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Few things you should know about War of The Servers
Okay, so this has been getting mixed reception lately. We'd just like to say thankyou firstly to the people who give us constructive criticism rather than the plain old "lol you guys suck".

Here at Infinity Interactive we appreciate constructive criticism, if you can tell us and explain to us in a normal calm manor and explain how you could help, we'd like that rather than just the random ranting.

So, basically, if you don't have nothing nice or decent to say, do us and your fingers a favour and don't say anything at all.

Anyway, enough of that, lets talk War of The Servers!

Now, WoTS has had a total facelift recently and we've all been bashing our heads to get the Clan vs Clan part of the Mod going. We're struggling, no doubt, but, we'll get it done.

But, through all the headbashing that's gone on recently, we did manage to whack out a good new playlist for you beta guys out there!

For the Beta, we're going to have our latest game mode "Standard Arena" sounds pretty standard right? Well, it's not. We'll tell you more in the next update that comes along!

Mod DB Problem
A problem has risen to me lately that we can't get news out fast enough to you guys, I'm going to start doing some news updates over at the forums so please do check out there, links are below.

(Also, most images will be on ModDB first though, just to let you know.)

Links :


"do us and your fingers a favour and >don't say nothing< at all."

"Don't say nothing" is a double negative and translates in to saying "do say something." What you should have said is "don't say anything at all."

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