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Before you go ranting and raving, please take the time to read our lovely explanation!

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So it's true, we are going into Indie games development and WoTS is moving over to the Unreal Engine.

That's the basic synopsis, we hope you understand our situation and we hope you take the time to read our news so you can understand why we are doing this. Thank you for all the support and you'll hear from us very soon.

As for the ModDB page, it will be staying as it's a good way of keeping the community alive whilst we jump in to the Unreal Engine. The page will be used to upload the new media of War of The Servers later on in the future. It's also a good thing to keep so when people who are applying for jobs, know what they're going to be working on. We'll also be making updates on here too.



seems to be main stream moving to UDK lately :I

Keep in mind most groupĀ“s fail once they switch, or atleast here on moddb as far as i know.

Sadly, This isn't worth my attention no more.
Good luck in the future!

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Ancient-Fry-up Author

Sorry to hear that, but honestly it's a good move for War of The Servers as source just wasn't living up to what we needed it to be. This doesn't mean all of our projects will be UDK projects. Also, what's wrong with UDK?

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Well there's already many ideas like your on UDK, for example Warmonger (and it's free).

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Ancient-Fry-up Author

I don't know if you read the thread on our website. But, we did state that if we were going to sell the game, we would make it worth it by changing and adding in lots of various mechanics and gameplay. As we said, we're not going to sell anything that we think isn't worth buying. We aim to expand on War of The Servers as a mod to more of a standalone game. Of course we will decide if the final product is worth selling, and if we think it's only worth $5, it's $5. We're not going to sell anything that isn't a finished product. We are currently expanding on gameplay, features, mechanics and so on in War of The Servers to extend the player experience and turn it into a standalone commercial game. To us, we seen this as a good opportunity and we can assure you that the final product will be worth the price (if any) and we promise to expand on current features and change gameplay mechanics drastically.

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