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Seems the game is too complex for us modders, and so mod tools will be missing from the PC release of BF3.

Posted by INtense! on Jul 5th, 2011

Battlefield has had a proud history on ModDB with mods including Project Reality, Forgotten Hope 2, First Strike and others dominating our annual mod of the year awards. Despite this, news has just come out (and confirmed our fears) that Battlefield 3 will not include mod tools, and instead EA are looking at other ways to "appease" the modding community. DICE executive Patrick Soderlund speaking to German Gamestar magazine (via Battlefieldo) confirmed this in the video below:

When asked about modding, Patrick said:

Quote:It’s going to be very difficult for people to mod the game, because of the nature of the set up of levels, of the destruction and all those things… it’s quite tricky. So we think it’s going to be too big of a challenge for people to make a mod.

Earlier in an interview with Game Informer Patrick was uncertain how modding would look for BF2. Given this was over 4 months ago and no decision has been made since then, it sounds like even basic tools maybe some way off (assuming they are in the pipeline to be made at all):

Quote:We will not deliver mod tools in the way that we delivered them for Battlefield 2 ... Creating mod tools today - dumbing them down - takes a lot of energy and what we are discussing more every day is, 'Where do we put our focus?' ... Right now our focus is to create the best possible multiplayer, single-player, and co-op game -- the core game of Battlefield 3," he added. "We're still discussing how we handle modifications of any kind.

This news follows in the footsteps of CoD: MW2 who also shunned the mod community despite a lot of success and great ideas coming from CoD 4 modders. Hopefully they will realize their mistake and do a backflip, as CoD did with Black Ops bringing back mod support.

After all to back up their claim of BF2 been a PC first, consoles second game - it is critical that they put their weight behind the PC community and enable them to unleash their modding creativity on the game.

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zeldar Jul 5 2011 says:

You guys are implying that BF2 was terrible without its mods. :P

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Renegade2 Jul 5 2011 replied:

it wasn't terrible its just that without mods games die faster

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alpha69a Jul 5 2011 replied:

which is exactly what publishers want, from a business standpoint mods are a very bad idea. it extends the shelf life of games and the publisher sells fewer of them. This is nothing but a marketing decision made several years ago that no mods and more games/expansions/dlc was a good thing for business

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R3ven Jul 6 2011 replied:

On the contrary actually, most companies support mods, which is why they release official SDKs or some other.

It does extend the shelf life of the game, meaning that it gets more publicity. Which in turn means that even after x game has been out for 3 years, certain y mod could make people want to buy the game, so they go out and get it. Mods pretty much equal profit to game companies.

DICE just dropped the ball this time imo.

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Shoelip Jul 6 2011 replied:

Sure mods will get people to buy the game later on, but industry giants like EA could don't care if 10 people buy their game 3 years after launch. What they care about is huge hordes of people all buying at once shortly after release. That's the only indicator of a successful game as far as companies like EA are concerned. Mods can also cut into the profits from paid DLC, since I mean, how many are going to pay $15 for a pack of 5 maps when you could get hundreds of new maps for the price of an internet connection which you've already paid for anyway since it was needed to play the game in the first place?

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moppop Jul 7 2011 replied:

Unless DLC comes 6-7 YEARS after the main game...that's just a BS tinfoil-hat accusation.

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ytres Jul 6 2011 replied:

Mods certainly were the reason I kept w/ that game for 5+ years!

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ChadaFACE Jul 5 2011 says:

I dont ******* even want to hear DICE developers or squeaky voiced people talk anymore

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longshot1058 Jul 5 2011 says:

does anyone else know what is in the static throughout the interview. i was able to stop one and saw a mig flying through the air but i cant seem to be able to stop it any other time.

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krstphr257 Jul 5 2011 says:


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NOKI Jul 5 2011 says:

Petition for it to be released. Or boycott their game lol

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Noremakk Jul 5 2011 says:

**** off, DICE. We can handle anything you can.

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moppop Jul 7 2011 buried:


No you can't, or you wouldn't be here. You'd be at DICE.

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Andinout Jul 5 2011 says:

I find it funny what is the bet that some modder's will mod it?

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cinco Jul 5 2011 says:

"Engines do seem to get more and more taxing as the years go by."

as opposed to developers seem to get more and more greedy or lazy?

call me cynical, but the latter explanations makes more sense to me.

if you create a game, don't give me crap about not being able to release a version of the tools you used to create it.

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jlolment Jul 7 2011 replied:

And/Or computers get more and more powerful, too...

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Andinout Jul 5 2011 says:

Just a way so thay can make crap DLC's and not worry about mods

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card176 Jul 5 2011 says:

Well this is rather disappointing but I'm still going to get BF3( Along with RO2 ). I don't think BC2 will get tools but there are still a ton of people playing it, so that might also suggest that BF3 will still have players with or without mods. However "We're still discussing how we handle modifications of any kind." seems interesting and might mean that they will release a SDK eventually.

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Acilius Jul 5 2011 says:

DICE will burn for this.

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moppop Jul 7 2011 buried:


No they won't. No one's that much of a man to do anything about it.

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TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 7 2011 replied:

Sarcasm: There's logical reasoning. Lets all go burn down a developer who's been loving to the mod community, rather than say -- Lucas Arts or Activision, who rarely, if at all, have shown a great care for modders.

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moppop Jul 7 2011 buried:


No! Fanboy rage modders must do something because they can't mod one out of THOUSANDS of games OH NO!!!!!!!!!

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Spartan184 Jul 5 2011 buried:


People stop being such babies and whining oh well enjoy the fucken game and maybe they will release a SDK

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Ennui Jul 5 2011 says:

Woohoo! I want to thank you for crediting as your source. In addition to being a Source modder I am also a founder and admin of that site, and although we broke the news about this yesterday very few of the sites who have clearly reposted the news based on ours (quoting our transcript of the interview etc) bothered to source us... hooray for journalistic integrity!

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Ravious Jul 6 2011 says:

Weather this decision is EA's or DICE's, they really underestimate their consumers. I hope this is EA's doing, I wish to think that DICE wouldn't do something like this.

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BluishGreenPro Jul 6 2011 says:

If their tools are so complex, why don't they let modders be the judge of that? Don't spend time "dumbing it down", just put it out there and see what people are capable of.

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RogerRamjet Jul 6 2011 says:

Why are people complaining about MODDDERS complaining there will be no MODDING tool? Of course we are disappointed. Sure, the engines are becoming complex, but for D.I.C.E. to use the excuse that it is TOO complex is saying that all of their employees either were never modders (hard to believe) or that they are somehow far superior to all of the modders out there. Crytek just released theirs, and I am sure that the engine for BF3 is better than Cryengine2. Sad when elites look down on the humble modder. Remember from whence you have come or you shall fall from your ivory tower...

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webname Jul 6 2011 says:

hmm is this that series of games where a picket fence stops tanks dead ?

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oversoul Jul 6 2011 says:

This is idiotic. How arrogant do you have to be to make the blanket statement, "We have determined our technology too advanced for all modders, only our people are skilled enough to use this new engine"? If you don't want to release your technology with the game for business reasons then don't, but please don't make stupid, unproven, and quite frankly condescending statements to justify your decisions.

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Reyalsfeihc Jul 6 2011 replied:

The studio version of any set of design tools doesn't primarily have an accessible UI for the average modder. Better for them to wait a month or two after the game releases so they can ensure necessary patches can get out and then form an SDK then release the studio development kit to the public.

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Tharapita Jul 6 2011 says:

Lmao ... wow ... "tools too complex" that's the lamest excuse i've ever seen. Just wow.

+11 votes     reply to comment
AJ_Quick Jul 6 2011 says:

.... Not cool.

+5 votes     reply to comment
PeacefulPatriot Jul 6 2011 says:

"too complex"

That didn't stop Crytek with the CryEngine 3.

+13 votes     reply to comment
Armageddon104 Jul 6 2011 says:

Get out DICE...

+6 votes     reply to comment
WhiteKnightz Jul 6 2011 says:

Hopefully later on DICE wakes up and realizes their grave mistake. (SOON PLZ :l)

+3 votes     reply to comment
yoda589 Jul 6 2011 says:

curse you dice! curse you, we are not dumb, hell we make mods that are better then the game it's self, that's the reason why they are scared that we will over take them

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Icedecknight Jul 6 2011 says:

On a side note, they obviously know that there are more talented people in the mod community than that of there own team producing the game, so its quite a reckless excuse for them to say such a thing. I mean, we have extremely skilled programmers and modelers on this site, now that I think about it more I'm quite insulted :\

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6thLegion Jul 6 2011 says:

They shoud let people decide what's too challenging and what's not.

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SkuDG Jul 6 2011 says:

Think of the potential mods that could have come out of this great engine! but with no modding tools... its lost.

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deadrawkstar Jul 6 2011 says:

They should have anticipated people wanting to mod it, this is really lame. They said the SAME thing for Bad Company, they promised PC users alot, while the PS3 and the 360 got updates and patches weekly, the PC got left in the dust.

DICE needs to get their act together and listen to what the community wants.

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FuzzyMcDoodle Jul 6 2011 says:

******* ********, I'm really ******* disappointed.

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Aimforthehead Jul 6 2011 says:

I am one of the few who are huge fans of BF2 but are not getting BF3. For several reasons. First off they are planning a LOT of priced DLC. Which will likely impact the availability of servers to non-DLC buyers down the road. Another reason, no mod support. And lastly, reloading doesn't drop ammo clips X(.

Great looking game, have a PC that will probably handle it maxed, might change my mind when it drops to 20 dollars. For now it seems they are more interested in commercial success. Which isn't bad, but there are a few of us who lose interest when companies make decisions like these.

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aidy70060 Jul 6 2011 says:

Make me sad but as someone said, Crytek did it with an engine that's just as complex in terms of performance. Damnit, this is why EA shouldn't be allowed to control what goes into their subsidiary's games.

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son-of-lorgar Jul 6 2011 says:


+2 votes     reply to comment
moppop Jul 7 2011 replied:

You need to calm down

Am I doing it right, guys?

-3 votes     reply to comment
moci Jul 6 2011 says:

Makes no difference to me, if I can run it with max/high settings I'll buy it!

+1 vote     reply to comment
InsanityPays Jul 6 2011 says:

DICE-Youre dead to me

+2 votes     reply to comment
DrDruza Jul 6 2011 says:


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feather240 Jul 6 2011 says:

From what I've read about the Frostbite engine this isn't because they think it's too complex, but because they can't allow mods without releasing the same tools required to develop the game, and they aren't going to release those. I've read horror stories about maps taking a week and 80gb of memory space just to compile.

Here's the article if anyone's interested.

(Yes, it refers to BF:BC2, but it talks about BF3 and I doubt they would remake the engine starting with BF2.)

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elite879 Jul 6 2011 replied:

Everyone listen to this man!

In all honesty it's either they offend you or your bitch that you can't use the tools properly. Obviously DICE chose the former. Even so it's not that you're too stupid it's just that you'd need to have your own NASA computer and a **** load of free time to make a single map.

Jokerme also makes an excellent point too.

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Jokerme Jul 6 2011 says:

I'm sure it's not just "too complex tools". Developers usually use lots of out of the box ways to create levels.

In Source case, it's mostly understandable, but even a couple of unexplained things ruin the SDK. People start complaining it's not working. They work for developers. It needs source code to do some things.

Games are not that old build boxes apply textures kinda games anymore. Big engines like UE3 are specialized on easy access, but in company engines like these usually are not really usable. Making them usable requires a lot of extra effort.

So I'm not judging this decision. Don't go "Ooh, are we so dumb for you?" over this. Because yes, most people are. It doesn't worth it.

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SiPlus Jul 6 2011 buried:


Black Ops > Battlefield 3.

-15 votes     reply to comment
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