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SHIFT aims to raise its own bar for level of detail///The 240SX has lights///Submit names!

Posted by MrMattWebb on Apr 30th, 2010

New Direction

It has been several months since SHIFT has been ported to the Orange Box SDK and we have found the improvements in SHIFT to be immediate. We have decided to take SHIFT in the direction of a simulator in regard to the level of detail as Source allows instead of the originally planned "Arcade racing." We plan to implement a new manual transmission system that is more detailed than our previous one. A few additions you may see soon include the addition of fuel, a clutch, and the ability to stall your vehicle. More details to come soon...

Night Light

One area of detail we have been working on lately were the lights on the vehicle. Because SHIFT takes place primarily at night, the lighting is key to create a realistic night time environment.

The new features include dynamic head lights, high beams, turn signals, and brake lights. We are pleased to say that everything works flawlessly and smoothly; not to mention it looks amazing in game and completes the look to the night time driving.



Names, names, names!

We are currently assembling a list of fictional car manufacturers and automotive part brand names for use in SHIFT. If you have any names (humorous or serious) that you would like to submit and see turned into a real in game asset, (vehicle, car part, store sign, advertisement, etc) then feel free to post it here in the comments section! The best choices will be placed at the highest priority to be created.

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Geosmith Apr 30 2010 says:

You could always use cheesy car related names such as Torque, Friction, ect.

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FreeKill762 Apr 30 2010 says:

What about the Pursuit special from mad max?

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Stubby May 1 2010 replied:


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DarkPivot Apr 30 2010 says:

"The new features include dynamic head lights..."
Yes! :P I don't remember if this has been answered before, but will there be a first person driving mode? If there's an option for first person driving in a racing game, I almost always use it.

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Piuneer Apr 30 2010 replied:

Hopefully, but you could always mess with the camera through the console ^_^

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xXMaNiAcXx Apr 30 2010 says:

Nice, but I don't have idea for car manufacturer *-*

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tnathan475 Apr 30 2010 says:

those lights look great.

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FaceCake27 May 1 2010 says:

MOTORolla. lol. Or: Motor Rolla.

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The_Dias May 1 2010 says:

I'd name a really tricked-out car "The Compensator."

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c3r14l-suck3r May 1 2010 replied:

How Bout 'The Death Roller'

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Daystranger May 1 2010 says:

No offense, but your "Mr. Cool Guy Smooking Weed" as seen on your posts:
Just... Don't belongs here.
Unless you're making skateboarding mod or something.

This is my opinion.
Im not saying its bad.
Im saying its not fitting the theme of the game as I see it.

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Ztormi May 1 2010 replied:

I agree. This game needs more tits like any other street racing games

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Daystranger May 1 2010 replied:

Well congratulations on your smartest comment ever.
Instead of trying to be funny you should think about that I've really meant.
See Colin McRae Dirt for example. Nice and clean style of game and stuff.
Or ToCa Race Driver

Right now "SHIFT" looks like

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Six_Ways May 1 2010 replied:

Ztormi was just making a joke man... no need to take yourself so seriously.

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MrMattWebb Author
MrMattWebb May 1 2010 replied:

Im sorry you dont like him, but he is the antagonist to the plot.

SHIFT has always from the beginning aimed for a darker and grunge theme so that is why the art direction is not "clean." Not to mention that those two games are centered around racing and not a story where as SHIFT is almost entirely centered around the plot.

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Gosthy May 1 2010 says:

One suggestion: Trail on the backlights. What do you think?

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FreeKill762 May 1 2010 replied:

I liked the idea back in 2006 (Need For Speed: Carbon), But not much anymore.

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stewball May 14 2010 replied:

More like 1998, in Ridge Racer Type 4...

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freredarme May 1 2010 says:

Nice lighting

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Ratchet66 May 1 2010 says:

Good job on the lights, as for the names you could make a car company called Maibatsu

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Greenagainn! May 1 2010 replied:

Maibatsu Monstrosity?

+2 votes     reply to comment
foxholeboy May 1 2010 says:

the foxholeboymobile

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The_Captain943 May 1 2010 says:

Jalopy Motors Inc.

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Xemit May 1 2010 says:

"Uber-charge" superchargers anyone?

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Rakym May 1 2010 says:

Great looking lights! And I really like that you aim for a more realistic driving feeling, the more deep the more challenge and fun. Arcade games usually lose their attractiveness quickly.

Maybe "Mitsusushi"?

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Maxivz May 1 2010 says:

What about SSC? Super Sport Cars, it hasalways been a manufacturer name i would love to see in a game, or mod :)

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Gen.Kenobi May 1 2010 says:

Perrari (Ferrari)
Firelli (Pirelli tires)
McDauren (McLaren)
Tebault (Renault)
Fyunday ...

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Radu_IceMan May 1 2010 says:

Here's my name suggestion suggestion:

Parallax Gear

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Wh1tebird May 1 2010 says:

Ferd, Witshubishi, Oudi, etc...

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SolidFake May 1 2010 says:

looks badass!

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ALIENwoods May 1 2010 says:

megnézem, mit hoztok ki Source motorból, egy simes autóverseny modnak. A fényszóró meg nem feature, hanem specularmap + kasznihoz attacholt dinamikus fények...

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Dr.Doozer May 1 2010 says:

Kromax Industries

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MrMattWebb Author
MrMattWebb May 1 2010 replied:

Brant? Kape? Magalli?

fASSt Racing Wheels?

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conshence May 1 2010 says:

Excellent game. But for names i'd suggest digging thru the old Midnight Club n Midnight Club 2. Really random names such as "Saikou XS" - Supra
Just some inspiration for names you can make yourself

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Dnst May 1 2010 says:


+2 votes     reply to comment
xilefian May 1 2010 says:

This would be a great car:

+2 votes     reply to comment
Seldoon182 May 1 2010 says:

Corelon Motor sounds good to me as a car manufacturer

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Menschke May 1 2010 says:

Here is my idea:
Dalga Motors

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matthewdryden May 1 2010 says:


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Alex_TNT May 2 2010 says:

nice one guys , thumbs up

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Pheist May 2 2010 says:

Car Manufacturer Names: PRISM, Cerberus, Goliath. I would go with roman and greek mythology for names of vehicles.

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AmazingRedd May 2 2010 says:



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Dec1234 May 2 2010 says:

Great update.

All I can think of is stupid combinations of care manufacturers that don't make sense.

Big Pete's Cars.

Ok yeah I don't have any good ideas.

Love the update though. :)

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Jokerme May 2 2010 replied:

I vote for Mishi-Bishi

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Awesome_ninja May 3 2010 replied:

that made my day, seriously, it's an awesome suggestion even thought it doesn't really fit the dark mood of the mod, but still... AWESOME

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MajorBanter May 2 2010 says:

Keystar International
Generalised Motoring
Engineered Produce
Modified Motors
Carbon Footprint
24 Beam

I dunno, random ****.

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Mariners May 4 2010 says:

Shift into the future coming to a theater not near you
plug it in power plugs
Greedy bank we'll rob you!
Block head muscle
jimmy's chop shop

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0xMNM May 4 2010 says:

Worst brand in the game: Emanuel

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JoTheShmo May 5 2010 says:

There should be a license plate saying "DAT-***"

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R.I.P*Toxin May 5 2010 says:


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