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Seems the game is too complex for us modders, and so mod tools will be missing from the PC release of BF3.

Posted by INtense! on Jul 5th, 2011

Battlefield has had a proud history on ModDB with mods including Project Reality, Forgotten Hope 2, First Strike and others dominating our annual mod of the year awards. Despite this, news has just come out (and confirmed our fears) that Battlefield 3 will not include mod tools, and instead EA are looking at other ways to "appease" the modding community. DICE executive Patrick Soderlund speaking to German Gamestar magazine (via Battlefieldo) confirmed this in the video below:

When asked about modding, Patrick said:

Quote:It’s going to be very difficult for people to mod the game, because of the nature of the set up of levels, of the destruction and all those things… it’s quite tricky. So we think it’s going to be too big of a challenge for people to make a mod.

Earlier in an interview with Game Informer Patrick was uncertain how modding would look for BF2. Given this was over 4 months ago and no decision has been made since then, it sounds like even basic tools maybe some way off (assuming they are in the pipeline to be made at all):

Quote:We will not deliver mod tools in the way that we delivered them for Battlefield 2 ... Creating mod tools today - dumbing them down - takes a lot of energy and what we are discussing more every day is, 'Where do we put our focus?' ... Right now our focus is to create the best possible multiplayer, single-player, and co-op game -- the core game of Battlefield 3," he added. "We're still discussing how we handle modifications of any kind.

This news follows in the footsteps of CoD: MW2 who also shunned the mod community despite a lot of success and great ideas coming from CoD 4 modders. Hopefully they will realize their mistake and do a backflip, as CoD did with Black Ops bringing back mod support.

After all to back up their claim of BF2 been a PC first, consoles second game - it is critical that they put their weight behind the PC community and enable them to unleash their modding creativity on the game.

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Kraetzer Jul 6 2011, 3:42pm says:

The Engine is to Complex for Dice not for the Mod Dudes thats all =D

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Spiffy664 Jul 6 2011, 3:45pm says:

Their will probably be an SDK made available after some other company has made similar SDKs supporting similar technologies (DX11, the level of physics and model destruction, etc) because apparently DICE is too stupid to make their "overly complex" tools a sensible GUI, which is all it would take for the brilliant, easily adapting mod community to make some mods out of the bf3 engine. This will likely kill their PC sales regardless. Wouldn't it be glorious if they took away dedicated servers as well? More and more PC games are just becoming ports of console games, I remember when it was the other way around =/

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Ninja-117 Jul 6 2011, 3:47pm says:

lol, this is definately a way to get people to buy DLCs.

"instead EA are looking at other ways to "appease" the modding community."

how are they going to do that when there are no mods? and no ability to create mods? modders mod, not buy DLC to get happy :|

also take a look at the Forgotten Hope 2 mod, that mod is complete brilliance, better than the original BF2 and the only reason i actually play BF2 is THAT mod. It's a total conversion; isn't that "complex" too?

whatever the mod tools are, if they are complex, i'm sure modders will figure them out over time.

nevertheless i'll still buy BF3 since i enjoyed BF2 (only because of Forgotten Hope 2 D:).

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erikwijnands Jul 6 2011, 4:11pm says:

DICE could release mod tools at a later time, who knows, slowly provide mod support if the sales are good and considering the history of battlefield mods and the huge community, they may actually release them, say, next year? I think its possible.

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Kastrenzo Jul 6 2011, 5:19pm replied:

they wont, trust me on that.

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Limeninja Jul 6 2011, 4:12pm says:

As much as I understand where they're coming from, it would of been nice to still be given some sort of development environment to work with. I think this game will end up being the same case with GTA IV, where no mod tools were released, yet some great additions were still made.

Never the less, I still look forward to the games release.

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Kastrenzo Jul 6 2011, 5:17pm replied:

GTA IV Was still a fun game on it's own, and there were a few good script modifications that added some fun features like playing as a LCPD officer.

Battlefield built a lot of it's reputation of mods. But BF3 Wasnt even the console port stage, the real battlefield series died after BF2.

Bad company was console only, and BC2 Was a console port, spinoff Game.

I never thought I'd hear myself say it But I think I'm giving Call of Duty a 1UP as it stands right now

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Kazioo Jul 6 2011, 4:28pm says:

Optimus Prime's voice: "You've made a grave mistake."

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RangerC Jul 6 2011, 4:32pm says:

I want to quote JC Denton:
"What a shame."

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violetblood Jul 6 2011, 4:44pm says:

This is what you get from a console-port game.
EA - We're jews and we only love money

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cork279 Jul 6 2011, 5:06pm says:

Well, I really like mods, I mean... really really like mods, my Elder Scrolls Oblivion game folder had around 50GB of mods...

But anyway, I'll still get BF3, for it's fun awesomeness, and then ArmA 3 for some extreme realism! >:D

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cork279 Jul 6 2011, 5:07pm says:

They should still make an extremely complex toolset, for extremely dedicated people :D

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Kastrenzo Jul 6 2011, 5:11pm says:

I have very few words for this,

What a ******* joke.
Modders are just small time game developers, all the people working for EA and DICE at one point in their lives were nothing but pissants dreaming of working for microsoft or some other software company. And their game is too complex for modders? what a bunch of ******* bigots.

Ladies and Gentlemen the -real- reason the SDK is being removed is because Electronic Arts wants to shaft the community for as much money as possible, removing the ability to make mods only further removes the competetion for the garbage DLC.

They reel you in with the promise it's being developed as a PC game, you were a sucker to beileve it, EA is no better than Activision, DICE is no different than the late Infinity Ward, they are puppet companies being manhandled by douchebags with big pocketbooks

I think people are starting to realize that video games are a business, not made for fun, big companies like Activision and EA dont care about what one customer thinks, so long as another is willing to take his place and throw money at them

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ramagon Jul 6 2011, 5:27pm says:

Honestly, I don't take much importance into it but i saw a definite possibility of the mod tools. For one, the game isn't out yet, but that doesn't mean it there won't be any tolls in the future. for now, i'd care about the vanilla version, see whats good and whats not, then the mods can come up later. map editor would do nicely though.

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legionostra Jul 6 2011, 6:00pm says:

What a shame no mods because a battlefield 3 project reality mod would prob kill dlc i still choose mods WAY over dlc but maybe mods could have a less good or even unplayable version in case you dont have the dlc wich many people will prob download for free and instal without many problems because they already have a cd key anyway XD

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moppop Jul 7 2011, 12:44am replied:

THERE WAS NO ONE MAKING PROJECT REALITY FOR BF3...EVER STOP ACTING LIKE IT EVER EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. You assume that someone is going to give you what you want while you sit on your fat *** and whine about it. Typical no skill fanboy. Have another bag of Doritos.

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hate4uall Jul 6 2011, 6:02pm says:

The furture is not here yet .....

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InsanityPays Jul 6 2011, 6:43pm says:


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boomshocker157 Jul 6 2011, 7:28pm says:

he could have phrased that better like saying we might add in some mod tools in future...

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Bluedrake42 Jul 6 2011, 8:01pm says:

um... I've known it wasn't going to have mod support for way longer than this

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fentonalpha Jul 6 2011, 8:28pm says:

My money is going somewhere. MW3?... give me good mod support and you can have it then.

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BillNye_the_Nazi_Spy Jul 6 2011, 8:31pm says:

Well, this is completely and totally unsurprising.

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rainerwain Jul 6 2011, 8:36pm says:

Someone posted a link to a thread here, where a dice member talk about the process of working with the tools.
It seems taht these tools are almost not working outside their complete developing enviroment, so even if you got the tools , without being optimized for modders, you couldnt really work with it.
Second thing mentioned and this may be important:
The use of third party software in the developing progress.
These Programms cost alot of money and cant be released for free as part of an sdk.

The effort which would be needed to deliver a working sdk is maybe too big, to be reasonable from DICE perspective.

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Mr-Gency Jul 6 2011, 8:38pm says:

About CoD bringing back mod support, I remember reading that MW3 will be removing it again.

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Mr-Gency Jul 6 2011, 8:45pm says:

Y-yeah! What he said!
*hides countless LittleBigPlante costumes*

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Mr-Gency Jul 6 2011, 8:47pm says:

That was suppose to be a reply to InsanityPays

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Spartan0536 Jul 6 2011, 9:02pm says:

sadly I have to agree with DICE on this one, no mod tools at release of for the next 2 years, let the Dev's fix the problems we know and expect to be there as is in all games that are released. However by 2013-2014 they should release them then, as the community may be dying down and PC's will be able to use all available features that would make mod tools appropriate then.

Order Structure:
1. Smooth Initial Release
2. Support and Bug patching (ASAP & until game is not supported)
3. Exclusive and General DLC (1-2 years post release)
4. Mod Tools (2-3 years post release)

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GoodGuyA Jul 6 2011, 9:14pm says:

We can handle:

Neverwinter Nights
Crysis 2
STALKER Series (infact, REMAKING IT in the Cryengine)
Physics for Minecraft
Destructible Objects for a wide variety of games that don't usually support it
Games that don't even have officially released SDKs
Neverwinter Nights 2

We can't handle BF3 eh? Total BS. They think we can't improve upon a game because it's so "perfect" and will distract from available upgrades to the content which you must pay for. Grow up EA, or DICE, or whoever forced this decision. We don't buy this excuse, and we will last this game far longer than a Day 0 expansion pack ever could.

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moppop Jul 7 2011, 12:40am buried:


You didn't do any of those things. I totally love how you're taking credit for other people's work, you lazy leach.

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GoodGuyA Jul 7 2011, 10:28am replied:

We = The Modding community. I am not specifically targeting myself, but instead going for a generalization of the talents we have amassed. I have done some things, though I've not posted them here, but I am giving the credit deserved to the people who can do this complex stuff. The basic idea here is that WE, as a community, are smarter than some developers. Not DICE, as I respect them, but still.

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TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 6 2011, 10:02pm says:

...could you possibly stop complaining? At least some Battlefield games -have- mod tools. Other games, such as Bioshock and The Force Unleashed, seem to never gain any sort of mod support. DICE clearly didn't enjoy having to make this decision.

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WaffleAndy Jul 6 2011, 10:10pm says:

I agree with "Skepsis!".

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{imperialreign} Jul 6 2011, 10:33pm says:

I'm sorry, but this is pathetic. The complexity of an engine hasn't stopped resourceful modders in the past, even when the community in question recieves a beta SDK with practically no documentation... Nor even the tools to open the game's archives. Look at what the STALKER community has done with all 3 titles over the last 4 years, the majority of our tools and mod knowledgebase all come from users who've taken the time to create their own tools, learn the engine, and figure out how things work.
Saying a game is too "complex" for the modding community as a whole is an insult to the broad PC modding communities.

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moppop Jul 7 2011, 12:42am buried:


What resourceful modders? The good ones get hired or start their own projects where they can make money and not be held back by not having the source code.

ModDB is full of the rejects and the wannabes.

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InsanityPays Jul 7 2011, 5:57am replied:

@moppop Just people sharing their art-This is a lot of people's hard work and skill. If they get hired great, if they start their own project thats awesome, but you cant go around telling painters not to paint just because they arent famous or because their poor. you dont go up to a young child struggling with his piano to stop because he will never get recognition. no, I think youre doing this because youre insecure. you have a bug up your *ss and youre on the internet and dont have to have any kind of side affects to what you say other than turning a whole network of people against you, attention wh*re

+2 votes     reply to comment
{imperialreign} Jul 7 2011, 7:56am replied:

That's BS and you know it. Take a look at mod's like The Dark Mod for Doom3 - last I checked, that crew are still working independently, and it's one of the most impressive game mods out there. We've seen the same from those in the Crysis modding community (MechWarrior springs instantly to mind), and those in the STALKER community (too long of a list to mention), and numerous others. Some modders come to the table with professional backgrounds and experience, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be hired by any game devs . . . even more-so for some of us, we'd prefer not to make this a "job," but would rather keep it as a hobby.
Personally, IMHO, I'm the same way - this is a hobby for me. I'd grow to hate this kind of work if I had some director breathing down my neck and demanding things by certain dates, wanting things to fit their vision with little creative input from my side, or wanting to cut corners to make room for other features. This is what I like doing in my free time, and I'd prefer to be able to keep at it as such without the strings a paycheck would add.

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SabreXT Jul 7 2011, 11:20am replied:

That makes you a reject of a group of rejects?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sev-RC- Jul 6 2011, 10:44pm says:

So the game is automatically **** if it doesn't have mod tools,BC2 didn't have modding and I don't see anyone saying anything about that.I say BF3 will be great even if you can't mod it.(I say this because I never played modded BFs before.So don't rate me down)

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-Str!ker- Jul 6 2011, 10:59pm says:

Oh well, if they remake a new 2142 in Frostbite 2.0 with some mod support all will be forgiven.

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ForK Jul 7 2011, 12:13am says:

I was a bit upset by this news

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TheHappyFriar Jul 7 2011, 12:46am says:

I'd say this is important but.... Doom 3 & Prey came with all the modding tools built in to the engine (in 2004/5!)& for pretty much everything else you just needed a text editor but nobody modded it.

Because "it was to hard" to figure things out w/o a company made wiki/manual (and just ignore the fact you could open up all the maps & scripts that came with the game for examples)

Companies listened & don't want to waste $$ on something people complain about anyway. Modders complained that if their hand isn't held it's not worth the effort, companies agreed.

+4 votes     reply to comment
moppop Jul 7 2011, 1:08am buried:


Modders want their hand held while mommy-dearest developers show them the way as they tinkle into the training potty. But, no they can handle the big-kid stool...until they drop their spoon and start balling their eyes out.

-8 votes     reply to comment
wazanator Jul 7 2011, 2:54am replied:

It's quite clear your nothing more then a troll, who (if your age is correct on your profile) is suffering from some serious issues that they had with their parents. You seem to bring in parenting into every single one of your comments and how spoiled kids shouldn't get what they want, which leads me to belive your parents never supported you as a child or allowed you to do anything on your own.

Is this what's wrong? Are you the kind of person who wanted to go off to a distant college but mommy and daddy said no and forced you to go to community college so they could keep a close eye on their most precious baby? Did you say "Mom, Dad I'm 21 years old now I think I'm ready to drive the car." only for them to respond "No! There are crazy people out on the road and you could die!" and so had Mommy carpool you to your community college?

Listen man don't you think it should be up to the community if they want to try and mod a game? It shouldn't matter if the developers provide tools or not. Look at the past battlefield games for the pc before Bad company, they all had mod tools but they weren't great mod tools. It took people forever to learn to properly create a navigation mesh for the AI. BF2142 didn't have mod tools, the community had to take a previous tool released by DICE and mod it to be able to create maps.

The point of the matter isn't that they aren't providing the community with mod tools, the community can do that on its own over time. The point is DICE is locking the code down so you can't touch it or mod it anyway without it being illegal.

+5 votes     reply to comment
moppop Jul 7 2011, 10:43am replied:

Care to provide a ******* quote about making the code illegal? Nope...that's what I thought.

-3 votes     reply to comment
wazanator Jul 7 2011, 7:03pm replied:

Have you read recent EULA from companies? Look at Bloody Good Times, the game had good game play it just needed maps. However Ubisoft slipped this into their EULA:

It is not permitted:
- To modify the Multimedia Product or create any derived work,
- To create or distribute unauthorised levels and/or scenarios,
- To decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble the Multimedia Product.

This is a source game we are talking about, an engine plenty of people know how to map for. They could have probably made more money in the long run if they would have supported the community.

-1 votes     reply to comment
moppop Jul 7 2011, 8:56pm replied:

Most EULAs are not enforceable and unconscionable in court because there's no way you can read them before purchasing.

-1 votes     reply to comment
liamNL Jul 7 2011, 2:34am says:

COD was made by 2 groups who got some arguements got a bit of a fight and split for example infinity award has made Modern warfare 1 and 2 and black ops + world at war were from the other group (maybe someone already knew that or told it)

+2 votes     reply to comment
im_a_lazy_sod Jul 7 2011, 2:40am says:

I can accept them thinking it's too complex

Wouldn't surprise me at all for them to release the mod tools further down the track, as people will begin to get faster pcs etc and the tools will run better etc. etc.

Not holding my breath, but not ruling out it won't happen either

Still gonna get the game though :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
galaxy366 Jul 7 2011, 5:40am says:

After all to back up their claim of BF2 been a PC first, consoles second game

BF2? Don't you mean ''BF3'' ?

+3 votes     reply to comment
InsanityPays Jul 7 2011, 5:49am says:

@Lazy6pyro its been confirmed, no BF3 PR

+2 votes     reply to comment
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