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The Imperial Navy - Serving the Empire with Distinction and Honour

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"Failure means death, Admiral." -Darth Malak

The Grand Imperial Fleet

Commander: Supreme Commander Pao
Executor-Class Star Dreadnought - 1

Imperious-Class Star Destroyers - 10
Ardent-Class Frigates - 17
Vigil-Class Corvettes - 17

Location: Currently stationed in the Core Worlds

The 1st Imperial Battlegroup

Commander: Grand Admiral Harx

Imperious-Class Star Destroyer - 1

Imperious-Class Star Destroyers - 5
Ardent-Class Frigates - 15
Vigil-Class Corvettes - 15

Location: Currently stationed in the Eastern Part of the Empire

The 1st Imperial Strike Force

Commander: Admiral Hul
Imperious-Class Star Destroyer - 1

Praetor Mark II-Class Battlecruiser - 1
"Acclaimed II"

Imperious-Class Star Destroyers - 3
Ardent-Class Frigates - 6
Vigil-Class Corvettes - 7

Location: Currently stationed in the Southern Part of the Empire

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