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A first foray for the long awaited Public Test Build R is now shambling its way through Knox County . Anyone who has bought the game can now (finally) try out the game's new combat and animations.

Posted by Batsphinx on Jul 1st, 2012

You can find the new release candidates here on the forums. After the initial necessary fixes we will be reintegrating fire, rain and the Kate & Baldspot tutorial. In order to expedite release we've also had to mute the music after a late bug reared its ugly head - so this too will need a fix. After all this tinkering we will have the content that'll become the official Project Zomboid 0.2.0 release both on our own website and Desura.

We hope you feel that it's all been worth the effort, and can assure you that as PZ grows the foundation work done over the past months will pay dividends.

To celebrate the current R build's release we're doing a few things with the community. First off we have the chance for UK survivors (or international survivors who don't mind a plane flight) to win two-day tickets for next week's Rezzed show in Brighton. The Indie Stone will be presenting a PZ session on Friday 6th July - but will be doing community meet-ups on both days - if people are interested in coming down. We have ten tickets to give away - and all you have to do is post up an answer to a very important question in this thread: 'If zombies were to burst into the room right now - what would you do?'.

The five best responses by Monday afternoon will be awarded two Rezzed passes, and in the event of more than five people entering (!) we will be asking a Eurogamer staff member (the organisers of Rezzed) for the casting vote - just so there's no funny business.

Secondly, there's the return (fanfare) of the Project Zomboid Screenshot Competition. We need images of our new characters and animations to decorate our home page, Facebook group and to appear on the pages of the magazines and websites that choose to cover us. So that's where you lot come in! As before, we'll be awarding six prizes - three for artistic merit, and three for accurately summing up life in Knox County.

Prizes will be gaming goodies collected by Will on his journalistic travels - and the last batch we sent out included Duke Nukem Forever Y-fronts, a copy of Crusader Kings 2, a Left 4 Dead cap and a whole bunch of cool t-shirts. This competition will be ongoing, we clearly need images of a fixed K&B story and fire, but we thought we'd open the competition since people are now playing R.

We'll have Community of the Dead and Phill Cameron's Modding of the Damned coming up soon, as well as other PZ-based fun, so enjoy your time in R in the mean-time. We can tell it's a little more crowded in there than you're used to...

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Jesusfreak Jul 1 2012 says:

This is one big update. I'm glad I bought the game now.

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melvindesmoulin Jul 8 2012 replied:

how do I update my PZ?

+4 votes     reply to comment
xXNIGHTRAV3NXx Jul 2 2012 says:

D: It dosent work on a mac is there a way i can still play on a mac???

+1 vote     reply to comment
leezer Jul 2 2012 replied:

Afraid they're still working on Mac and Linux but I dare say they'll have it working as soon as. :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
GrampsHiro Jul 4 2012 replied:

windows emulator is your only bet, probably.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Henley Staff
Henley Jul 5 2012 replied:

wine is not an emulator

+2 votes   reply to comment
Yuriyoku Jul 4 2012 replied:

I don't think so yet, but they will probably intergrade it in soon (but I don't know when "soon" is)

+1 vote     reply to comment
cdsparey Jul 2 2012 says:

I think it would have still been worth it if you dint released it for another month! Hahaha I love this new combat system and how everyone looks. It really makes the game more unique.

+2 votes     reply to comment
cdsparey Jul 2 2012 says:

I think it would have still been worth it if you dint released it for another month! Hahaha I love this new combat system and how everyone looks. It really makes the game more unique.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Daerchador Jul 2 2012 says:

D-D-D-Double post!!!

indeed awesome, though I am fanatically waiting for the official build!

+5 votes     reply to comment
Dr.Goupyl Jul 2 2012 says:

Neat. I'll try that asap !

+2 votes     reply to comment
VandalSQ Jul 2 2012 says:

Awesome !

+2 votes     reply to comment
Thombomb64 Jul 2 2012 says:

Sweet! I Have mannaged, while trying it, not to hit anything except windows. Guns work against zombies. only guns though.

+2 votes     reply to comment
xDeadCasper Jul 2 2012 says:

My God, That is so cooooooooool :D

+3 votes     reply to comment
StormTrooperLove Jul 2 2012 says:

I purchased 0.1.5d on the official site, does that mean I get this update?

+2 votes     reply to comment
xDeadCasper Jul 3 2012 replied:

Yes, do not worry. When they release the next version it will update. The version (0.2.0r) is just testing, they are fixing some bugs. Once the fix will be made available in Desura.

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frostshoxx Jul 2 2012 says:

I had to download the update from the dev's website, but they will require a key that come with Desura purchase.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Cocobro247 Jul 2 2012 says:

I didn't get a key unless i missed something... :(
I really want to try this new update.

+1 vote     reply to comment
joeman2nd12 Jul 3 2012 says:

does desura automaticly update it?

+1 vote     reply to comment
xDeadCasper Jul 3 2012 replied:

yes, when they released the version without bugs. Or Oficcial

+1 vote     reply to comment
babarteo Jul 4 2012 says:

how long till update is released cant wait :-)

+1 vote     reply to comment
sparkey2142 Jul 5 2012 says:

Cant wait for the update! its gonna be a looong time before it comes out! and how do i get chat?

+1 vote     reply to comment
roman814 Jul 17 2012 says:

I'm very confused. So did the update already come out and if so where can I get it?

+1 vote     reply to comment
xshinokishix Jul 22 2012 says:

I know it's still early in the development to be asking, but is there even a very rough estimate of when we can expect the co-op multiplayer?

+1 vote     reply to comment
chowder9504 Jul 22 2012 says:

is pz multiplayer?

+1 vote     reply to comment
fungar Jul 25 2012 says:

When is it out we must at least know.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MasterionX Aug 3 2012 says:

This looks like Survival Crisis Z HD :O

+1 vote     reply to comment
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