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The Combat Shipyard and Strike Frigate Concepts are now up in the Images Section. Also a progress update on the beta build.

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Two New Concept arrivals in the Images for you to examine and scrutinize.

The Combat Shipyard
The Strike Frigate

Beta build progress was slowed down due to a heavy workload this month.

but Bataraia's Hammer and the subsystems are in my personal build!
unfortunately a minor issue has come up

some of the new subsystems look weird on the station and Strength of Liberata.
now if no one minds i can work on packaging the build for release.

i can assume your answer but i would not be a good modder with out asking you all first :D

also i got a Big Surprise for you all soon!!!! so follow the mod (if you don't already)

i think your going to like it



An update!! Sry, I used to play the mod for awhile, but with the lack of updates I stopped paying attention after I didn't see any updates for several months. Loving that the mod still is developing!!

I loved the whole pirate theme and am looking forward to seeing where this goes once again!! :D

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Sounds great, looking forward to the release!

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This mod is right back in my #1 wishlist spot. Can't wait for an updated release!

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Go ahead and package her for shipping. More than willing to play test your most recent update with you!

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