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After 365 days of waiting, the 5th Annual Mod of the Year Awards have kicked off - the definitive event that showcases the best mods in the world and recognizes the mod teams behind them. The "MOTY" is a tribute to the creativity, dedication & hard work YOU (the mod developers) put into creating

Posted by INtense! on Nov 16th, 2006

After 365 days of waiting, the 5th Annual Mod of the Year Awards have kicked off - the definitive event that showcases the best mods in the world and recognizes the mod teams behind them. The "MOTY" is a tribute to the creativity, dedication & hard work YOU (the mod developers) put into creating unique gaming experiences that enable us gamers to "Play Something Different".
Mod of the Year 2006Mod of the Year 2006
The rules are simple and the prizes are big. Mod DB brings you the best mods in the industry. You decide which ones are worthy of recognition. From Nov 15th to Jan 1st, industry professionals, gamers, developers and YOU will cast your vote to decide which mod will attain the ultimate prize and become Mod DB's 2006 Mod of the Year.

Thanks to our sponsors, this year we have greatly enhanced the program with video content and interactive features, so please watch our introductory trailer below and join us on an unforgettable journey as we present the 5th Annual Mod of the Year Awards.

For the mod teams - expect to hear from us heaps soon because we want you to get your trailers up and in-front of the millions of fans and getting votes! For the gamers - expect a barrage of new and exciting content to come your way throughout this 3 month celebration. So grab some mods and get voting!

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mikejkelley Nov 16 2006, 12:08pm says:

Nice vid! Padman FTW!

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Rikku2000 Nov 16 2006, 12:00pm says:

Hey this video rocks! ^^

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Kai-Li Nov 16 2006, 11:55am says:

Hi friends, i really like that moddb trailer and one scene is included from the Q3A-Mod World of Padman, that's great! If you want to vote for us, check our profile ( And there'll be an audio award? That's great! WoP has a lot of song from dieselkopf, a swedish industrial band. They made some tracks espacially for the mod, some very nice music. Green Sun, my band, recorded a hymn for WoP in the last couple of days but the song is hold back to promote the standalone later. Stay tuned and thx for the possabilities here on

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EvilErnie Nov 16 2006, 1:27pm says:

Cool a "Unreleased moty" catigory!

vote =


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AJ_Quick Nov 16 2006, 11:35am says:

Hell yeah for the KF footage in there > :D


lol, (yeah, im corny as **** - but everyone else is on this bandwagon, so you may as well humor me)

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Sallycin Nov 16 2006, 11:31am says:

Great video :)

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jab0bo Nov 16 2006, 12:38pm says:


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BlueWolf72 Nov 16 2006, 10:46pm says: <--- stand alone games deserve a chance :)

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Aurel_Tristen Nov 16 2006, 12:50pm says:

LOL, I saw Stellar Conflicts logo in there. Too bad its dead because of lack of PROGRAMERS (Hint). I might have to make a trailer anyway. Hell if it wins something, maybe a programmer will come along.

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grudgE. Nov 16 2006, 12:44pm says:

Are you giving out one gaming rig to each winning team, or a gaming rig to each winning team member?!
Might sound like a stupid question but I feel that you didn't explain enough how prices will be dealt with. :P

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thekolokolone Nov 16 2006, 10:26am says:

What is that zombie mod in the trailer??? What is the name of it and whats game for it??

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SinKing Nov 16 2006, 10:27am says:

Will there be parties anywhere? I'd like to go to a Moddb - Party and make it a really cool event. Here in Hamburg I could organize this easily, but it needs to be thought over. Wouldn't it be cool to make the mod-community more open to outsiders? Because whenever I tell one of my friends about modding games they are like: "wtf are you doing?" Most people don't have the slightest idea such a cool thing like modding exists.
And even though it will get harder (with the new engines) to keep up with commercial projects, the originality here will win everybody over, I think.

So thanks Moddb, think about making "happeningS" out of the award. The only problem I see is that a lot of people who mod are to young to go to the kind of party I'm talking about. But otherwise: MAKE IT BIG! Moddb grows all the time. We need a voice to speak to the outside world someday...

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INtense! Author
INtense! Nov 16 2006, 10:33am says:

There is an editors choice audio award! It will happen, we are working on tons of features and we'd like the important of good sound to be one of them!

We cannot ignore one of the senses :D

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Grobi Nov 16 2006, 10:37am says:

Very, very exciting stuff all around!

I second that party idea!

I hope you are all going to vote!

Exclamation mark all round!


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zdfgsfgsdegfs Nov 16 2006, 10:39am says:

I saw Eternal Damnation in there, awesome!

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BlueWolf72 Nov 16 2006, 10:45am says:

To all mods I am running my radio and my radio show. If you have time I run my shows Wednesday and Friday. If you want some exposure and pr please contact me for a interview and we will promote your moddb status and profile.

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Karuto Nov 16 2006, 10:49am says:

That was an awesome video. I'm very excited for this year's MOTY. It's going to be the best yet. :)

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ZitaX Nov 16 2006, 11:00am says:

Keep up the voting people! Let the best mod win :D!

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TheFrog4u Nov 16 2006, 11:01am says:

cool stuff

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INtense! Author
INtense! Nov 16 2006, 11:04am says:

So you'll be able to see how many votes are logged - you just wont see who is winning :P

We don't want to spoil the surprise...

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Spector Nov 16 2006, 1:10pm says:

Nice video. =)

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ambershee Nov 16 2006, 1:10pm says:

I'm not sure whether I like the idea of big prizes.

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Hattemaker Nov 16 2006, 1:12pm says:

Cool cool, cant wait to read about the best mods. =P
Btw, I thought I read somewhere that the Empires mod Mod of the year trailer was uploaded, but I dont see it anywhere. >_>

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Zirty Nov 16 2006, 2:06pm says:

What is US NAVY doing to sponsor ?

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IggyFrance Nov 16 2006, 2:06pm says:

Thanks for the logo apparition! Good luck to everyone!

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Lucífer Nov 16 2006, 2:41pm says:

:D liked the video, vote Reborn all :D

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Lady_Nerevar Nov 16 2006, 2:49pm says:

lady N thinks that an OB mod needs to win an award ;)

lady N thinks she shall link to her mod now:

lady N thinks that MOTY is a terrific thing and that she needs to stop talking in 3rd person (its the rain i tell ya!).

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Broccoli. Nov 16 2006, 3:02pm says:

All very cool stuff, but where is the Empires trailer? I know that it was uploaded a while ago, but I don't see it anywhere.

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methy Nov 16 2006, 3:45pm says:

Go Hammy-bob mod!! XD

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Karuto Nov 16 2006, 3:46pm says:

We'll be uploading a lot more trailers to the Movie Theater page, so don't worry, guys. :)

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Baza Nov 16 2006, 3:52pm says:

WOOHOO! Let the madness begin! :D

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San-J Nov 16 2006, 4:10pm says:

Looking awesome! Impressive sponsors this year around, and damn, that's an awesome video! Can't wait to see which mods *YOU*, the *players* of ModDB select!

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usernamee Nov 16 2006, 4:42pm says:

The sound effects in that video were.. kinda lame, heh.

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Sticky Nov 16 2006, 4:43pm says:

I got this announcement -3131253923 seconds ago

What's the future like?

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Termin-X-man Nov 16 2006, 4:45pm says:

lol, corny video.

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CrazyGoat Nov 16 2006, 4:58pm says:

and of course to others dedicated modders and everyone else around. The trailer is so good, that I'm actually going to buy it, move into it and travel around... GET IT trailer like a motor vehicle trailer where not so wealthy ppl live... *ban the dumb *** a.k.a. me/just kidding, hey I'm a kid... I'll stop now*... :thumbup:

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Baza Nov 16 2006, 5:02pm says:

Quote:The sound effects in that video were.. kinda lame, heh.

Quote:lol, corny video.

Don't see your arses helping out with this massive undertaking. So put up or shut up.

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Slye_Fox Nov 16 2006, 5:37pm says:

Ummm, acording to ModDB, i recived this message 100 years from now.

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San-J Nov 16 2006, 6:30pm says:

I got mine in July of the year 7963 AD.

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Jyffeh Nov 16 2006, 6:40pm says:

That video kicked ***! :)

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stringed_Evil Nov 16 2006, 6:57pm says:

very cool video!... with the xmas vibe coming too, love this time of year, lots of bored modders indoors, out from the cold..working hard...shear joy.

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Wiktoruspro Nov 16 2006, 7:25pm says:

Visit this profile and than decide about your vote for this mod :)

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DoobiePimpin Nov 16 2006, 8:18pm says:

That Empires vid need to be in here... :D

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Leedeth Nov 16 2006, 9:08pm says:

Nice vid! Digg'd.

BTW, it's Operation Peacekeeper, not Operation Peacemaker.

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Seigman Nov 16 2006, 9:23pm says:

Woot, let's get this party started!

But giving one gaming rig to an entire mod team? I smell some nasty fighting among the winning teams :P

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Grega Nov 16 2006, 9:59pm says:

In light of all the mods round this page.

Let the best one win!

Now begin the voting XD

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=[BSID]=Thor Nov 16 2006, 11:00pm says:

No Empiresmod in the video? I hope it on the theatre soon!

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Topherm Nov 17 2006, 12:14am says:

Killing floor I guess since its mentioned first in the mods featured credits..

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outlive Nov 17 2006, 6:05am says:

Great time every year - the Moddb Awards
maibe we manage to get under the top3 this year - last year was only place 8th

i encourage everyone to vote for our hard work

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drunkill Nov 17 2006, 7:57am says:

Moddb should of done some sort of party in melbourne, australia (where it is headquatred it seems, as the contest uses laws from victoria australia)

Or at least had a stand at todays Game expo held here.

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