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A small updata about nod mechanics in vortex modand a few note about mod progress.

Posted by flashknight33 on Sep 20th, 2013

welcome back commanders in a new update !! , this time i'll speak shortly about how Nod mechanics within vortex will work , as you guys know vortex represents each faction as one faction only with no real sub-factions however as you play you will get more specialized with more sub-factions technology , speaking about Nod each sub-faction will be represented but two tires upgrades representing The Black Hand and Marked of Kane as you can see below :-

The Black Fire Essence of Light

every one of them as demonstrated above is divided in game to two tires or levels , in each tire u can chose only one of these sides , so in short as you advance you can turn your base into either pure MoK or BH or mixed technology depending on your game play style , generally....

The Black Fire will enhance your infantry and flame units while The Essence of Light will provide more air support and enhance your laser and Tiberium weaponry technology beside that they are vital to provide more powerful units and building as the coming tech trees show :-

Buildings Tech Tree :

The first Tire upgrade can be granted from the MCV while the second one is granted from either one of two high tech labs , the tacitus library for MoK and the Blach Hand Battle Lab for BH and once u have chosen one there is no turning back so decide wisely , open the images in new taps to see them bigger

Infantry Tech Tree :

Vehicles Tech Tree :

Aircraft Tech Tree :

Navy Tech Tree :

and before i forget !! , The Redeemer , Megalith and The Kraken also require level 5 general promotion to be unleashed

coming to the Mod status , we were recently working full time on fixing and enhancing nod making ready for the alpha release and here is a slight taste of these improvements
BH Rocket Silo revambed
totally remodeled ,uv mapped and texture to fit more in nod style rather than the old ugly one

MoK mobile stealth generator new model

and i believe u have seen the new Nod CommandBar before :)

on a side note , the empire of shifting sands got some new toys to play with

Maats Wing air fighter

The AirField

at the end all i can say we still working on the mod to the end and be patient for the release it needs a lot of work to be done and actuality we are only two guys who are working on this behemoth mod and above all of that uni starts next day from the time im writing this , so we all want to say thank you for sticking with us all this time , the mod wouldn't have survived except with this passion to it , and dont worry the alpha is coming closer and closer as time goes but its coming slowly though due to uni stuff

any way the mod need any help it can get to post its speed up , so if you are interested and have a talent you want to share with community through rhis mod then you are welcomed as one of us :)
currently we have these places free and need to be filled
- mappers
- sound artists
- professional coders "a history of working with other mods is required "
- 2D artists
- Digital Paints artists
- or any other talent you think it can help the mod
in this case you can Pm me with a sample of your work

FlashKnight33 signs out
Thank You for Reading
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TheHolyPilgrim Sep 20 2013 says:

I was nod expecting this, today!

Looks and sounds super sweet!

+5 votes     reply to comment
Zeke_Dlyoung Sep 20 2013 says:

Nod bad

+6 votes     reply to comment
zero99913 Sep 20 2013 says:

great job!

+3 votes     reply to comment
[TZP]LoNer1 Sep 20 2013 says:

Haha, did nod see that pun coming!

+4 votes     reply to comment
flashknight33 Author
flashknight33 Sep 20 2013 says:

lol did nod expect such comments :)

+4 votes   reply to comment
thedarkline Sep 20 2013 says:

come on just tell us when will this mod release

+1 vote     reply to comment
KonaTek Sep 20 2013 says:

alpha is near !?
I can Nod believe this!

+1 vote     reply to comment
PurpleGaga27 Sep 20 2013 says:

Nod has a naval force but no Cabal Defender?

+1 vote     reply to comment
flashknight33 Author
flashknight33 Sep 20 2013 replied:

cabal is a faction on his own here if u didnt notice ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Plokite_Wolf Sep 21 2013 says:

What intrigues me is that there will be navies in the mod. Forgive me if this may sound stupid, but how did you make structures buildable on water by default? Thought they needed to be forcefully placed on water in Worldbuilder.

+1 vote     reply to comment
flashknight33 Author
flashknight33 Sep 21 2013 replied:

building by dozers ain't possible yet we are using n5p29's naval code to make it happen , its mainly works in jap nano core style , u build a special mcv like unit that deploys to naval yard when in water ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Gregthegen Sep 23 2013 says:

Oh my this mod is so ambitious, even if it ever fails to come to light it will still get my vote for mod of the year simply due to the sheer effort involved in its creation by the mod author. Keep up the good work!

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