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Credit for the new site goes to Nrdmanreturns a bundle of bright talent that just busted out of nowhere like the Kool-aid man with this slick new site. Plus some FAQs that need some answering.

Posted by Narlyteeth on Aug 17th, 2010

This is the link for our new site, created by Nrdmanreturns. I seriously got the memo yesterday that this man has created an entire website/forum all dedicated for this project. I thank you so much for this Nrdmanreturns. I've been wanting a site for this project for months, and you made the magic happen.
This site is a public forum where anyone can discuss various topics relating to the project. It's truely a great way to accept feedback, troubleshoot technical problems, document progress, and just share ideas with each other. This is a big benefit for the project and will surely help me improve production as well as communicate with team members easier.

Concept art for the main menu interface

In other news I'm very impressed with the amount of attention Fps Terminator has recieved. and being an early work in progress demo, expecting feedback is manditory. here is a list of the most common ones

-The framerate is quite low. even Crysis runs better on my rigg.

Optimization is one of the things that part of process of making a game. It's pretty obvious that I want to make the game look authentic, and I do have a habit for squeezing the living juice out of my own machine (amd phenomII @ 3.0Ghrz, Geforce GTX285)but I need to know how it runs on lower machines too. that's why I have no official system requirements. there will be options to lower the settings in future releases.

-The FOV(Field of View) is very low. It looks like tunnel vision.

The original intention for the low field of view was to look more cinematic but I've gotten enough feedback to be motivated to change it. I've been defending this Idea the most, and my biggest excuse was that the first-person animations and composition would be screwed if I zoomed it out. but my solution now is to re adjust the animations to this new perspective. the Fov is now at 80.

-The AI on both sides are quite weak.

I sadly agree with this. some should assume that scripting AI is a very hard job to do. I've been working really hard to improve the Ai, but I can't promise anything spectacular in the sooner future releases.

-It's very easy to get lost in this level. what on earth is going on?

I believe why people are getting lost mostly has to do with the lack of dialog, and destination markers, and decent NPCs to help guide the player through the scenario. some believe they get lost because of the chaos onscreen. but I believe it just needs some control (Dialog, markers, NPCs to follow) to counter balance. I've been working with my writer, KidDeath, on the level scripting.

-The camera is very shaky and disorienting.

The camera bob will be reduced to 40% shakyness, next release.

Well that's all I have time to answer for now. please checkout the website and enjoy your day.


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DarkPivot Aug 18 2010 says:

I love that you're taking these suggestions to make it better, great job. :D I do have another suggestion though. I think you should tone down the camera shake when sprinting just a little bit. I think it's just a bit too much, and this is coming from someone who loves head-bobbing in games. :P

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Narlyteeth Author
Narlyteeth Aug 18 2010 replied:

yeah. I forgot to mention, the camerabob has been reduced to 40%. news article updated.

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DarkPivot Aug 18 2010 replied:

Great! Thanks, can't wait for the next release! :D

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MrTambourineMan Aug 18 2010 says:

Hey man, I really do like your art and your mod, but IMO your concept art for the main menu (even though background looks fantastic by itself) is not really functional. Wildly red background and white letters for the menu make it look cheap, we all know you can do it much better - more "serene" perhaps :). Keep on rockin'

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Micah Aug 18 2010 says:

Awesome game, although I like the more drastic head bobbing and closer FOV than most games used, toning it down just a little would be helpful. I wouldn't set it down to "normal standards" yet rather just tone it down so it's easier to manage in the middle of all that chaos.

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nrdmanreturns Aug 18 2010 says:

Your all very welcome, and I'm also happy to join the mod team as a voice actor and writer.

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|KILroy| Aug 18 2010 says:

Exciting news brah, this project has a bright future with potential.

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Commissar1032 Aug 18 2010 says:

Thank god for people like you guys. I am finally glad to see a Terminator game that is NOT ****. You guys are putting the big developers to shame. Great Job!!!

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CzechDeath Aug 23 2010 says:

Oho yea !

What will be price for this asskick ?

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Narlyteeth Author
Narlyteeth Aug 24 2010 replied:


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Garyn Dakari Sep 9 2010 says:

About the wondering about system requirements, it runs on my PC (3.00Ghz, Nvidia Gforce 8600, 3Gb ram) with a framerate of about 15 FPS. Not very enjoyable, but playable.

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VeganMan Apr 14 2012 says:

Hi guys,Part 1 (thread character limit)

Great effort, but feel it does not hold true to the film. see:

This clip shows the power of the rapid fire terminator weapons, but the resistance use a one to three shot burst because of overheating and probable ammo shortages, and their weapons do sound weaker.

The sounds of the weapons are better in T1, it 'really' captures the resistances struggle against the machines. Also see: ....this guy has really done well to create a library and time-line.

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VeganMan Apr 14 2012 says:

Hi guys, Part 2 (thread character limit)

Also the weapon sight on the main weapon of the resistance would look better see: Flexy sight section:

Some more images here: Google thread on 'image' search: Westinghouse M25A1 Phased Plasma Rifle Flexy Sight

(Main resistance weapon in T1 future scenes, very nice weapon)

Also see:

I think you should approach James Cameron, for advice and story plot, or contact EA Games, what we need is a future based campaign with Kyle Reece (Contact Michael Beihn for voice overs and cut scenes, Linda Hamilton, and Lance Hendrickson?) and John Connor at the core. Perhaps a game based in 2029 LA/ global? In the run upto when the resistance win and smash skynets defence grid. The game ending when Skynet sends the T1 back into 1984. ( Start off, as a loner, recruited into the resistance, start off earning your rank, by resource gathering, etc.

If we get it right, and move away from the basic FPS genre, and really keep it dark, showing the true struggle humanity faced against the machines, you could be on to a global winner. We have been waiting for this game for decades. We must get it absolutely perfect and true to the Terminator. ( It's art and deserves ultimate respect)

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VeganMan Apr 14 2012 says:

Hi guys, Part 3 (thread character limit)

Suggest reviewing footage on youtube for all T1 future war scenes, but 'remember', modern versions of the clips and film have had the sound screwed around with, probably because remastered versions had to be done to keep the content 'out' of the public domain! The first link I have provided is from the 'original' version, and resistance weapons sounds are 'accurate'. In T2 the weapons sounds of the resistance are different, because they are using upgrades. (see But in my opinion the sounds and look of the resistance weapons in T1 are supreme and should be used.

If I can help with any creative ideas let me know, this is very exciting. Please use the Westinghouse M25A1 Phased Plasma Rifle with Flexy Sight.

Keep up the good work.

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VeganMan Apr 14 2012 says:

Hi Guys,Part 4 (Thread character limit)
I have sent this to the Dev's, thought I would share it with you all.

Happy gaming.

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