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Seems the game is too complex for us modders, and so mod tools will be missing from the PC release of BF3.

Posted by INtense! on Jul 5th, 2011

Battlefield has had a proud history on ModDB with mods including Project Reality, Forgotten Hope 2, First Strike and others dominating our annual mod of the year awards. Despite this, news has just come out (and confirmed our fears) that Battlefield 3 will not include mod tools, and instead EA are looking at other ways to "appease" the modding community. DICE executive Patrick Soderlund speaking to German Gamestar magazine (via Battlefieldo) confirmed this in the video below:

When asked about modding, Patrick said:

Quote:It’s going to be very difficult for people to mod the game, because of the nature of the set up of levels, of the destruction and all those things… it’s quite tricky. So we think it’s going to be too big of a challenge for people to make a mod.

Earlier in an interview with Game Informer Patrick was uncertain how modding would look for BF2. Given this was over 4 months ago and no decision has been made since then, it sounds like even basic tools maybe some way off (assuming they are in the pipeline to be made at all):

Quote:We will not deliver mod tools in the way that we delivered them for Battlefield 2 ... Creating mod tools today - dumbing them down - takes a lot of energy and what we are discussing more every day is, 'Where do we put our focus?' ... Right now our focus is to create the best possible multiplayer, single-player, and co-op game -- the core game of Battlefield 3," he added. "We're still discussing how we handle modifications of any kind.

This news follows in the footsteps of CoD: MW2 who also shunned the mod community despite a lot of success and great ideas coming from CoD 4 modders. Hopefully they will realize their mistake and do a backflip, as CoD did with Black Ops bringing back mod support.

After all to back up their claim of BF2 been a PC first, consoles second game - it is critical that they put their weight behind the PC community and enable them to unleash their modding creativity on the game.

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GhOsT11 Jul 6 2011, 5:39am replied:

You are right dont think that EA will be stupid to give the public their new engine wait 1-2 yrs until the nex BF and they will release them

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Renegade2 Jul 5 2011, 10:49pm says:

... i kinda don't want to buy it now :S

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Commander_RealWar Jul 5 2011, 10:53pm replied:


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Spartan184 Jul 5 2011, 11:38pm buried:


No offense but thats a really stupid reason not to buy a game. Of all the reason you guys are being to picky. Stop crying about it and enjoy the game

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jesse41993 Jul 6 2011, 12:58am replied:

No its not a stupid reason. Mods are one of the top reasons why pc gaming is great. It keeps the game fresh way after it has been released. I would have gotten real bored of Half Life after I finished it if it had no mod support. You can only play the same maps and modes so much until you get tired of looking and doing the same thing over and over again.

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Slevo Jul 6 2011, 1:13am buried:


They have their reasons to not let you mod and its their choice obviously its far to complicated.

They are the Profesionals

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Slevo Jul 6 2011, 1:26am buried:


the guy is very right. the effort they put into the easability for community members to mod is very high. They spend allot of dumbing the engine down so people age of 5 can mod, If your a real modder this will be no problem since u can still mod the game without tools :/ your not really a REAL modder if you have to rely on a very good UI to explain to you what to do.

Geeze people with your attitude right now modding would never of existing in the first place modders were never given the ability to change a released game they just did it.

What has the community turned into.. You can only mod a game which has a very good UI? your not really a modder. Cruise control

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SPTX Jul 6 2011, 6:02am replied:

Implying every game file will not be awfully encrypted to prevent you doing anything with the game.

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TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 7 2011, 7:27pm replied:

I agree. But as you can see, the sheep are too busy singing "Four legs good, two legs bad!"

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Sarge_Rho Jul 17 2011, 10:31pm replied:

What the **** do you think great part of the modding community is made of? Ignoring those that won't even look into it before asking how to do XYZ.

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Reyalsfeihc Jul 6 2011, 2:13am replied:

You're comparing Half Life which was a purely singleplayer game to Battlefield 3 which is said to have a really long singleplayer campaign and has arguably the best multiplayer as a franchise in the entire FPS genre of games, and saying that BF3 won't remain as fresh for very long? The multiplayer will hold people over long enough that they can form an SDK. For people to expect a studio to release a fully usable SDK for a AAA game that's been in production probably since before Bad Company 2 was released is kind of selfish. Let them release their game, enjoy their product, and the SDK will surely come since they care primarily about their PC fanbase.

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Spartan184 Jul 6 2011, 3:36pm replied:

Yes it is, I know thats why I'm a PC gamer and not a console gamer. Stop whining and crying about it enjoy the game and also it has Multiplayer which will keep people hooked on the game for a long time.

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ComradeWinston Jul 6 2011, 1:39am replied:

'Oh no, this amazing game can't be modded, I guess I can't buy it now.'

That indeed is stupid, you should buy a game because it is good, not for the mods. Mods just add value to the game, and this game is already amazing as it is. Just like Bad Company 2 I don't see why a lack of mods even damage the game at all, mods just add extra value that isn't necessary for this game because it is simply great enough without them. Though modding would be good, you wouldn't see a good mod for probably one or more years later because of the complicated engine in the first place anyways.

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moppop Jul 8 2011, 8:00pm buried:


What did you expect? It is ModDB after all. Most of the people on here are modding wannabies or people that open up 3DS Max that they pirated, followed a tutorial and posted it on their profile like a boss.

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SotaPoika Jul 6 2011, 1:49am replied:

What do you think this site is about? Did you forget already? See what these new games do without mod support..

Also, this one guy saying about 5-y olds modding.. Seriously? Have you done modding? Are you saying that if tools (especially mapping-tools) have UI, it's mean't for noobs? Maybe DooM mapping was rather easy to do mapping with textprogram.. these days we have polygons and other stuff ya know, bit more complicated but not rocket science though.

Did you also know DICE is known for it's devs that have been modding before they jumped into that studio?

Agree with people saying "too complicated" is bad excuse. That's what Treyarch said that about their mapping-tools too.. that are for the game using game engine from 2007 (or even beore).

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ComradeWinston Jul 6 2011, 2:01am replied:

Well not releasing the mod tools is kinda stupid and I never said that it they shouldn't, but it makes no sense to not buy this game over modding. If if the ability to mod just suddenly died in every game to ever come out from now on would you boycott every last game? I don't think so.

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Phenixtri Jul 6 2011, 3:10am replied:

Well for starters as said before this kills any chance of a BF3 Project Reality mod totally dedicated to realism. The reason PR for BF2 is still one of the top mods out their is its amazing attention to detail and reality and that's all with the limits of the BF2 engine. Just image what the PR team could have done with a new engine???

Unfortunately ill just have to wait for ARMA 3 to come out as well as the new WIP PR mod for ARMA 2. :/ Really the only options left to me for a proper FPS game that wont be plagued with arcady uber balanced **** as seen in Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops.

BF3 will be an amazing game but like all other retail games the realism, detail, and physics will be dumbed down to keep the game playable for moderate and noob gamers. In short its going to be another mainstream FPS game that's only better than the rest of its retail competitors excluding ARMA 3 as those 2 are going to be close in my opinion.

In short BF3 had so mush modding potential that was all thrown away since the developers think that we the modding community are too "dumb" to even be able to understand the game when many of the developers at DICE were modders in the past. Therefore their argument that its too advanced for us is completely invalid and frankly illogical.

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ComradeWinston Jul 9 2011, 6:11pm replied:

I'm assuming the negative votes are from people who wouldn't buy a good game just because its not modable. You people are pathetic -.-

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Theon Jul 6 2011, 6:17am replied:

Origin exclusive release and no modding tools because hobby game-creators are "too stupid"?
Wow, them Swedes sure know how to be dicks.

(This was NOT intended as a reply to a comment, no idea why it popped up here.)

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Tommyrazor Jul 6 2011, 11:37am replied:

I am in agreement with you and DX-Crysis, Sure, the game is tons of fun when you first play the game, un touched, un modded. But then someone has to change it up a little. Sure, why not, but some people will go back to the game after a while. Not every game has to be modded, and I am not saying that modding is a bad thing. I just think that modding is ok after playing the un altered version. But you are right, it is dumb to buy a game just because there are no mods for it. You can pass the game on to someone else and see how their game play differs from your own, so you can find other ways to entertain yourself with the game. Like adding voice overs with out actually modding anything, just use your imagination.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Tommyrazor Jul 6 2011, 11:53am replied:

I am meaning @Spartan184

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Tommyrazor Jul 6 2011, 12:51pm replied:

* not buy a game that has no mods for it*

+1 vote     reply to comment
Tommyrazor Jul 6 2011, 12:52pm replied:

Try to be more creative when playing games

+1 vote     reply to comment
Shoelip Jul 6 2011, 7:04pm replied:

Except that your copy will probably be locked to your account through DRM so you can't pass it on.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Tommyrazor Jul 7 2011, 4:42am replied:

You have a point there, you could just let someone on said account but that person would have to be your best friend or something. But that is what I think.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 7 2011, 7:25pm replied:

I can't mod Bioshock 2. Does that mean I can't buy it? No. All these rage voters who are putting people like Spartan184 down are just being pathetic and childish. Act your age.

@Jesse41993 -- Yes, modablity is a -factor-, -not- the -only reason-. Some games, such as Bioshock 2, Portal, Deadspace, and LEGO Rock Raiders (don't knock until you try it) -- all provided enough entertainment that I played through them more than once, and would probably play through them again. If a game is bland after it's first playthrough, then it either suffers like Dante's Inferno, or it is too short, like Homefront (and Republic Commando was entertaining, and had great replayability, even though it could be finished sooner than you can finish TFU II).

+4 votes     reply to comment
Tommyrazor Jul 7 2011, 7:50pm replied:

@Paradigmthefallen Spartan184 was saying it is dumb to not buy a game just because it doesn't have mods.

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Tommyrazor Jul 9 2011, 5:00am replied:

@Paradigmthefallen Very true, but this is the internet, you expect people to act their ages?

+2 votes     reply to comment
moppop Jul 7 2011, 9:07pm replied:

People downvoting are pathetic and use mob logic? Nooooooo.....

-4 votes     reply to comment
Tommyrazor Jul 8 2011, 9:38pm replied:

True, but when don't they use mob logic?

+2 votes     reply to comment
deathgivercola Jul 5 2011, 10:51pm says:

Why should i even get battlefield 3 now?

+19 votes     reply to comment
Icedecknight Jul 5 2011, 11:05pm replied:

Since it's the best shooter coming out. And when I say best I mean in my opinion, don't vote me down CoD Fans :3

+24 votes     reply to comment
karstin Jul 5 2011, 11:17pm replied:

actually RO2 is going to be better then bf3. bf3 and cod are still run and gun bs. red orchestra strays away from that more then bf3 does.

+24 votes     reply to comment
timmyvos Jul 6 2011, 7:02am replied:

Amen to that!

+6 votes     reply to comment
TrashCan-Man23 Jul 5 2011, 11:19pm buried:


Oh please, it's going to be like any CoD clone. Just better graphics.

-22 votes     reply to comment
Hayst Jul 6 2011, 12:10am replied:

Wait which game are you talking about?

+6 votes     reply to comment
karstin Jul 6 2011, 2:33am replied:

don't know why TrashCan-Man23's comment got so many negatives. if you rly dissect the multiplayer in COD and BF3 there isnt much difference its still "heres your gun go run around and kill people" just BF has vehicles. Neither games will take real teamwork, strategy, or realism. (just because you can kill a guy in a few shots doesn't make it realistic war.) i could go further into detail but no want wants TLDR.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Icedecknight Jul 6 2011, 3:47am replied:

Thats like saying "Well, Mirrors edge just has running... So there isn't much difference from any typical FPS there." The vehicles can make a huge difference in gameplay (Especially the aircraft, man those were so much fun to fly :D)

+4 votes     reply to comment
TrashCan-Man23 Jul 6 2011, 4:23am buried:


Well you know what? We'll see who gets the last laugh.

-13 votes     reply to comment
Icedecknight Jul 6 2011, 6:57am replied:

Should've said @Karstin before ^, at another point, just because a game is a first person shooter dosn't mean it is anywhere like Call of Duty, or the BF franchise. Just the way the game "Feels" in terms of movement and shooting can change a persons perspective drastically. But overall it is getting really annoying hearing "O great another CoD Clone." People need to get over it, its more of a publicity game you play with your friends than an actual AAA title that the developers put together after years of hard work and new ideas.

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Liliana_Light Jul 6 2011, 8:09pm replied:

@Karstin, partially @TrashCan-Man23

If you REALLY want to get down to the extraordinarily basic core of the gameplay, then yes, you are right.

In the meantime, let's play Quake instead of Battlefield 3, they're really both going to be the same game, but BF3 has vehicles. I mean, you just run around with a gun killing people in both games. The only difference is that BF3 has aiming down the sights for accuracy, classes of guns, classes of people who use those gun classes and have special tools that complement each other to promote teamwork, and that BF3 has huge, open, 64-player maps that you have to somewhat coordinate with a couple of your teammates to navigate and accomplish objectives even though Quake has relatively small, closed maps and an almost complete lack of any need for coordination whatsoever.

I mean, it's all because BF3 won't have mod support that it will just be another Quake, but worse because Quake does have mod support. It'll just have better graphics.
(If you cant tell, internet sarcasm is strong throughout that long wall of text)

I'm going to take a guess that TrashCan-Man and, possibly, Karstin haven't actually played a Battlefield main series game, or even one of the spin offs more similar to the main series. I wouldn't exactly call BF "run and gun bs with vehicles."
My question is, using your logic, why you think Red Orchestra 2 is going to be so different from the Battlefield games. After all, in both games you're going to be given a gun and you're going to have to run around and shoot people with it. Just in Red Orchestra, you have to be more careful due to additional realism.

@Anyone: Bonus points to you if you read all this, you've now wasted a fraction of the amount of time I did writing it.

+3 votes     reply to comment
LizardGamer Jul 6 2011, 4:14am replied:


Since when was CoD better than BF?
And when was BF ever considered a CoD clone?

+8 votes     reply to comment
TrashCan-Man23 Jul 6 2011, 4:51am buried:


Read my comment again, I never said CoD was better. BF3 is just going to be another CoD clone. And that is my opinion of it. I'm sure they're both going to do fairly decent, I probably wouldn't mind playing the new MW3 whenever that's released, but game play will probably remain similar.

-13 votes     reply to comment
hogsy Jul 6 2011, 7:08am replied:

Lol you are aware that the Battlefield games started a year before CoD right?

+15 votes     reply to comment
hannibaldinski Jul 6 2011, 1:40pm replied:

+1 xD

+1 vote     reply to comment
Spartan184 Jul 6 2011, 3:39pm replied:

Yeah but the major cod games came years after. The World War games came but those aren't played anymore. Battlefield was here before cod with Multiplayer and was far more popular so I don't know why people say its a COD clone its more the other way around cod is a Battlefield Clone with of course altered gameplay

+4 votes     reply to comment
Hayst Jul 6 2011, 8:06pm replied:

yeah +battlefield series has been going on longer so that really doesn't make any sense. (O **** sorry hogsy beat me to it)

+1 vote     reply to comment
R3ven Jul 5 2011, 10:55pm says:

What the last few people have basically said. This is a pretty huge let down, especially since one of my favorite things with BF2 was playing mods.

+10 votes     reply to comment
zeldar Jul 5 2011, 10:55pm says:

You guys are implying that BF2 was terrible without its mods. :P

+7 votes     reply to comment
Renegade2 Jul 5 2011, 10:57pm replied:

it wasn't terrible its just that without mods games die faster

+24 votes     reply to comment
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