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Brand new footage just released! Showcasing an un-announced snow level and more! Also information on how to get into the exclusive beta before anyone else! Release date is approaching!

Posted by Praz on Nov 10th, 2009

Due to our tight schedule all the way up until public release... we haven't been able to make a proper gameplay trailer the way I had originally wanted.

However, we decided to do a few more gameplay montages for the fans - 4 and a half more minutes of NEW gameplay. This was taken from footage recorded today, November 10th, 2009.

This was another 3 v 3 match (so not many, yet still amazingly fun!). This also showcases a level we haven't even announced to the public yet. So enjoy the snow level while you get to see it for the first time in this trailer!

On the development side of things, we are cranking away. I want to take a moment and welcome new developers to the team. Thanks to the community for responding when we needed some attention and help in order to obtain the public release. Out of it we were able to grab 3 very awesome programmers: SteveUK / togi / FeareD. We were also able to get a few 3D / 2D Artists as well: Abathor / Phil Stewart / Daniel Doerksen. I would also like to welcome Smiley on board, one of our new level artists.

We have also fully set up our forums and are building it back up. Make sure you register for the latest news, content, and access to the beta before anyone else:

We're still on track for our (currently private) release date. We will announce more information as soon as we can!

Until then - Lets hear your comments regarding the trailer on our forums!

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DELTΔ Nov 10 2009 says:

cool =D

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death5421 Nov 10 2009 says:

this mod is gunna be cool :D

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AlCool Nov 10 2009 says:

Haha the first half of the video seemed to consist of the recording player dying, while the second half had him dealing out the pain.

The maps are looking pretty good, and the gameplay seems very solid.

Might just look more into this.

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Robok Nov 11 2009 replied:

Haha yeah that's Praz playing, he's public enemy #1 in our tests :D

But yeah, jetpacks are tons of fun.

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Praz Author
Praz Nov 11 2009 replied:

Yeah I don't like that.

I distinctly remember a part while playing on the snow level of me running through the canyon towards an enemy and shooting at him. I noticed two enemies on the cliffs above me but they were focusing on some of my other teammates.

What happens next? For some reason every single enemy stops firing at my teammates and starts firing at me.


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NullSoldier Nov 10 2009 says:

I'm really looking forward to this. Good work.

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Armageddon104 Nov 10 2009 says:


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Lord_Mordja Nov 10 2009 says:

Nice video! Assault looks like my class; I love the freedom of movement. Any plans to add hit effects for the shield at all? Also I'm guessing the first release won't have any fancy Altair weapons, right?

Keep up the good work!

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Praz Author
Praz Nov 10 2009 says:

Hey guys, just got back to my PC!

Thanks for the kind words.

And yes, this first public beta will be a Core / Foundation of the game.
We will be spending most of 2010 adding new content. We have 3 planned Content Updates. The first (smaller one - two game modes (DM & Team DM) as well as 4 maps is planned to release shortly after the first beta (this year).

We plan to release all of the Alien (Altair) content shortly after the first release and hopefully in the first content update.

The 2nd Content Update is planned to release around May of 2010. This update will include 1 new game mode (Vital) as well as 7 new maps. 5 of them will be for VItal. 2 for CTF / DM / Team DM. This will also include two new classes, several new weapons, the premeir of our drivable vehicles and more!

This update will also include plenty of visual touch ups (Something that WON'T be in the first release). This includes shield depletion effects, jetpack effects, custom explosions and particles, all of the HL2 related content REMOVED and REPLACED with all custom content.

The 3rd content update which we haven't talked about yet, is planned for the Fall of 2010. At this point, in Fall 2010, I can say "this is the game I've envisioned in completed form".

So take that as you will regarding the first release and what to expect.

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FAtalonModdb Nov 10 2009 says:

This looks simply outstanding.

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kgino1045 Nov 11 2009 says:

much better then section 8

the games nuance little bit same with section 8 (actually section 8 was suck, what a SUCKTION 8)

I'll gona play this game

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zonbie Nov 11 2009 says:

i had no idea there were jetpacks in this game. It just get better and better.

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Jesternz08 Nov 11 2009 says:

Looking damn sick, wicked jetpack, nice work to the programmers ;)

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Muffinssi Nov 11 2009 says:

Got question about multiplayer, how many players are able to be on same server? 32 or less? I have couple mapping ideas on my mind, so i would like to know how large those maps needs to be.

Fun looking gameplay video and so on. I can´t wait to get hands on this, keep up the good work!

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peperonikiller Nov 11 2009 replied:

32 player servers as far as i know

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Praz Author
Praz Nov 11 2009 replied:

Yes, 32 players for CTF.. looking to ramp it up to at least 40 for the game mode that is being released next year.

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projektariel Nov 11 2009 says:

As far as I can judge from the video, the gameplay has an amazing "flow", especially when the player propels himself in the air with ease, can`t wait to play it myself! :)

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Wills Nov 11 2009 says:

Yes. Jetpacks. This mod now wins. Totally playing this now!

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Snarboo Nov 11 2009 says:

This looks like a nice combination of Halo and Tribes, which is a Good Thing (TM). :D

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Kamikazi[Uk] Nov 11 2009 says:

Looks good but that rediculas jumping looks really bad in my opinion would be very annoying trying to fight.

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Praz Author
Praz Nov 11 2009 replied:

It's not jumping.. they are jetpacks.. you can even hear them when I activate it.

It's actually very fun to fight. Players from the Tribes era will understand. New players will learn.

Either way, I say try the game and see for yourself as I have slaved over gameplay for quite a while.

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Wills Nov 11 2009 replied:

Indeed. I have very fond memories of both Tribes and Terranova, purely because of the jetpacks :D

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Mkilbride Nov 11 2009 says:

Another mod I'm looking forward to. The Music reminds me of NeoTokyo, and at the start, I actually thought it was using one of the songs from the OST, but it changes dramatically after a minute or two.

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Praz Author
Praz Nov 11 2009 says:

You should check out our entire Soundtrack (available for free, unlike NeoTokyo).

The downloads are available here:

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Jeffman12 Nov 11 2009 says:

Tribes or no, I don't think we'll be seeing anything reminiscent of the good ol' Blue Plate Special. Eh? Not saying there's anything bad about that. The combat just makes me think about, well, you know.

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Praz Author
Praz Nov 11 2009 says:

I am sorry.. but I don't understand what you're trying to say?


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Dec1234 Nov 11 2009 says:

I love how the video start is just Dave in standard game play. Basically getting killed every time I play... Not by me, im just a terrible teammate and never back anyone up!

Epic video, epic soundtrack and one heck of a mod!

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AgeNt_ Nov 11 2009 says:

looks pretty epic, might be worth a download when it comes out!

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Praz Author
Praz Nov 11 2009 says:

I'll be looking forward to fragging every single one of you :P

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Spinky7 Nov 11 2009 says:

It looks good so far, especially the maps, weapons, character models, etc, but I can't help but notice the wonky grenade throwing animations.

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FishMan:E Nov 12 2009 says:

I watch this project for a long time, since it was "Incoming Source"...
Damn! I thought the mod wouldn't be like quake...
Everybody strafing, running, shooting and flying and doing it at the same time and doing it too fast to be realistic, cant imagine who can move so fast and change moving direction twice in second... for what purpose do u have an iron sights? The crosshair - is all what u need also you need replace this useless machineguns by railgun and rocket launcher... But three same weapons that are just looks different - is definitely not what u need when u have such a gameplay. And this machineguns are not effective, so u need shoot a million bullets to the enemy to get him down, so the shotgun is a single weapon that can be used to kill enemies. What i hate in Neotokyo... i thought the mod will have some realism... i was wrong... hate when this happens (((

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Praz Author
Praz Nov 12 2009 says:

This was never a realistic game and I am unsure what made you think that. This was always a faster paced game with tactical elements (iron sights, focused team play, objective based game modes) and so forth.

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Jeffman12 Nov 12 2009 says:

I was referencing this dainty little contraption. But I think a Spinfusor would probably be overkill in a game like this.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Praz Author
Praz Nov 12 2009 says:

Oh... I wish :P

I love that gun

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AlekZanDer Nov 13 2009 says:

This is going to rock.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Curse231 Nov 15 2009 says:

this is a suggeustiong A STRONG suggetion if you could make a nice awsome model of and tactical ak or just a regular ak

+1 vote     reply to comment
RocketSurgery Nov 17 2009 says:

looks pretty good for unfinished

visuals need an update imo though the maps look fine

+1 vote     reply to comment
firebird2009 Nov 22 2009 says:

love the jetpacks

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firebird2009 Dec 17 2009 says:

alright !!!! let me at them !!!

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