We made some first progress in the mod! More Info in the Content field.

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We made some new Weapons. The AK74u from Re-Delievery is new Coded and have new sounds. The Inventory is already 80% done! The Skins for the Weaposn are done too! The "Moonman" Texturebug is fixed. New maps are in Planning. Dual Deagles are done! The new Menu is done(but thats only a first version!

A lot of other different changes are done so far.The Menu Bug with the flickering walls is fixed!


The music is Silent Hill-ish.

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Alexgoesnoob Author

This creepy song was originally from Re-Delivery. The mod isn't that famosue and the modding group is gone. I remade the menu witht his song and the most ppl like it =)

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actually the song is from Postal Plus, it plays in the intro to the Park Level

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X988123 Online

nice mod keep it up i love postal. i hop u guys add alote new weapons. say like the 50 cal sniper barret, a mini gun, flame thrower, a law, M240B 7.62mm machinegun, duel tomb raider pistol make it a auto like in the movie, mac 10 uzi, g36, p90 from stargate sg1,

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