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Progress of the Exterminatus, Warhammer 40,000 themed mod for Half-Life 2, for March 2009. Fixed more than 10 bugs that cropped up as a result of the move to the Orange Box code base. Improving many of our existing maps.

Posted by ChromeAngel on Mar 22nd, 2009

Exterminatus is still having a some difficulties arising from the move to the "Orange box" version of the source SDK. About a dozen bugs (map & code not tyranid) have been fixed this month alone. Between bug fixing ChromeAngel has been working on adding details and mission objectives to the Hive City map, while Typhron has been working on improvements to his maps, Thunderhawk, Space Hulk and Dig Site. Here's a short clip from testing the new version of "Hive".

Last month's call for maps from outside the Exterminatus team has been answered by Comrade Grunt, who has started his own map for Exterminatus. It's early days yet, so the map doesn't have a name. Comrade Grunt has posted some more screen shots on the Exterminatus forum.

It didn't look like Dig Site was going to work with the Orange Box version of Exterminatus for a while there, but Typheron has got it back up and running. Were still trying to get things stable for the Beta testers, the current hurdle is some wacky physics based crashes.

This month it has also been interesting to talk to members of the gaming community who's only exposure to Warhammer 40,000 has come from the Dawn of War RTS games. They are a whole group of folks we didn't anticipate when Exterminatus kicked off. Glad to see we are getting some cross genre interest with Exterminatus, even before it's released.

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Bird_of_Prey Mar 22 2009 says:

Nice to see progress is being made. Good luck with those bugs!

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razorb Mar 22 2009 says:

yea good luck guys :) get rid of those hl2 metal sounds asap :P replace it with fart noises and it would be nicer! heh keep it up

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ChromeAngel Author
ChromeAngel Mar 24 2009 replied:

Sadly we don't have any sound techies on the team. We're entirely dependent on passing talent for our sounds.

Getting the custom sounds we need for our weapons and classes was difficult enough without trying to replace the perfectly serviceable standard physics sound too.

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Typheron Mar 24 2009 replied:

gonna have to 2nd chrome on this one, its metal hitting metal, feels a bit overkill when we could be concentrating on more important issues.

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RogerRamjet Mar 23 2009 says:

Some nice progress... and yes, i agree, the HL2 metal sounds are a dead give away... with iPod recording and decent mic, you could record some customs sound... better to have a mini disc or quality digital recorder, but make do with what is around...

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meazum Mar 23 2009 says:

I also dislike the falling damage sound
But the Metal sound mainly.

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SandeR2 Mar 23 2009 says:

omg that video is man slaughter!

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Kamikazi[Uk] Mar 23 2009 says:

Looking good :P.

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Wilhelm_III Mar 23 2009 says:

I never even thought about that. People who only know 40k from Dawn of War... It's weird even to think about it.

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Overcow Mar 23 2009 says:

Why Ultramarines? Why?

They are so GWs little bitches...

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Typheron Mar 23 2009 replied:

and now there our bitches!

nah, they have lots of 'Nid hunting experience, battle for there home world and all that, pefect candidates.

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comrade_grunt Mar 23 2009 says:

yay I'm mentioned in a news post :D

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Arkanj3l Mar 25 2009 replied:

Hey, I didn't know you were working on Exterminatus!

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koddak99 Mar 24 2009 says:

looks like a good mod ^_^ , just i hope you have custom blood decals.

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Typheron Mar 25 2009 replied:


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Keptron Mar 30 2009 says:

The progress is going good

Custom blood would be good, just to get more effect ( not saying that it lack )

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