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It has been a while since we properly updated this page so this one will be worthwhile!

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It has been a hectic summer of working on our Synergy mod for Red Alert 3 but I can finally say that the art assets for it are 99% done, the remaining 1% is just bug fixing and other minor additions. In other words, I'm back on Frontline as these four group renders should have suggested.

So what do we have left in terms of unit art, here's a nice little list as of what is left as of September 1st:

  • Green Earth navy, airforce & HQ
  • Blue Moon vehicles, navy, airforce & HQ
  • Yellow Comet airforce & HQ
  • Black Hole navy & airforce
  • All infantry

Expect to see group renders when I have made any of the above. As for ingames, since our coder, R3ven, is back in school and working on coding Paradox and Synergy, don't expect to see any code progress on Frontline for a while. At least when we do get around to Frontline coding, we should have almost all of the art ready by then!

In other news, along with making the units we have begun reworking our mapping style and our asset & prop pool. Hopefully Phoenix will be able to get us a sample map in the coming days so we can flaunt off our new style! But for now here is a tree.

New Forests


To close I urge you to follow us on Facebook for plenty of insiders and work in progress updates and as always we want to hear your feedback and use our forums so we can start a small community so when we release, Frontline will have plenty of players or conquer!


Correction: multiple trees. Unless you are implying that the tank is actually a tree, and the "trees" are not trees at all, but rather something else that you would not expect, like tanks. OHMYGOD THOSE TANKS LOOK LIKE TREES.

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No, that's just one tree repeated several times.

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There's still code progress on Frontline... It's just under the hood stuff that no one can notice because it doesn't affect gameplay in the least, it just lets me copy paste codes to create 4 complete new factions in very little time.

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I've been watching this mod's progress for a while now, and I'm liking what you've done. If you need another modeller/UVmapper/guy I'd be happy to help out and have plenty of free time.

I wants to model some toy aircraft!

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TotallySnappy Author

I'll note you down if we ever decide to draft in some more people but at the moment we're working pretty well with our current team, but thanks for the offer!

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Ahh.. I thought as much. Thanks anyway.

Oh, and I can rig stuff if that helps.

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OMG!!! I love Advanced War! This mod will be great! Keep on the good work guys ;)

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