Proton Torpedo Launchers for Multipurpose Warhead Launchers.

Firehawks are designated numerically in combat to avoid confusion. Members are unaffiliated with any of the founders directly since the majority of the pilots were part of the first recruitment wave.

Razorback Squadron

Bombing specialists with a penchant for destruction and starship-sized explosions. The Razorbacks are experts at long-range anti-capital ship missions as well as precision bombing and close fire support for ground-side operations. Most E-wings in Razorback Squadron are modified to carry more and specialized explosive ordnance as the situation demands for.

Razorbacks are designated by number in battle to counter confusion. The members of Razorback Squadron are not drawn from the mercenary groups of any of the founders and as such they are relatively new to Artemis. Nevertheless they are not any less capable.


Atlas is the experimental warfare, special tactics combat research and development division of Artemis operating primarily within the Azure Veil. Atlas is responsible for Project Enyo, creates and maintains the Revenant commandos and other highly classified dealings.


An elite group of individuals to receive the finest and most expensive in augmentations, implants, stimulants, training, weapons and armour money can buy. The pinnacle achievement and culmination of Project Enyo and the apex of Artemis' infantry warfare mandate. The Revenants are elite commandos outfitted with the powerful Nexu-class Commando armor and equipped with the ACR-710 adaptable weapon system making them extremely flexible and deadly operators in the field.

Treated with the Excalibur-class IV implants and augmentations individual Revenants are highly-capable in their own right even without armour or weapons and fully capable of performing unbelievable feats bordering on the supernatural, in a similar vein to Jedi and Sith.

These special forces are led by a hybrid organic-digital entity known as Faith and their commanding officer the Alpha Marshal, all serving Artemis under the top secret Atlas branch. Revenant commandos are expected to maintain secrecy at all times even if it means fighting against uninformed Artemis operators. In the field all Revenant forces are capable of surviving and indeed thriving in hostile environment against hostile native populations whilst maintaining discretion and remaining covert.

Nexu-class Commando Armour

Developed for the newly formed branch of Artemis Commandos. The Nexu-class is quite durable. Zersium-Reinforced Duraplast with Reflec Coating on the exterior plating, Armorweave with Reflec Coating and an Internal Layer of Reactive Ballistic Gel for the bodysuit ensure the user is well protected and can move relatively undetected. It falls under the Class-VII due to its plates being resilient to ordnance up to laser cannon rounds and light grenades; moderate resistance to high velocity shrapnel and other such projectiles; reinforced duraplast provides significant resistance to electro-magnetic interference and ion-weaponry; reflec coating highly resistant to scanning.

The helmet features an advanced heads-up display that consistently displays tactical data, such as the location and distance to a target, the health of the wearer, and the suit's integrity. It can system link to others through the use of an internal communications antenna, which allows each member of a squad to keep track of their comrade's health and location. Specialized internal sensors can detect the presence of explosive material, faint power sources, and depending on the environmental conditions. The helmet has a built-in filtration system which can extract oxygen from toxic environments, though a small armored canister holding one hour of oxygen could be attached to the rear armor plate for use in a vacuum. It also possesses an electro-binocular viewplate and multiple vision modes, all possible through the use of multiple microo-photoreceptors position on the left and right of the face plate.

The thick bodysuit, when attached securely to the helmet, is hermetically sealed and provides substantial protection from intense heat and cold. A regulator fixed within the center of the rear armor plate, where the oxygen canister attaches, can circulate heated or cooled air throughout the suit, though its primary function is to maintain an external temperature equal to that of the wearer's environment (when this mode is active, the wearer is virtually invisible to infrared and thermal imaging scans). The bodysuit has three layers. The outermost layer is a reflec coated armorweave. The second layer is a reactive ballistic gel that hardens upon impact, dispersing kinetic energy. The third layer is the environmental seal, whose innermost lining is a soft, durable foam.

External webbing and mag-clamps allow for a myriad of attachments, including but not limited to armored ammunition pouches, holsters, remotely operated gas/smoke cartridges, gauntlet-mounted rocket launchers, gauntlet-mounted blasters, and gauntlet-mounted flamethrowers.


Issued in the form of easily attached modules, the ACR is flexible. convertible from a personal defense weapon to a dedicated sniper weapon in just under twelve seconds. It is not necessary to swap out ammunition or power feeds because of the SmartVelocity system built in - a one-touch system that allows a soldier to select one of several preset velocities for the projectile, allowing for configurations of stopping power and recoil on the fly.

A SmartROF system also allows for the soldier to program the automatic fire function with one of three preset rates of fire, varying from a low 400 rounds per minute to an average 750, to a blistering 1,100, depending on his needs. Burst mode is capable of delivering rates of fire of up to 2,500 rounds per minute, though a safety lock in the rifle prevents automatic fire from reaching this rate due to heating and recoil issues.

The rifle has four stock forms. The first, and simplest, form is the Personal Defense Weapon. This is the weapon with no modules installed; iron sights, a short rail and a short accelerator extension. This has the shortest range of all weapons, and cannot make use of high-velocity fire modes.

Its second form is that of a Heavy Battle Rifle. With a lengthy barrel, a BLEED V6 ‘Smart’ Scope with IR capability, integrated rangefinder and ballistics computer and a built-in recoil mitigation system.

The third form is a common Assault Rifle with a shorter but heavier barrel for more accuracy at closer ranges, the BLEED V6 scope is swapped out for a holosight with superior recoil mitigation.

The Designated Marksman Rifle variant boasts the longest barrel and most frightening recoil of the ACR modifications. It also boasts the most incredible stopping power, being capable of firing single shots with similar destructive capabilities as heavy repeater rounds and anti-material rifles at the cost of much energy from its power core. An enhanced version of the BLEED V6 scope is affixed with a more powerful ballistics computer and long-range thermal/optical sights.

The Carbine is fixed with a BLEED V6 scope and has stopping power similar to the HBR but has better close-quarters handling characteristics because of the shorter overall length. This reduction in length comes with a loss of range and accuracy which is compensated slightly by a small rail extension.

Finally, the Anti-armor mode allows a user launch a single lock-on missile with specifically crafted munitions designed to pierce and disable vehicles. Soldiers can target up to four individual targets or less.

Several lesser used configurations of the ACR-710 include a specialized beam splitter to transform the weapon into a shotgun and underslung launchers or barrel modifications for specialized munitions such as armour piercing, incindiary, fragmentation, explosive or sticky rounds.

Excalibur-class IV

The Excalibur-class IV implants and augmentations are designed to enhance an ordinary individual to an extraordinary status by precise tissue grafting and stimulation of organ growth in addition to the installation of various computerized implants. The process is, needless to say, extremely painful and extremely slow despite all precautions. Fatality rates are 97% and 2% exhibit unusual and unsuitable traits. The time required for a subject to adjust is long during which special care it taken to ensure a healthy mental state.


Advanced Sensory Implant

By assisting the areas of the user's brain dedicated to sensory-interpretation, this implant greatly heightens the user's awareness of their surroundings as well as spatial perception and analysis.

Neural Interface

Allows the user to access certain terminals at a distance, acts as an additional storage of data and also for receiving telemetry from outside sources. The Neural Interface is designed so that the classified information stored within it is unable to be extracted by interrogation or torture.


Catalytic Thyroid Implant

Platinum pellet containing human growth hormone catalyst is implanted in the thyroid to boost growth of skeletal and muscle tissues.

Occipital Capillary Reversal

Submergence and boosted blood vessel flow beneath the rods and cones of the subject's retina. Produces a marked visual perception increase.


Semper Paratus Sum

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