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We are looking to partially reboot Faceless. "Why is there a reboot" do you ask? I'll explain in this article.

Posted by Sklarlight on Jul 13th, 2013

It's great to be able to post a new update, but at the same time it's not so great to raise any hopes of this mod being completed. But I will go to great lengths to ensure this mod does get completed, and that's why this article is being put in place.

A new day, a new team.

Many of the original developers left this modification due to personal reasons and weariness of the lack of development on the mod. This is highly understandable and these developers are not to blame at all for the original postponement. The mod is still postponed currently. But please don't stop reading. Some of the original developers like myself still remain with the team and are working to get Faceless back into development. The developers who have left will be unable to move back to this project due to new emerging project(s). This means we need to hire a new team, and not just any ordinary team either...

Donations, why are they sitting on their own doing nothing?

The donations were initially intended to host servers and to allow the website to function for a good long time, but since the postponement, the remaining money has been at a standstill for quite some time. Those who have requested a donation are all getting them back, according to Justin Ross. For those who have not recalled their donations, we'd like to ask you all a very important request. This is your money, would you like it back? Or would you like us to use it to pursue a professional development team to ensure a professional and high quality standalone Steam mod? We are not making this decision for ourselves of course, we want to ask you. This may not result in anything but when money and professionals come into the equation, things may be more guaranteed. We are not starting up another donation pool at all (Unless people would like to contribute to a new team - optionally), but for those who have already donated will still get their rewards provided Faceless reaches completion, or your money back if you request it. We, the original remaining developers will not be allocating any of the money for ourselves, only for the professional developers we want to hire, if we can find them.

Why did the mod collapse in the first place?

We were on standby for perhaps over a quarter of a year waiting for an AI programmer to show up willing to develop or modify existing AI for our monster, The Being, but some came and went and it never reached a high ground. This became frustrating for all of us and we couldn't just go into a hiatus without letting anybody know, it had to be announced. We didn't want to leave you hanging and never finding out about what's happening with the mod. Myself in particular have always wanted to be open and honest about everything in relation to Faceless, so that's why I'm still here today to try and get it complete.

People call this 'Just another Slenderman game.' Is it?

We are not just another 'Eight Pages' clone, as many of you have seen by now. We are an original and unique take on the Slenderman Mythos with original and existing lorn on the Being itself, you've already seen how different it looks. The easiest way to explain it is by comparing it to comics that exist in different universes, The Amazing Spiderman and Ultimate Spiderman for example. We are having our own take whilst holding onto the simple elements that make the monster, the monster. The story is what you make it to be, there is a subtle back-story with mysterious and secret elements that allow you to build fragments of the story, whilst leaving the majority of it a scary mystery.

Partial Reboot.

Now onto the matter at hand. What is a partial reboot? Well the story, the style of our Slenderman, will remain the same. It will just be a new team, with some pre-existing members. New maps, new textures, new models, etc. The Slenderman will stay the same and perhaps have some revisions to make it more organic whilst retaining the mysterious style it does. We may change the engine we use to develop it, this all depends what the developers we find are comfortable with. It will still be on the Source Engine, just may not be on the 2007 one. Other details are to be confirmed.

Who is needed for the team?

Earlier, a pending job ad was posted, here is the extract:

JobAd wrote:
This ad is up to look for a complete development team of experienced people. We are looking for:

2 Experienced Source Mappers,
1 Experienced general Programmer/Specialising in AI Programming,
1 Experienced Texture Artist,
1 Organic/Character Modeller.

The two experienced mappers will be required to create a few maps each that suit the setting of the mod, they must be able to create paths for the Slenderman NPC and nodes for it to teleport.

The general programmer/Ai programmer must be able to fully program or modify an existing AI code to allow the Slenderman to function fully. They must also be able to create the gamemodes with the support of the rest of the team.

The Texture Artist must be able to texture maps for custom models skillfully, as well as replacing existing textures such as floors, walls, ceilings, etc.

The Organic/Character Modeller will be required to create organic objects, as well as 4 Player Models + another 4 for DLC. An optional task is to fine-tune/improve the existing Being (Slenderman) model alongside its original modeller.

The team will all work together, advise one another and constantly keep each other updated when necessary.

All positions must be highly experienced and willing to commit to the modification to ensure it is of a high/professional quality and so that we can get it completed. I understand anybody would like to apply, but we really need people who understand, feel comfortable and know what they're doing, and doing it well.

If anybody else is experienced in their field and it is not listed above, if you feel it would be beneficial to the mod then please email us anyway! It can't hurt to ask.

If you are not aware of the Faceless Source Modifcation, please check out its trailers here:

Faceless was and currently still is Number 1 (As of the 13th of July 2013) on Greenlight, has been Greenlit and will be published as a Standalone Mod for Steam for free.

Here is the Job Ad for those who want to apply:

Will we be back?

Every person that helps as an individual or as a group is a huge advantage, as much as we'll try to do it ourselves, it's all about 'who you know' and that's a very difficult thing to manage at times, so if you happen to know an experienced game developer in any field, we are happy to talk to them. This is if the agreement goes ahead. If anybody denies for their money to be spent, we will refund it, otherwise it's just sitting doing nothing at all. We want to be back. We know you want us to be back. So, let's find some people to do just that.

Extra Details for the fun of it.

Faceless had many ideas for free DLC after release, some of which may be done, some which won't, some which were crazy/silly. These were the ideas.


  1. Supernatural DLC - Two player co-op mission set in the RUN gamemode in a new map, play as two hunters with shotguns (will not kill the Being, but force him to teleport) and escape to your vehicle.
  2. Jeffrey, Jeffrey - 2 New Maps with the Dolls gamemode, but replaced with photographs, and the Slenderman replaced with a frightening Jeff the Killer. Same AI as the Slenderman, without teleportation abilities. This has no relation to Faceless, it's a DLC idea separate from the main game as it was an idea for a mod at one time.
  3. Classic - Play in a huge forest and collect a larger number of notes and escape, the enemy will be replaced with a more standard enemy that we all know.
  4. Community Map Pack - Releasing a map pack into the game of a selected few of the best Community Maps. May release a pack twice a year.


For those who have forgotten, these were the original ideas for the base gamemodes:

Faceless wrote:..-

Dolls: The base-game mode in which an amount of dolls depending on how many players start the game will need to be collected and dropped off in a specified area in order to set the dolls alight and "free" the entity from within the dolls. Once all dolls have been collected and burnt, the players will be able to successfully "escape". There will be 4-5 maps for this gamemode.

Versus: By popular demand, a versus game-mode where up to four players can play, and one is randomly allocated to play as theBeing . (Can be overridden to allow somebody in particular to be the Being) A button will be tied to teleporting to a node behind the nearest player, whilst you can move after they have collected 75% of the dolls. Using the base-gamemode maps (Dolls.)

Run: A gamemode that spans over 3 maps where you have no objective except to run and survive, at the end of each map is a safe-house to which it transitions over to the next map (Think Left4Dead), the final map will be met with an escape option.

Hysterical Blindness: This game-mode has been inspired by the Trouble in Terrorist Town game-mode in Garry's Mod, everybody will look like people, and more than 4 people can play, one or more will be assigned as decoys of the Being and will appear to be a normal person. They have to kill as many people as they can without being caught, upon being caught everybody will have to remember who to run from and try to survive the remaining time limit. There will be about 3 maps for this gamemode.


I hope that was of enough information, if anybody has any questions, PLEASE ask them and I will answer them by editing this blog.

All the best, and as we've said before...


Like a Phoenix, we'll Rise from our Ashes.


~Sklarlight (Adam)


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Zenzero Jul 14 2013, 5:02am says:

Just an update saying there is still a butt ton of crap to do before faceless is ready, but damn... I'm all excited now

+16 votes     reply to comment
General_Cornwaffle Jul 14 2013, 5:27am says:

Please guys, do not tl;dr this news article, I cannot stress that enough.
It outlines important information you guys need to know.
Please do not read one sentence, get disappointed by, have a question about, or jump the gun with it, then leave a comment only to see a realization sentence after the first sentence.

+17 votes     reply to comment
Rus[T] Jul 14 2013, 10:59am replied:

^this... happens way to often here on modDB.. You guys were greenlit as one of the first I think, so there's no way back ;p. Keep up the good work.

+4 votes     reply to comment
MorshuLoL Jul 14 2013, 7:28am says:

I really hope this mod gets done. The idea is great, and I really want to play it.

+6 votes     reply to comment
mikesnel Jul 14 2013, 11:40am says:

**** YEAH

+2 votes     reply to comment
BadXFox Jul 14 2013, 12:51pm says:

Oh god YES

+3 votes     reply to comment
Rascal07reardon Jul 14 2013, 1:31pm says:

I'm so glad you guys are back to work. And I like the idea of a Supernatural DLC.

+3 votes     reply to comment
wazanator Jul 14 2013, 1:35pm says:

"Or would you like us to use it to pursue a professional development team to ensure a professional and high quality standalone Steam mod?"

I hate to break it to you but the amount of money you made off that indie go go campaign ($1,151) is no where near enough to hire a professional team especially considering you're releasing a free mod that will not be generating any revenue.

And now you're planning DLC and yet you have no playable build to show anyone?

Finally if you want to be original like you claim you want to be drop Slenderman entirely and come up with your own ideas. He's been beaten into the ground at this point and the only people you are attracting are preteens who watch awful youtube videos. It's not that hard to come up with an original monster, for what you guys are wanting to do it would suit your mod better to come up with something different.

-4 votes     reply to comment
AudioGhostX Jul 14 2013, 2:02pm buried:


I agree soo much. I would love a co-op horror experience, but if Slenderman is in it, I will not be playing. He is an extremely overused monster, and he's right, the only people you will really be attracting is terrible youtubers like pewdiepie, and tons with only like 10 subscribers who fake screams to get views. that, and the little 10 year olds who watch them.

-5 votes     reply to comment
FritzOfTheSS Jul 14 2013, 7:17pm replied:

So, if the game is actually truly scary, nobody will like it, just for the monster? Even if it's an original take on it.


+4 votes     reply to comment
AudioGhostX Jul 18 2013, 1:59am buried:


Slenderman has never, and seems like it will never scare me. If they can do a good job at it, alright, but I highly doubt that will happen. And besides, the main people who would wnat Slenderman to stay are little kids that watch pewdiepie , and the youtubers who imitate him and have only like 30 subs.

-5 votes     reply to comment
chuck-the-baptist Sep 3 2013, 8:48am replied:

Here we go. Oh Slenderman doesn't scare you? Congratulations, join about the other thousands of people that he doesn't. So he doesn't scare, do you want a medal with that on it. How about you do yourself a favor, and shut your goddamn mouth. Instead of being an *******, and saying you "highly doubt it'll happen", why don't you leave the page? You think it'll fail? Slenderman doesn't scare you. Then tell me, what the **** are you doing on this page?

+1 vote     reply to comment
AudioGhostX Sep 5 2013, 2:10am replied:

Ahhh, a PewDiePie queer, welcome to Moddb, now please, go away. we don't want you here.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Aug 10 2013, 12:48am replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

AudioGhostX Sep 5 2013, 2:08am replied:

the ten subscriber thing and pewdiepie thing are both true actually. The vast majority of his subscribers are all kids, or idiot girls. and yes, there are tons of small youtubers out there doing the exact same thing he does ( making FAKE reactions to video games involving a lot of pointless screaming when they aren't truly scared ) that only have around 10 subscribers. I see them advertise their boring videos all the time on here in the comments for games. and that doesn't make any sense at all. how would calling him terrible make me deny to myself that people make money off of it? I know people do, i couldnt care less xD I call him terrible cause that is what he is.

+1 vote     reply to comment
chuck-the-baptist Dec 20 2013, 4:12pm replied:

I'm sorry, you mistook me for someone who watches Pewdiepie videos. What on God's green Earth made you jump to that conclusion?
There's no correlation, other than that he makes retarded videos about Slender. I am literally the complete opposite of someone who would watch him. Don't go and make assumptions.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sklarlight Author
Sklarlight Jul 14 2013, 3:49pm replied:

There were two IndieGoGo campaigns which were led by Justin Ross, the original project lead, that is not the correct value. We are not looking to hire a professional team, only people who are more experienced in their field to warrant the team as being a professional one.

The DLC was only listed as a fun-fact for the update. It's an idea, they're not forbidden.

We're not going to deface the mod, by statistics the majority do like it and it's still number 1 on Greenlight, we're not changing the face of the mod by removing the Slenderman from it at this stage, whilst I see and understand your points, that's how it is.

+12 votes   reply to comment
FritzOfTheSS Jul 14 2013, 7:16pm replied:

Hey look

Nobody likes your comment

Go away

+2 votes     reply to comment
FritzOfTheSS Jul 14 2013, 7:55pm replied:

I wasnt talking to Sklarlight. I was talking to OfficialSam

+2 votes     reply to comment
Leaf_It Jul 14 2013, 3:28pm buried:


As some of us are saying, a Slenderman game may not be your best bet at this point. The original Slenderman ideas where amazing, and horrifying, but the popularity has killed it. Hes been recreated in so many ways, (many of which aren't scary, or even funny) that most people are just tired of him. To really reach the largest audience, and make the best game you can, you may want to just drop Slenderman, and try to make a new entity for us to deal with... A Rake game could be interesting... Or maybe an SCP?

However, I do want to make it clear that Slenderman is not out of the question. Perhaps you just need to include more than a single entity in the game, and not focus on a single phenomenon.

-6 votes     reply to comment
Templarfreak Jul 14 2013, 3:31pm says:

I just wish I could help with that AI...But I literally have no experience in AI what-so-ever...

+5 votes     reply to comment
MarsShadow Jul 14 2013, 5:02pm says:

The thing I am happy about is that you guys are giving it another go. I always had hope for this mod, and I can't wait for Faceless to come back better than ever
Like the new title look by the way.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Dr.Goupyl Jul 14 2013, 7:08pm says:

Didn't ask for my money back and i won't.
I was always hoping that you would show up again one day ;)
Make it happen, no matter the time !

+4 votes     reply to comment
MedicOnDuty Jul 15 2013, 12:02am says:

Glad to see you guys have gotten around to restarting the project; this is particularly welcome news seeing as MERP had to shut down this past week, so while I lost one mod I was looking forward to, now I'm extra excited as another has come back from the dead.

Better luck second time round, guys.

+2 votes     reply to comment
SPY-maps Jul 15 2013, 6:41am says:

i have to agree, Slenderman is used so many times in so many ways by now that is did die under its own success. Personally i never even did like Slenderman in the first place (i know many people will no hate me, lol).

Still, you should make what YOU want, only then you will make the time and effort to release it. So, just give it a try again and see if you can pick the dev. up again. Although it will be hard to find the right skilled people do to so, mainly because Source is getting quit old now and most skilled devs have moved on to newer games to mod with, or even started a indie game.

good luck and much success,

+5 votes     reply to comment
D3XtheG Jul 15 2013, 6:21pm says:

i actually was kinda sad when i saw this die.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ghost59 Jul 15 2013, 11:46pm says:

if it helps i could give you a few contacts. for a texture artist and modeler. i know a few.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sklarlight Author
Sklarlight Jul 20 2013, 8:50pm replied:

Hi Ghost, if you happen to know an experienced texture artist, that would be fantastic. Thank you.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Flufkill Jul 18 2013, 1:55am says:

I am really excited, please finish i and hire the workers ! This would make the game really awesome ! In fact you should not be thinking of DLC's at this time, finish the game and you will get enought attention. Keep it up.

+1 vote     reply to comment
sbnewsom Jul 18 2013, 2:59am says:

I absolutely love the logo. I take it thats the new logo? If so, I'm glad it is being rebooted. I'd love to see where it goes as I love 'the Arrival', but I'd like to see something new done with the mythos.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ninonybox Jul 19 2013, 1:16am says:

I am saddened that the original dev team has begun to float away. But I am very happy that it is still on the backburner.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Nny7229 Jul 19 2013, 5:54am says:

I love the idea's behind the core gameplay and every dlc idea. The Supernatural one was funny, but I would enjoy all of those.

I really hope this mod will get some support.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jul 21 2013, 10:58am says:

I'll pay for this mod If It means you guys releasing it soon or ever! It looks amazing!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Cyborg_Putin Jul 26 2013, 10:58am says:

Glad to see this is being revived, good luck with the project!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Aug 6 2013, 2:15pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

xx123manxx Sep 26 2013, 1:18am says:

Another stupid Slender rip-off, this game is going to be broken when it's released...

+1 vote     reply to comment
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