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NEOTOKYO° is now available for download so grab yours now...

Posted by Tatsur0 on Jul 3rd, 2009

You've all been incredibly supportive and patient with us and we like to think it's all paid off with NEOTOKYO°now available for download. So much has changed since NT° first released in '04 on UT2k4 and we're excited to see if you're all as happy with the results as we are. See you in game!


Need a server?

For those of you who want the full package. Don't forget to pick up a copy of the Official NEOTOKYO° OST from Ed Harrison.

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`DarcK Jul 4 2009 says:

This mod should release on SteamWorks... pretty awesome!

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Kasplatt Jul 7 2009 replied:

probably will to be honest, most really good quality great mods do

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Neolight Jul 4 2009 says:

May you guys live forever.

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Tnurg Jul 4 2009 says:

Is there a manual somewhere for Neotokyo?

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RockerFox Jul 4 2009 says:

played it last night. Awesome game play since it seems every class has a place, (recon, fast hit and run and ambush, assault, the mid to long range cleaner with frags for choke points and support, the tank with the ability to use thermal vision, smoke grenades and some of the most deadly room clearing weapons like the mg). Also an awesome way to reward good play by having unlocks for better weapons and a auto punish for tking. The sound makes you feel like your there and the mapping is just beautiful, amazing since you don't lag and for the fact that it's not even on the orange box engine. Worth the download and worth playing for a long time. Also i dig some of the Easter eggs (rubber duckie and kitty doll on isolation for example).

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Rich_Zap Jul 4 2009 says:

Really good mod, superb visual quality. The only thing I havent got the hang of yet is the invisibility. Doesnt seem to be so useful when youre moving and doesnt last long enough to make sitting still practical. As such I prefer the support class since it has the very effective thermo imaging.

I also think it would be good for this to be released on steamworks as well.

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Mr.Walrus Jul 4 2009 says:


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ne_zavarj Jul 4 2009 says:

Great work.

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Joel8160 Jul 4 2009 says:

It's here!!! w00000000tt!!

So is it gonna be accessable through Steam too?

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Colossal Jul 4 2009 says:

Eh, no desktop icon. :(

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ThatTrunkMonkey Jul 4 2009 replied:

Make one through Steam: Right click Neotokyo>Create desktop icon. Unless that only works through steamworks games.

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Aguila. Jul 4 2009 replied:

Lol, I made my own.

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azultain Jul 4 2009 says:

this game is good but shotgun is not really strong

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vfn4i83 Jul 4 2009 replied:

ITs a short distance sniper. SLUG kills in one shoot.

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Aguila. Jul 4 2009 replied:

That is my only problem, everything else is made of awesome.

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Gregar Jul 4 2009 says:

its it a bug when u switch to another server or map it crashes

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MrTambourineMan Jul 4 2009 replied:

It happens to me too!

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KoEvOeT Jul 4 2009 says:

You know whats funny:P? Graphics so nice, running all settings to the max and then you're watching some crappy grayed out night-vision, all the time, to have the best reaction to kill. This night/heat vision should be removed..

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stenchy Jul 4 2009 replied:

You shouldn't be using them all the time as they have their downsides too. People complain about not seeing team indicators... TURN OFF YOUR VISION MODE!

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the_simian Jul 4 2009 says:

i got chills watching his. nice work.

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CriticalDesign Jul 4 2009 says:

Great stuff. Slow game, but great team cooperation. I think the art direction is your strongest point here, whoever planned it is a genius.

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Dr.Nick Jul 4 2009 says:

this is a multiplayer and not singleplayer mod correct?

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Rich_Zap Jul 4 2009 replied:


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Kaworus_lover Jul 4 2009 says:

Out of curiousity, is that Tachikoma-kun? I got the vibe from the start that Ghost in the Shell influenced, but . . . a Tachikoma-kun cameo? Quite nice.

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freredarme Jul 5 2009 says:

So giant !

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Defur Jul 5 2009 says:

Okay its kinda like Counter Strike on the publics ( no teamwork, just rush and die ).
Which got me thinking, I could really really imagine a clanscene in this modd!
If anyone has anything about this - please pm me! :D

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sauerfreak Jul 5 2009 says:

Just two worlds.

H*ll. Yes.

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AnarchyDom Jul 5 2009 says:

Okay, I love this mod to pieces, but I have a few major problems. It takes about 5 minutes to join a server even when joining servers that have a bout 25 ping, the longest of any of my games/mods, also it crashes whenever a server changes map, resulting in me having to manually turn off my computer and restart. Again, this is the only game/mod that it happens to. Any ideas?

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nobody_exec Jul 5 2009 says:

i downloaded this yesterday and what can i say? AWESOME MOD GUYS, i was playing it yesterday from when i downloaded it at around 10 o clock in the morning to 3 am (without big breaks) when i finally got to bed becus i was too tired to play i even dreamed about the mod XD and when i woke up i turned my comp. on and started to play again xDD just cant stop playin ittttt!!!! NEOTOKYO° FTW (FTW is not for teh win, this time it means: F***S THE WORLD!),, some questions: more gamemodes soon? its not like the capture the ghost mode is boring (becus its awesome) but i would love to see teamdeathmatch or zombies in this... well not exactly zombies, more like the ghosts from ctg mode attacking and 10 guys have to fight against them, with endless spawns and they have to survive around 5 mins... another question: are u planning anything with a competition or something? greets from germany :D

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Danboe Jul 5 2009 says:

Woo! This was more fun than I expected! :D

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DarkIxion Jul 5 2009 says:

Good job with the game. I only really have one major problem with it.

Every time I try to change the graphics settings it crashes. It's getting on my nerves because the default graphics give me awkward frame rates.

Good job from what I've seen though =] In fact... Awesome job!!

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Geneva Jul 5 2009 says:

-snip snip-

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DarkSolaris1337 Jul 5 2009 says:

Does this work on CS:S aswell? Since there both Source.

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Amez Jul 5 2009 says:

I just played it and it was decently fun. This mod has a lot of potential, it's just that most servers are extremely boring.

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nobody_exec Jul 5 2009 replied:

??? how can a server be boring??... anyways i just love it :D

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Arkanj3l Jul 8 2009 replied:

Easy. With unbalanced gameplay.

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Kasplatt Jul 5 2009 says:

Its bloody brilliant!

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Dna|tmrocks Jul 5 2009 says:

Im going to develop Neotokyo:2D,just like Counter Strike:2D.
It will be multiplayer.

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addjangs Jul 5 2009 says:

Greatest HL2 mod I've ever seen.
But if any of the developers have chance for seeing my comment anytime
would you guys please put Auto team balance on next update T_T?
Everybody's going for Jinrai team, and almost every server lacks NSF players than Jinrai.
2 NSF players VS 11 Jinrai team, and nobody complains nor changes team to balance! Jeez

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Glasseater Jul 6 2009 replied:

working on it, one of our server admins created a plugin to limit team stacking allready! but itll def be in next build

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Sketch23 Jul 6 2009 says:

this is epic great teamplay. balanced and also has great maps to benefit each of these classes in different places.

BRILLIANT GAME best mod since Counter Strike. Best balanced since Natural Selection. Biggest Bollocks since Chuck Norris!

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Handshakes Jul 6 2009 says:

Congrats on the release.

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56er Jul 6 2009 says:

I got some questions:
How can i use the Alternative Firemodes? Isn't it just not working or am I just to stupid for that?
Why can't i pick the latest 3 of the weapons in the weapon choice menu as a recon or support, and only get the text: Not avaible to class?
And oh yeah i'd be cool if you would make an animation were the players come out of these little dropahips instead of just spawning...
That's all and I want to thank you for this mod!!

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ThoughTMusic Jul 6 2009 says:

mod seems solid. i'm really dissapointed that after marketing the music so much, it's only heard for mere seconds if you win or lose. Why?! There no ambience here.....

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CaptainCock Jul 6 2009 says:

wow this mod is pure gold, but there are some small things that attracted my attention:

- the score board shows "dead" and "alive". It's not really necessairy to show both. Showing just "dead" or "alive" makes the counting a lot easier and faster.
- more use color in the score board or at least highlight your own name and/or those of your squadmates
- your squad mades should be highlighted with a different symbol (like a square or so) rather then just a fifth dot. (also for pace reasons)
- Reading up the health of your squad mates is a pain in the ***. Their HP should be green on the fullest and become red on the lowest
- The second and third submachine guns feel pretty much the same to me
- tooltips when you hover over your weapon selection which show the name of the weapon and its stats
- characteristic weaponnames: none can remember "XR92803"
- the sniper scope overlay covers the screen by 50% in white. ineffective! just a normal crosshair could do the job without making the view smaller
- more secondary modes. I think the most weapons should have secondary mode nothing special but something like a semi-auto mode would be nice.
- more saturated character models with a more unique silhouette. Right now it can be really hard to tell foe from friend or from the background.
- auto-balance :)
- server saves your stats so when you time-out and rejoin you don't have to work your way up again.

character limit ~

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CaptainCock Jul 6 2009 says:

- lowering the highest lieutent level a bit. Levels are a bit to high for a new player. Right now that's not the problem as we are all newbs but in a few months it will be very hard for a noob to get to a high level. (I dont see this as a balancing error but as a motivational one).
- how the hell should I know that you have to reload one bullet to switch into the slug mode for the shotgun :D ?
- I think it was intended that there is no directional damage indicator but it is still a bit annoying. Suggestion: Normal weapons give the shot person a directional indicator, silenced weapons don't (this way choosing the silencer would give it a practical use)

just some small critics I can remember from the top of my head ;D

I am of playing now~

PS: Sorry for the doublepost

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Arkanj3l Jul 8 2009 replied:

This. Also, perhaps switch motion and thermal detection around with their respective classes? Just a thought. Make guns meatier, tracers were the biggest thing I considered missing when I watched the trailer.

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Arkanj3l Jul 8 2009 replied:

This. Also, perhaps switch motion and thermal detection around with their respective classes? Just a thought. Make guns meatier, tracers were the biggest thing I considered missing when I watched the trailer.

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Black-Operative Jul 7 2009 says:


I loved it every second, this is the first Couster-Strike killer I've ever seen!

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Sketch23 Jul 7 2009 says:

Great visual style. Also get decent framerates. Plays very smooth.

needs autobalance.

Would be nice to be able to see my bullets flying because they leave the gun and then impact with no visual indication in between. Maybe its just me but i can never tell if bullets are impacting. doesnt feel all that solid when i fire.

I was expecting a rock paper scissors kind of situation support kills assault, assault kills Recon, Recon Kills Support. Seems this is ruined by class stacking. Lots of players just stack one class and rape. Either using speed, grenades or Health as the advantage. If a whole enemy team chooses Support then you will not have enough ammo to kill them all lol! Maybe some sort of class restrictions to make players choose 'equal' amounts of each class. That way each class will be forced to use all their abilities to outsmart and out manover the enemy.

I have been having Great fun on this. When its played properly it works great and feels balanced, With the battle often ending in 1vs1 or 1vs2 situations.

There seem to be alot of american 15 year old Griefers/Retards playing it. Reminds me of CSS in that respect.

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snargifer Jul 8 2009 says:

"realistic combat experience", you can't claim that till you've at least removed the crosshair and added iron sights. Another boring crosshair shooter, pitty.

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Mkilbride Jul 9 2009 replied:

lol @ you. Realistic Ironsights, like what, Insurgency? I aim down my sights all the time and it looks nothing like that. Cross-hairs I can understand. Iron sights just could not be implemented within a reasonable time frame, so they were dropped man. Boring crosshair shooter...right, only if you use yer sights do you get one, and it takes up a significant portion of the screen.

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