A small word about apparent fake reviews plus a nice little update for the next version of release.

Posted by produno on Apr 30th, 2014

Just to make everyone aware, unfortunately it has came to my attention some accounts have been created with the sole purpose to down vote and, as it would seem, attempt to sabotage the mod.

I would like to point you all to this account : Moddb.com

It seems a 24 Yo from Denmark has registered on March 21st, gave the mod a rating of 3 whilst leaving no review and has not been online since or made any other activities.

I find it extremely disappointing that someone would go out of their way to create a fake account in an attempt to sabotage a mod people have been working hard on, in their own spare time to release something free to the community.

If anyone knows the best way to report this to a moderator then please let me know. I would like to ask that anyone leaving a rating for the mod would bare in mind the Alpha status but also leave a review consolidating the reasons for your rating.

Anyway, on a slightly more positive note...

Im hoping to get V0.5.0 out for next week end. I still have quite a few things left to do but i will try my best to reach this target. Other than the updates ive already posted, i have completely revamped the troop tree stats and some troop trees for the whole of Westeros. It would be nice to hear feedback on this once released.

You will notice i have placed some harbour icons on the map. In the future i plan to add a scene to these and enable the use of them to create strategic cut of points from the ocean. This probably wont be for a while yet.

Ive also added some Wight models retextured by khamukkamu. I still need to input the code for them to work as intended though so they probably wont be active until V0.6.0.

You may have all noticed ive started added more screenshots of ingame items. This is from a poll i had going on TW forums. People expressed they would prefer to see more pictures of what the mod has to offer, so i will be populating the images section over the next few days.

A World of Ice and Fire Dev Team.

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manu71186 Apr 30 2014 says:

You have done some cool things with your mod. Sincerely I`ve downloaded it, but I liked more the towns and castles textures amongst other things from ACOK mod; that is the reason why I`m still tracking your mod, and playing the other one. But it is still GREAT what you have accomplished so far.

Ps. Forgive my english.

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zackgreco Apr 30 2014 says:

let me give you a 10 to compensate

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Michadr May 1 2014 says:

The trolling is really stupid. If someone don't like the mod (or any other mod for that matter) simply stay away. Just my thoughts.

Anyway great to have more updates coming (And a Wight announcement ;)

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8105 May 12 2014 replied:

In your world people only allowed to like stuff? That's definition of fascism, you know. ^^

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Sonne2 May 1 2014 says:

Already gave my 10. Don't let them get the best of you brah.

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Sonne2 May 1 2014 says:

*correction, don't let that dweeb get the best of you. You have our support lol.

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produno Author
produno May 4 2014 replied:

Cheers guys for the support! Please see here Aworldoficeandfire.co.uk


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Sirjoot May 8 2014 says:

In relation to what you said in that PM, I HIGHLY doubt it would be Cozur, he is an awesome dude and wouldn't do anything so low.

Edit: I also just gave 10/10 :)

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Sonne2 May 8 2014 replied:

you mean this cozur?


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Sirjoot May 8 2014 buried:


Yes, and unless you can show me proof that what he said is not true, then I remain with my opinion that he is an awesome dude.

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Sonne2 May 8 2014 replied:


scroll down to the last link. He made that review himself. And removed it.

Case Closed.

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Sonne2 May 8 2014 replied:


for future reference lol, ok I'm done here.

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produno Author
produno May 9 2014 replied:

Unfortunately Sirjoot the moderators confirmed it was indeed Cozur that created the false account. I did include their reply in the same post.

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Sirjoot May 9 2014 says:

I honestly don't care, I have played this mod a while now (around 3 hours), it is utter garbage. Everything Cozur said in his post was true. It's a sorry excuse to portray the book series.

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produno Author
produno May 9 2014 replied:

3 hours aint bad time invested in something 'utter garbage'. Though do remember we are at 0.4.0 of ALPHA. Meaning were not even in beta yet. Everything Cozur mentioned in his review has changed for the next release, if you could be bothered to read the countless updates ive posted you would realise this. If you feel you can do better feel free to join the team and help us create the finished version.

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produno Author
produno May 11 2014 replied:

Also, i didnt post this for no reason:


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Guest Nov 12 2015 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest Sep 9 2014 says:

Cozur is an *******,he did this because he is also working on a Game of Thrones mod.

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