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The New Republics Armies; many of them older designs however a few are freshly new and are yet to be tested in war. UPDATE: Under Construction

Posted by Fenris58 on Nov 12th, 2011

The Arms Race between the Mandalorians and other factions continues on. Here are our military designs, both ground and naval. Let Project Freedom Arms Begin!

Ground Designs

The AT-AT has been around for many years since the Galactic Empire. In order to cope with the advancing galaxy. The New Republic has adopted the AT-AT to be once again the primary runner up in Walker Warfare. The New Republics AT-AT has been upgraded with more stronger armor and now has shielding and more powerful firepower.

Eaw at-aa perspective.jpg
AT-AA is primarily a Anti Aircraft vehicle. It was created by the Galactic Empire. Under the New Republic however they have been upgraded with better sensory imaging, far better accuracy in shooting down fighters, bombers, and transports, and stronger armor. However it is still recommended that the AT-AA be escorted by a platoon of soldiers. They are the counter part of the Mandalorian AT-AA Abik.

Eaw t2b.jpg
The T2-B Repulsor Tank has returned to service. It was last used during the Galactic Civil War. Due to the Current situation in the galaxy however the New Republic has decided to return to these light tanks. They are nimble and fast and can quickly kill enemy infantry. They have been upgraded with better shielding and somewhat better armor.

Eaw t4b.jpg
The T4-B Heavy Tank were first used by the Rebellion during the First Galactic Civil War. The T4-B is now one of most powerful tanks in the New Republic Arsenal. Heavily armored and able to destroy many other Vehicles and even an Adult Drexl. They have been upgraded to an extent for now. Some of the upgrades include shielding and more powerful armor. The New Upgraded T4-B's are expensive however.

The T3-B Heavy Attack Tanks can be considered even more powerful then the T4-B; it served in the First Galactic Civil War under the Rebellion. With enhanced shielding even more powerful armor, along with their armament of proton missiles and heavy blaster cannons they could quickly destroy anything thrown in their way. This design is already above adequacy and needs no upgrading for the current time being.

The Primary soldier of the New Republics fleet and armies look like this. They are well trained now since the Mandalorian-New Republic conflict. Recent Military reforms proposed by the chancellor have increased the training of these brave soldiers. They fight for both the Galactic Alliance and New Republic and will gladly give their lives for both factions. From Left to right: trooper, scout, pilot and officer.

The Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled A6 Juggernaut is an old design once again from the Galactic Empire. Its primary purpose is defense. It uses its point-defense cannons to destroy proton torpedoes and Concussion missiles. It can easily kill light tanks and infantry with its rapid machine fire power mounted on the side of the vehicle. It measures over 30.4 meters in height and 49.4 meters in length.

The 22-B Nightfalcon Speeder bike is highly advanced and can be used in both daylight and nighttime. Due to its camouflage it is nearly undetectable. It makes very little noise and is usually used for scouting enemy positions or finding them. It has a laser cannon at the nose of it just in case the scout runs into trouble. The Speeder bike also carries mines to kill off enemy ground troops and to destroy light or damage heavy tanks.

The Dreadnought Battle Tank is a new design. Heavily armed and extremely well armored. Its weapon systems include laser cannons, concussion missiles, and a plasma pulse discharger. The missiles are launched from mass driver cannons similar to the ones carried by the LAAT/i Gunships. It had heavy armor plating, and was one of the biggest hover-tanks. Able to match many heavy vehicles and walkers in combat.

2-M repulsortank.jpg
The 2-M Saber-Class Repulsor tank is well a repulsor lifting tank. Upgraded with heavy armor and more powerful weapons including concussion missiles. They make for excellent maneuverability and speed. Able to glide across water without much difficulty they can easily destroy medium and light tanks, and just regular infantry. They can destroy surprised enemy encampments within a short time period.

From the Clone Wars Era. The LAAT/i is an extremely powerful gunship. It was mainly an aerial support vehicle along with carrying infantry squads. Its been upgraded with shields and stronger armor. Its armament includes Anti-personnel laser turrets, composite-beam laser, mass driver missiles, light air-to-air rockets, and droid busters launcher. Its complement is a squad of troopers, 4 speeder bikes, and 1 IM-6 Medical droid

The commando soldier of the New Republic, with the use of the old Verpine Shield Generators constructed 4,000 years ago. They are in still good use today, they are expensive however. The Commando is heavily armed with a sniper rifle, assault rifle, grenades, med-packs, and mines. When the mission requires it they take Rocket Launchers instead of Sniper Rifles. They also carry a few other types of weapons. They are extremely well trained and can resist horrific torture techniques.

Eaw spma-t.jpg
The SPMA or Self-Propelled Medium Artillery is not fast but it can destroy medium and light tanks easily. Infantry out in the open are even easier. It has laser cannons at the sides of the vehicle which can defend against small attacks. An escort is recommended however. They are the most commonly used artillery in the New Republic.


New Republic special forces and elite divisions are the pinnacle of the Army. Crushing most of their enemies with tactics and strategy. Their leaders often go to battle with them to inspire that all men fight in wars. All special forces and elite divisions know the risk of fighting, however they will fight to the last man or women before they surrender. They always get the toughest missions.

Naval Designs:

Venator clonewars.jpg

The Venator-class Star Destroyer is the most common destroyer used throughout the New Republic military and can be used as transport liners for civilians. It has been upgraded to certain extent espicially at its hull and shields including stronger weaponry. It has a large hanger bay.

The Nebulon-B2 Frigate has been upgraded with more powerful weapons and shielding. The design is from the Rebellion who developed it near the end of the Galactic Civil War. Its hull is already tough and it was decided not to upgrade for it would make the frigate too slow. This frigate is usually the primary command ship for small fleets.

The oldest ship in the New Republic Arsenal. With upgrades, to the armor, sheilds, and weapons. This ship could easily outlast a small fleet on its own. The Hammerhead cruiser was made 4,000 years ago during Exar Kuns Great Sith War. This ship is approximately 315 meters in length, its armament is 4 Dual Heavy Turbolasers cannons, 2 Turbolaser cannons, 2 Quad Laser cannons, 2 point-defense gun batteries, and finally a Tractor Beam. They carry upwards of 12 fighters/bombers and 2 transports.

The Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser is old; dating 100 years before the Galactic Civil War. It is mainly used as a frigate. The ship is over 600 meters, and the armament of it is. 20 Quad Laser cannons, 10 Turbolaser batteries, and 10 Laser cannons.The hanger bay is small 12 fighters/bombers and 1 transport.
GR-75 Medium Transport.jpg

The New Republic medium transport. Created by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. This is the main transport for most vehicles and troopers. It remains the same sheild, and hull wise. It is lightly armed. It can carry upwards of 90 soldiers.
Centurion-class battlecruiser.jpg

The Command ship of the New Republic fleet, including the most commonly used capital ship throughout New Republic space. The Centurion battlecruiser is old and succeeded the Inexpugnable class Command ship during the Jedi Civil War 4 thousand years ago. The Centurion is over 1200 meters in length. The armament of the ship is 6 medium Turbolaser cannons, 6 Heavy Ion cannon batteries, 6 light point-defense cannons, a tractor beam, and 6 Proton Torpedoes. The sheild and hull have of course been upgraded. The number of troops it can carry is 7400. It has a large hanger bay which can consist of 96 fighters/bombers.

The main carrier of the New Republic fleet. They hold hundreds of fighters and bombers and are extremely powerful in a fire fight. Considered obsolete after the Centurion succeeded it. The Inexpugnable tactical command ship is still a ship to be reckoned with. Their armament is 5 Double Turbolaser cannons, 5 Light Turbolaser cannons, 2 point defense light laser cannons, and 2 tractor beams. They carry upwards of 2000 troops and is over 3100 meters long length and width. This is not availiable to the public. This is one of the 3 three ships that we found schematics of during the Battle of Thule.

Under Project Freedom Arms, a new grand design has been created. The Scimitar is a one of a kind ship. This ship has a cloaking device, and has several low-profile Solar Ionization cannons for defence which could extend and fire several bursts in the blink of an eye. It is also equipped with a high temperature X-C 2 ion drive array. It includes moderate shielding.

Gray Shadow Fleet Escort

Gray Shadow Fleet Escort.

She has 25 mass driver cannons, 20 turbo lasers, 10 point defence laser cannons, 5 proton torpedo launchers, a small hanger (roughly can hold 5 squads) , heavy armour. Heavy shields and 3 125mm flak cannons. The ship can only hold 200 troops and it's crew size is 20. Length 500 metres width 100 metres.

The Venator MK2 is the second most commonly used destroyer in the New Republic in the fact that it has a gravity well generator. It does not have a hanger bay but it does include enhanced sheilds and weaponry. Its hull is also strong but the Venator MK2 is slower then the original.

The Gladiator Class Star Destroyer is an extremely powerful warship. More like a Carrier/Destroyer combination; it carriers many fighters and bombers. However it also packs a punch with its weapons systems. It has weak shields but an even stronger hull. It moves as fast as the Venator MK1.

The Consular-Class Cruiser is a corvette, for anti-fighter duty. It is an older design from the Clone Wars. However it is fast, good shields, and powerful weapons systems along with laser cannons and a concussion missile launcher. It is extremely cheap to make. However it has a poor hull defense.

The Pelta-Class medical frigate is the most common medical ship used in the Galaxy and in the New Republic. It has no weapons but has strong shields. It has a weak hull.

A new Design called the Neutralizer Bomber created by Sienar Fleet Systems. They are based off the Predator class fighter. This bomber has impressive shields and is capable of reaching speeds up to 1,500 Kilometers an hour in an atmosphere. They have their own hyperdrive. They are larger, bulkier and less agile then the predator. They are the most commonly used bombers in the New Republic.

The Predator is the successor to the TIE/in Starfighter. It is an old design created by the Galactic Empire. It comes equipped with a hyperdrive and a deflector shield generated from its blade-shaped wings. As with earlier Chiss Clawcraft these wings could adjust to a variety of positions, aiding the starfighter's maneuverability.

Pellaeon-Class Star Destroyer.
Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer SotG.jpg The Pellaeon-class was considered one of the most powerful warships in the galaxy and was noted as having unmatched weapon systems and starfighter components. With its sleek outline, it presented less of a target to potential enemies, while at the same time optimizing its shield protection.
The forward-sloping superstructure of the Pellaeon-class also gave the main gun batteries excellent vantage points, more so than on the Star Destroyers of the previous centuries.

Interdictor-Class Star Destroyer.
Dominator.jpg Kuat Drive Yards decided to produce their own Interdictor offering to rival that of SFS by using an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer hull as a base. To make room for the gravity well projectors, half of the turbolasers and ion cannons, as well as eight of the Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors found on the original Imperial-class Star Destroyer, had to be removed. The Interdictor-class Star Destroyer's reduced hangar held four squadrons of TIE fighters. As such the Interdictor did not make an excellent combat destroyer.

Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer
ISD arrow.jpg

These Warships are slowly rising through the ranks as a frontline vessel. They are considered extremely powerful warships, The warship itself strikes fear into it's enemies. The warship has gone through some extensive modernisation programs so it can keep up with todays weaponary, only small changes have been made to it.

Sniper Recon Armor

This will be the armor that our snipers will wear to help keep them hidden

This will be armor worn on Desert Planets

This will be the armor used by our special forces Commandos

This is just idea's for NGR Military armour both civilian and clone

This is just designs for our Pilots.

The DS-20 Dropship as it's called is a very fast and agile dropship it has 2 varients one of which has a hyperdrive and the other that doesn't this of course takes up room.The Dropship itself is very fast and can hold most vehicles.
SPECS: Able to carry up to 4 AT-ATs with 4 groups of AT-ST/A's
4 laser cannons

Divisions are made up of mainly 1200 soldiers each. Some of the most well known are: the 12th division which participated in some of the biggest battles the New Republic has ever fought in including the Battle of Nar Kreeta during the Trade Federation crisis. There are alot of divisions across the New Republic and we are not going to reveal how many there actually are. Some come together and create their own small army. Pics and more information to come soon.

Special Divisions

Blizzard Force

Blizzard Force: Blizzard Force is led by General Meade. The Elite of the Elite, Blizzard Force is the most well known battalion in the entire New Republic. It only recruits top of the line soldiers, and even then no one's sure if those soldiers will join the battalion. Blizzard Force is used for frontal assualts when the situation is most dire. Number of Soldiers: ???

93rd Elite Division

93rd Division: The 93rd division is led by Colonel Laros. The 93rd division is one of the more secret battalions. No one, except the Chancellor and CAAF know where they are sent off to. They are a powerful bunch of soldiers skilled in diplomacy, and are very good at camoflauging themselves. They are also very good at frontal assualts on the front lines of any army. Number of Soldiers: 1400

Special Ops
More to come soon.

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Ori`verda Nov 13 2011 says:

Your welcome, maybe you would also want a few AT-AA Abik's? Those Skira's are just calling out all enemy flying units and the Abik just likes to shoot down bugs.

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Headhunter128 Nov 13 2011 says:

Nicely made Jolee!

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Fenris58 Author
Fenris58 Nov 13 2011 says:

Ori'verda@ Sure I think we would like a few.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Adenn`Verda Nov 13 2011 says:

only complaint is that some space units dont have names xD

+1 vote     reply to comment
Fenris58 Author
Fenris58 Nov 13 2011 says:

Not anymore ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Adenn`Verda Nov 14 2011 says:

ah ok :) but one of ur bombers doesnt hav a name

+1 vote     reply to comment
Fenris58 Author
Fenris58 Nov 14 2011 says:

I see what you mean. :/

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Super-Kami-Ρrʌжis Nov 14 2011 says:

Honestly some of this stuff seems dated to me, but all are (or were) good ships and ground vehicles and they should serve us well.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Fenris58 Author
Fenris58 Nov 14 2011 says:

Not very many new ships or ground vehicles; and most of the time I like keeping it in the Star Wars universe. Though as you can see some fannon stuff I do accept.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Adenn`Verda Nov 15 2011 says:

one thing i just realized. the wookiees rebelled on u and were needed to be put down and when the planet was captured they continued fighter with guerilla warfare(respect to them for that) although in the end they were finally defeated. i doubt they would be very happy to join the faction they rebelled on.

just a thought.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Headhunter128 Nov 15 2011 replied:

If we are talking about that new Wookies group that was made, then they never existed to me Lol. Was mostly like another dual account also. the creater was almost nerve online, but yet participate in important events.

So.. As far as I'm concerned. Never happended xD

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Sab3rr Nov 16 2011 says:

Nice hardware, the T3 tank looks friggin awesome! =D

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ShockingCactus Nov 17 2011 says:

You could get more Vehicles @ Kaut Drive Yards

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ShockingCactus Nov 17 2011 says:

Kuat I mean

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Fenris58 Author
Fenris58 Dec 4 2011 says:

Ok everything has been reset alot with all the new units. The new Space units are not at the end. I think everyone will locate them. I'm sorry for the inconvience

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Jesterzx9 Dec 4 2011 replied:


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Ten10dix Dec 16 2011 says:

What is "ODIN"?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jesterzx9 Dec 16 2011 says:

ODIN stands for Orbital Defense Intelligence Network. It basically links all of the defense grids together on one network, allowing each unit to share the positions of enemy targets with nearby platforms. This system would result in improved accuracy, efficiency, and overall firepower.

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