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This is pretty much the final and most polished version of Chemieali's project. Since February 2012 guys were making mods and finally the morphed version is out. The mod is a combination of smaller mods.

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Chemie Ali coalesced mod for ME3 by ChemieAli and Daemond and user2929.
Project page=
Old versions=

Five! coalesced types:

- "Lite" version = "Default ammo" without keybinds.
- Four weapon/combat tweak versions:

1) "DefaultAmmo" = Default ammo, magsize and weapon damage, including balanced new heavy weapons. The successor to v1.4AO.
Suitable for all difficulty presets.

2) "RealisticCombat" = "DefaultAmmo version" with increased weapon damgae for AI and Player and Henchmen. Brought back from v1.4FULL.
Suitable for all difficulty presets.

3) "InfiniteAmmo" =Infinite ammo, but damage is default. Heavies unchanged from v2.1. and deal high damage. The successor to v1.5FINAL.
Suitable for Top Difficulty presets only. Or modding platform.

4) "FunCombat" = "InfiniteAmmo version" with 10x lowered weapon damage + 10x increased rate of fire for Player and Hench weapons; including Heavies downgraded damage(now they are more like base guns). Experimental version created in v2.2 M.O.A.M.
Suitable for all difficulty presets.

Package of tweaks in all coalesced types.


Keybindings multipurpose layout
- Finetuned keyboard. andvanced console commands for fun, modding, video and snapshot making.
- Keybinds list integrated in game manual. Press [Esc] and select "KEYBINDS"

- Unlocks every Outfit wearable by the player in Single Player (including another "unfinished" N7 Set (labeled as "Spectre armor") and the Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Armor and more...)
- Unlocks all exclusive mini DLCs (Collector Rifle, Reckoning Armor, etc)
- Unlocks all outfits from Start
- Helmets (both M and F) added as customizable Shoulders, Arms, Legs to give unlimited combinations.
- More Material options
- More Pattern options (transparency options only). If you want to make a new shape for a pattern, then refer to this project:
- More Lights colors

- Unlocks all stores and items from the start of game.
- Stores look better. Easy to tell what store it is. Price markup eliminated. Items sorted by category.
- Spectre Store has Exclusive stuff. "Steal money" option; Preorder, Collectors, N7, MP only, DLC weapons. This includes the Resurgence Pack Weapons and From Ashes Particle rifle (if you have from ashes DLC), Firefight pack (if you have it). The Rebellion Pack Weapons were there as well, but unfortunately they were blank due to the way Bioware coded it and we will probably never get to use these weapons in single player unless they release them in another DLC.

- All guns unlocked at the beginning
- Unlimited ammo
- 14!!! weapon-mods for every weapon.
- 9!!! Heavy weapons fully functional
- Encumbrance wheight affected by every gun - more fair.

Gameplay (nothing major)
- Grenades and MediGel capacity up to 12
- Fuel efficiency reduced (uses more fuel)
- Fuel capacity highered (1500)
- Values of War Assets changed
- Facebook's "General Shermann" as additional reward for Multiplayer
- Faster planet scanning, slower reaper ships

Character Creation
- Tons of pregenerated faces added to the faces cycle (male and female)

Graphic Changes
NOTE: For maximum performance also get "additional_graphic_changes.rar" file (Some changes are for NVIDIA only)
- Decals (shots in walls) stay much longer (nearly forever)
- Dropped weapons stay much longer (nearly forever)
- detail Mode increased
- Selfshadowing enabled
- Shadowresolution highered


Mother of God. 0_0

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Impressive. But how can you get away with this and still play MP?

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user2929 Author

This mod tweaks SP aspects of game. developers screwed up, because all weapon system is shared between SP and MP, except shopping.

when you play MP, put back original coalesced. when you play SP, put in modded coalesced, disable origin ingame, turn off automatic reports and statistic sending in all options.

Bitch, please! No one fears you stupid B***are - style.
Play MP with your favourite comat mode of this mod.

bioware watches over multiplayer. what i have heared, that bioware has banned some users who used multiplayer mods , but only for few days. They fear to delete or ban forever the accounts, because they will lose respect and custumoers. actions like that would lead to fan outrage and noone would buy their products. First they set an ivestigation on the account and if you take action which bioware dont like in that investigation period, then - I believe - worst thing that could happen is´╗┐ a ban for few days. Bioware would never ban you for long periods of time, because they want you to play MP, spend Bioware points ( real money) and buy DLCs. They want you to be a customer so "banning" is only the SCARE propoganda, because they want you to follow their rules. I say f*ck them, and lets have fun. After all they will go bankrupt if they ban us all.

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Are you by chance an Anarchist? There are very few of us in this world :P

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I wouldn't say that there's NOT ENOUGH of us to make a formidable opponent to majority.

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user2929 Author

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And in that moment, Mass Effect 3's multiplayer actually seemed like it was just about having fun and less about being balanced.

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