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Hi ModDB. Here are your 50 characters. Please enjoy.

Posted by Swartzy on Jul 26th, 2013

Here's the August update a few days early. I want to release it now as I don't want to
compete for news when Misery 2 gets released at the end of this month as it's going to
take over, lol.

  • Weapons still being expanded upon/added. There's a total of almost 40 weapons over vanilla added now, not including vanilla weapon models which have been replaced (which are a combination of Shoker weapons mod weapons and weapons from r_populik's great Original Weapons Renewal. I'm going to try and stay away from confirming/denying any specific weapons at this point though as I've spoiled enough already. You'll see some when I eventually put up a new gameplay video.
  • So I contacted Sin!, the author of "GWR", and scripter/engine extender for "Gunslinger mod". I had hoped that doing some of the cool engine extensions he's doing would be possible before Gunslinger is released (some of the stuff he's done: added ability for misfire/jam animations, different animations for reloading with full vs. empty mag on assault rifles, +1 in the chamber, etc.). Anyways, from what he told me what he did is he is NOT using X-Ray Extensions to do this stuff. He's hooking his own DLL written in Delphi into the game.
    Anyways, I have some stuff I desperately want done in this fashion added to the game. Sin! is too busy/not interested in helping, so if you're someone familiar with Delphi and the Stalker engine I am willing to go to great lengths to fundraise/get donations to PAY YOU to make certain engine modifications. PM me if interested, you can prove you really can do it, and then I would start to try and get money together for you.
  • For gibs with explosives, I made it more sensitive to the radius from the explosion, but also I'm just going to make things a bit "easier" and make generic human gibs, generic dog/pseudodog/giant/chimera/etc. gibs so that a million variants of models don't need to be made.
  • A couple of small features may need to be scrapped. The main one being quick-grenades (sometimes causes strange errors, also the AI does not respond to them).
  • I was going to include some of SWTC skies mod but the hell with that for several reasons. I'm either only using Atmosfear 3 skies or someone can provide me links to some other weather mod and I can see if I can adapt it for usage alongside the AF3 skies.
  • Temp. removed Loner's new foliage. It's great, but stuff like flowers appear way too often, which is something he's told me he is working on fixing.
  • Misery 2.0 is right around the corner :) Once that gets released I'll be able to update the AI in my mod with the latest from theirs, and some other projects that were waiting on it should get started.On top of that it's a very interesting mod and I reccomend playing it.
  • I just want to re-iterate that system requirements are going to be high with this mod. Not only does it take up a lot of disc space, but you will definitely need a fast CPU, a bare minimum of 4gb RAM (I cannot stress enough though that I reccomend 8-12gb), and if you're lucky a SSD to help with stuttering. Many of these requirements hold true for v1.3 of my mod, but if you have an old system 1.9 & 2.0 are going to trash your system. Sorry.

Besides this I'm making great progress, but please understand that I am not prepared to
make a release date at this time. There are too many variables.

That's all for now. See you in around a month.

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TheLozza Jul 26 2013 says:

Can't wait man, good luck on the development:)

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FoxyDouds Jul 27 2013 says:

Hi Man !
Thx for 1.3 version, it's really a good mod.

- i think that a major of USS merits an another outfit than a leather trench coat to begin in the Zone. I change it.
- Stalker Heavy Armor (exo) has no night vision. I change it.
- detector with no beep when in radiation zone (without visual warning). I change radiation_counter.ltx to have sound but it's not nice, i desire crackling.

May you change this in the next version please ?

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Swartzy Author
Swartzy Jul 27 2013 replied:

All 3 already changed.

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FoxyDouds Jul 27 2013 says:

Wellll !!!
I'm in expectative.

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[TZP]LoNer1 Jul 27 2013 says:

Haha, those first 3 lines.

Cant wait man. Tbh this mod is heavily underrated. I'll see if I can do something for you after releasing MISERY. I'd ask nic If I could advertise some more mods for people, because complete and misery aren't the only 2 mods for CoP, but sadly people seem to pick the most well known as standard these days.


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Swartzy Author
Swartzy Jul 27 2013 replied:

Thanks for the kind words :)

I definitely wasn't trying to say Misery was over-rated or anything though, it's quite good, though not quite not my type of thing.

Help would be appreciated but I don't really care if my mod is ever popular or not. I make the mod more for myself than for other people, though if others enjoy it it's always a big plus :)

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marsalandrei Jul 29 2013 replied:

Indeed swartz is underrated. Don't hate, I think I like v1.2 more than 1.3 ( because of being picky with weapons and animations ). Idk what to say about Complete CoP, I only tried it for 2 hrs long time ago and it seemed buggy, weird, since Complete ShoC and CS are flawless

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Mr._S Jul 29 2013 says:

If you're able to implement all these features, I'll be playing this mod like no tomorrow. Awesome!

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Doyle_138 Jul 29 2013 says:

Why would you make the one who would help you to code that, code it especially in Delphi?

Such stuff is not trivial I guess and I don't know what exactly Sin! achieved (have to check that mods) but this can propably done in other languages too at least in C/C++. Also I'm not aware of any features code-wise that only Delphi has. :P

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Swartzy Author
Swartzy Jul 30 2013 replied:

That's just what I was told by Sin!, I thought he said it required knowing Delphi.

I dunno.

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peank Aug 9 2013 says:


Glad to see you're making an update to this great mod of yours. Some questions:

- Would there be some kind of an updated/overhauled economy system to make it harsher?
- Is there a plan to implement some kind of weapon repair system? We can self-repair broken weapons (as to make it usable/sellable) at a high cost (1 repair kit = 2 repairs, or something like that)?
- Are you planning to add more food items, junk items, or items in general (could be unique attachment to new weapons, etc)?


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Swartzy Author
Swartzy Aug 10 2013 replied:

Hi, for the most part I don't plan on doing too much of the above. I don't want to go the Misery route, especially when it comes to adding lots of items.

I'll have some sort of system in place to deal with broken weapons, and the economy may be a little steeper, maybe a couple new items, but that's it.

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peank Aug 11 2013 replied:


Thanks! Much appreciated response. I understand that you do not want to go Misery route (especially with the reception it is currently getting), either way I think variation of food items (instead of just canned food and diet sausage) would make it much more alive in the Zone. As for weapons, the only thing I can think of besides silencers and scopes(for new weapons) are stuff like red dot sights, expanded magazines, and so on.

Can't wait for Swartz 2.0! Hopefully you'll be bringing in new weapons with faction ranking system holding best weapons when they are high-ranking (just like what you have now), minus the radiation system.

Harsher economy would be much better. You could also (as a suggestion) limit what kind of weapons are available per zone (or by trader) so that you can keep the higher tier weaponry for later areas, aside from stashes...

Either way, keep up the great work!

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Swartzy Author
Swartzy Aug 11 2013 replied:

There will be stuff like red dot sights. There will usuaully be multiple optics options per weapon (acog, eotech, and aimpoint for NATO, and 1p29, kobra for Soviet).

There will also be special variants of weapons with expanded magazines or other special features, but I don't want to add them as attachments for a variety of reasons (the scopes are enough).

The radiation is gone, so no worries about that.

In terms of ranking for weapons, etc. I have it planned out quite well so the npc's sorta progress as you progress. It will also be somewhat random on top of that.

In terms of economy, as like the above, you won't be able to get really nice weapons early on, you also move through equipment in tiers.

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peank Aug 11 2013 replied:

Yippee!! :) This is exactly what I want to hear. I do not care much for weapon variations, but you likely have more new weapons in your mod that I know (maybe a bit less than SGM?)

I think would be better to customize the loadout of items that vendors have so we can see some kind of 'progression' in terms of weapon availability. Of course you can kind of 'cheat' a bit if you kill and get a sweet loot from a difficult NPC early on. Seems like you already kind of implemented this in your current version, so that is nice.

What I meant by harsher economic can be more expensive bullets (and scarcer when looting) so we have to conserve bullets (although not to the Misery-extreme). More expensive weapons and armor would be good too, but I know you already have that in mind.

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