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this is directed to EA haters/Anti-EA people and any one willing to listen.

Posted by Admiral-165 on Dec 6th, 2009

Hello everybody!

I've been noticing lately a lot of EA haters loitering around CNC Paradise namely playmsbk. People like n5p29 have been asking them to stop but they haven't and i think it's time for someone to take a stand against they dumb-ass, immature, shit-brained children.

now don't get me wrong believing in something isn't a bad thing but most people know when they take it too far. i.e. making up lists of why EA sux or lists of make-believe or incredibly obscure ways to kill EA like getting some dead old greek to wish them luck... yeah, that makes sense.

Sometimes people do things like this for fun but it seems playmsbk BELIEVES what he's saying is true, that's taking it too far.

He believes he can rally the internet, like Lenin did with russia, under his banner and march on EA and kill them or something.

No body is going to follow some 13 year old dumb-ass like you, you have the intelligence of a jellyfish, and they don't have any fucking brains!

I remember Feillyne once told me he wouldn't allow me to be a moderator on the SAGE group because i was 14 (15 now) because i wasn't mature enough because i was young. I proved to him that i was mature enough and now you, playmsbk, come here and prove to the entire world that 13 year olds arn't mature enough to do shit.

Too sum this all up any EA hater i find i will report and i suggest anyone here who thinks logically should do the same. I don't want to force this upon everyone but people like playmsbk need to stop what their doing, not because it's harming EA but because they're setting up a bad name for the modding community as a whole.

Do we want to be remembered as CNC modders? or do we want to be remembered as some stupid, childish, immature 13 year old? The choice is yours...

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TotalSnappy Dec 7 2009, 2:46am says:

So true, why do you think I gave up on the C&C 4 forums. Every 1 in 3 threads followed the lines of 'OMG ITZ TEH END OV CNC' or 'EA PAILZ'

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 7 2009, 6:27am replied:

LOL. I wonder if they ever played new games or they're just old C&C fanboys with no experience (with new C&C) whatsoever.

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Ka! Dec 7 2009, 2:59pm replied:

It IS the end of C&C. It's gonna be a game which resembles C&C only in faction and game name. Nothing more. Come on.. Tib crystals falling from the sky? No bases? Bases and tiberium harvesting are what defined C&C...

I don't particularly hate EA, but damn man.. they're ******* up C&C.

Besides.. what happened to the gritty atmosphere that was there in TibSun? I know TibSun is a Westwood product, but atleast make the planet seem more deteriorated then it was back then. That's about C&C3 and up.

not to forget the cartoon-isch style currently in use on C&C4, that just shreds the serious feeling C&C always had. If I wanna see a catoon-isch tounge-in-cheek RTS I'll play RA.

Besides.. C&C isn't an RTS the way it is now, it's an RTT.

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qpac Dec 7 2009, 3:04pm replied:

That's exactly what I think! Some say that C&C3 was already inferior (which I don't agree with), but this is going to be a failure. In rewievs at least.

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open_sketchbook Dec 7 2009, 3:21pm replied:

So? Renegade was an FPS, that was even FARTHER removed. And don't talk to me about Sole Survivor.

Just watch. After C&C4 they'll do another RA game or Generals, and I bet it'll resemble the old games. What do you people have against experimenting?

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TotalSnappy Dec 7 2009, 3:54pm replied:

people are afraid of change, there's nothing else to it

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MrTaxikiller Dec 7 2009, 3:58pm replied:

no look if you make a RTS stay with base building and resource and don't delete that and put a pop-cap in man it almost looks like halowars C&C4 if you ask me.

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Elementalist Dec 7 2009, 10:11pm replied:

... I have no idea what you just said.

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decnal Dec 8 2009, 6:00pm replied:

they makin a generals 2 i think n the new engine

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 8 2009, 2:07am replied:

@Ka!, don't try to prove that people criticising EA are old C&C fanboys. = /

B/c you seem to be one. = / Why? C&C3 has Tib chasms, Tib infested maps... remember Nod Australian mission when the Scrin shown up?
No? You just prove the validity of your arguments.

Only GDI troops look like UN soldiers/peacekeepers (and Nod Militia looks a bit out of place, which was improved in KW).
The rest is gloomy enough. Also somebody has forgotten about the main menu animation after starting the game?

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Ka! Dec 8 2009, 10:04am replied:

I'm not saying C&C3 was bad, besides, you only added to one of the arguments I brought. There were tiberium chasms, yes, but there's no tiberian lifeforms except for the scrin. I haven't seen any of that orangy weed stuff, no ion storms, nothing that showed the horrible nature of tiberium either. I don't see you 'remembering' any of those.

Sequels need to add to the game, not subtract. They should've build upon the terrain deformation that TibSun added imo, but I could play without.

C&C4 will be the end of the Tiberium story arc, why differ from the rest of the series now? It just doesn't make any logical sense.

They should just delete the C&C namebranding on this product if it stays the same. Simply because.. Well, it isn't C&C anymore.

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Ka! Dec 8 2009, 10:21am replied:

Sorry for the double post, but I'm not afraid of change like Trak888 said. I just dissagree with the way EA is handeling the development of C&C4, which should be the 'epic conclusion' of the tiberium story arc, which I find far less then epic in it's current state.

@Open_sketchbook: Yes, Renegade was an FPS, but I liked the game. It still had the C&C feel imo. The singleplayer sucked but the multiplayer was hella fun. Which is why I play Renegade X when I feel like it.

C&C3 still had that C&C feel, but C&C4 just doesn't. No tiberium harvesting, no basebuilding. Those 2 things defined C&C and you can't deny that. C&C has always been your avarage RTS, and it should stick with it, just add more features.

For the post above, I forgot to add that tiberium should be able to spread EVERYWHERE, not be limited to a certain radius.

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playmsbk Dec 8 2009, 10:40am replied:

cnc3 was my first cnc. i never said i hated it. what won me over was the cnc feeling. i will agree with u about RA3 for the cartoony graphics but i ve played RA2 and only the units were like they got out of cartoons. most of u surely havent played TT and have no idea how its like. there is no cnc feeling and u said RA was ment to be cartoonish. the units look a bit more real than RA3's. there is tiberium dropping from the sky in a gdi like flying cocoon, CP, nod has more powerfull units than gdi, the only way to go is spamming. but there are good things. they have kept some reallity, crawlers die nicely, its a little fun to play, noobs have became powerfull. i see u guys hate me. i dont know why. its because i dont like EA or its because i dont like EA, i show it to u and i am 13 years old? more have posted against EA why did u focus on me? why dont u just kill me and end this?

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 8 2009, 6:14pm replied:

There is a 'horrible' nature of Tib. Infantry die when they are in its proximity / on it.

I miss Ion Storms too, but I avoid hating anybody for cutting that feature out.

And now even more... I can't be angry for that... when you try to learn some programming languages, you'll see why.

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Ka! Dec 8 2009, 9:51pm replied:

I know what modders can do, I've worked in some myself. They're not on my profile page though, was years ago back when HL1 was the hot ****. Assuming I don't know anything about what a modteam could do because there's no mods on my profile page is hillarious at best.

I'm not hating on anyone, I just dissagree with the way EA is going with the Tiberium Universe of C&C, atleast in C&C4. It makes no sense at all to remove gameplay elements from previous games UNLESS they had a negative effect on gameplay, which a lot of the elements in C&C TibSun didn't. Neither did basebuilding or harvesting in C&C3.

The horrible nature of tiberium has always been apparent by the point you described. The horrible nature of the stuff on the enviroment hasn't, that's what I miss in C&C3 and up. I'm not saying C&C3TW and KW were bad games, quite the opposite I pretty much liked them.

Your point is that modders can then change the game to their liking, which is true. But that shouldn't be necessary. I'm in the beta and I know that a majority of the people in the forums actually dissagree with the current system in place for the game. There's even been a couple of good threads about how they could compromise between the new system and the classic C&C system. This is one of the things a Beta is for.

The people who say that the development team behind C&C4 is doing what the gamers wants is at this point an invalid statement. Why? Because they simply aren't. for one, the cartoon-isch stye known from RA(3). I know they're using the RA3 engine, the graphics from that engine are crisp really. I'm just wondering why they didn't stick with the heavily modified W3D engine used for C&C3, nor did they add the gritty atmosphere that is shown in all of the C&C tiberium games.

Anyways.. I could keep going on and on, but let me ask you this feillyne: why did you not even touch most of the points I made? you barely scratch their surface.

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 9 2009, 8:24am replied:

I have no time for that, and you have some pretty good points, which don't need to be commented.

The problem is that modding is for changing or bringing back what was taken. We should 1) let them do as they wish 2) beg for more moddable engine or more & better modding tools.

Also, mod teams should be more... fanatic, more enthusiastic.

This way we can have both 1) an original RTT and 2) very good RTS mods.
Yup, C&C4 has gone RA, although it isn't that visible or uncomfortably protruding. Nevertheless... they or WE should do something about it.

The actual product / modding isn't a problem. The problem is the general moddability of the final product. More and easier moddable engines/games live longer (vide C&C3, RA3 is hardly useful for TC mods).

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Ka! Dec 9 2009, 11:14pm replied:

Atleast we got to an agreement about something there. I just dissagree that a game can only be good once it's modded. In it's current state, C&C4 is not a good game. I know it's a beta, but between the beta and the somewhat planned release date is very little time for adjustment of gameplay mechanics.

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Astor Dec 7 2009, 6:42am says:

I don't want to kill them or something like that, I only hate that they buy and closed Westwood, Pandemic etc... There are also some good games, like Generals, BFMEII,...

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OrangeNero Dec 7 2009, 8:17am says:

take a look at the vids of cnc3. they re "not so serious good welldone "
than tibsun or older cnc. for example Slavik was badass and i liked him alot, AJ hes just gay. for most of the ea haters, they feel like there are 2 separate cnc. the one from westwood (tiberiumconflikt-tibsun) and the ea cnc (red alert2 - cnc4).

they or we think its their fault to split the universes, kane was in RA1. cnc3 feels more like battle for middleearth than cnc. and they just try to make things right without a clear way: removing Titan, MMK2 just to bring them back?

plus i liked the "style" from the older cnc.

so please have mercy with the ea haters. they have a reason to hate. but cnc paradise might not be the right place for that. so all the ea haters go to
and post the hatingshit there.

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 7 2009, 12:23pm replied:

No, they don't.

I'm grateful that they have continued and preserved C&C in spite of all of EA haters! Grateful. And I'll be forever even if they release C&C7 in 2013.

Besides, C&C3 squads is one of the best ideas out there.
That's why I love BFME/BFME2 so much. Squads! Regiments! Not some random soldiers going for a walk. Although RA3 is my favourite new C&C game, it sucks when it comes to squads, but maybe it's better for RA3.

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Arteides Dec 7 2009, 8:55am says:

I totaly agree with admiral-165

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Hellsevil22 Dec 7 2009, 10:41am says:

I agree with admiral too. But EA did fudge some of CNC. At least they put intel explaining where the mechs went in CNC3. Bravo Admiral-165. :D

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AwsomeCake Dec 7 2009, 11:44am says:

an interesting text Admiral, i quite enjoyed reading it.

Also to the EA haters. Games making and publishing are just business, believe it or not their highest goal is not to please YOU, they make the games after what the general gamers want, whatever helps heighten profit and lower the costs they will do. That means for example shutting down Pandemic or Westwood that don't earn enough money. Or making the same darn sports game every single year, because so many people buy it every single time. If you don't like it, dont buy the games, your whining will not help topple EA or something.
That's just American imperialism and capitalism for ya.

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qpac Dec 7 2009, 2:47pm replied:

I agree with you. But I think you'll buy a game, if you're pleased with it, and thats why I don't understand EA sometimes (well, the games might be just overhyped).

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Totenkopf Dec 7 2009, 12:55pm says:

what AwsomeCake said - don't like it, don't buy it. like the idea, but don't like the content/execution - that's where the modding comes into play >:D
there are many reasons why people hate. some think corporations taking over companies kill everything that was good about them or are just pure evil. some like to defend their own investments (bought something. now it's the best thing ever, all other stuff is 'bad'). others are just trolling.
p.s. EA does good things too you know, but it's all about the money

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 7 2009, 1:30pm replied:

It must be about the money. The other notion is: "being a soldier should end in a suicide". Yes, yes, companies not about money either 1) beg other people to donate or 2) end like suicides.

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 7 2009, 1:34pm says:

Besides, think of salaries as costs for the company.

Count monthly salary of a designer/programmer, multiply it by a number of months.

Even the low salary such as $1000-$2000 dollars end over $10000-$20000 a year. Then you must multiply by a WHOLE team of devs. Say 10-20 people, you have $100000-$400000 a year, at the very low number of people. To say nothing of many years.

Finally think of advertising costs, shipping games to shops, various other minor and major costs. You think it's a cheap business? No way.

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TotalSnappy Dec 7 2009, 2:41pm replied:

why do you think mods are usually so slow, because its not done for money hence money must be earned else where, reducing time working on the project.

So its
money money money = games or no money = end of commercial gaming

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 8 2009, 1:56am replied:

Yup, maybe some day... you know... eww, dreams. = / Free intellectual property...

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qpac Dec 7 2009, 2:43pm says:

I hate EA for what they've done to the C&C saga. But they may partially redeem themselves with the new MoH.
And expressing opinions is everyone's right! Even if you disagree with this guy, writing a whole article about dosen't seem to be a good idea. Unless that "kid" is that bad.

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 8 2009, 2:00am replied:

LOL, I actually like "NEW" C&C, so I don't understand you at all. WTF "what they've done to C&C saga"? What have they done?! Refreshed it, and brought back from a 7-year break?!

And what's more, C&C3 and RA3 are quite nice... but as I said, it's a matter of taste. That DOESN'T mean they screwed something up. Not at all.

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qpac Dec 8 2009, 3:03pm replied:

You may found it surprising, but I have C&C3, and I like it. But Red Aert 3... it would be awesome WITHOUT Japan. What they're going to screw up, is C&C4. We shall see.

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 8 2009, 6:15pm replied:

WTF?! The Empire is the coolest faction so far. The transformation ability pwns all. Are you anti-Japanese/Manga/Anime person or something?

And NO, I'm not a Manga/Anime fan. I have watched very few movies/comics. And still, I consider this faction as the coolest one... they did best!

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qpac Dec 9 2009, 10:44am replied:

As they're introduced, and the campaign storyline, that's what I don't like. And animes (because all of them (what I've seen so far) have featured kids, gathering cards (or other ****), and ridicoulus fighting. (I'm not against card collecting, but this combo just sucks.))

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 9 2009, 10:54am replied:

WTF?! You criticise Anime/Manga for cards and various other stuff completely unrelated to the actual arts? Well, you can bash also Western culture for their selling of everything.

It has NOTHING to do with the Empire of Rising Sun. I wonder why you don't like the storyline? You don't like Japanese culture/'religion' or spiritual path or such crazy campaign with an epic unit in it?

It's your taste. Yours. The actual matter and importance is to have it in HQ. Ideas are ideas.
Liking it or not doesn't influence the quality in any way. It's only your taste.

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playmsbk Dec 7 2009, 2:50pm says:

i dont wait that all people come to me if i say "Follow me guys! We will **** up the internet and then lets ruin everything people believe about the modders." i am not the only 1 who hates ea around here or makes up lists on how to kil ea and posts anti-ea things u know. the only thing that makes u focus on me is my age and thats sad. most people on the net hate EA and i am just 1 of those millions of gamers who saw their beloved games get destroyed and hate EA. u say i am not mature cause i dont want to look only at the good side of things. if a nuke is fired and millions are killed what wil u say? "oh nice we had more light for a while". no i dont think so. u will say its a pity millions got killed.
its the same thing. but no. cause i am 13 years old u will just say i am imature.
and Lenin didnt **** up Russia. u are just stupid Americans brainwashed to follow 1 ideology and hate everyone else's. those who dont follow the same ideology as u are terrorists who want to kill everyone, dont believe to god and are evil. those great wealthed nations are the good guys and no matter what they use to acomplish their goal. they are allowed to kill anyone they see cause hes a "terrorist" a communist or the nation's enemy. Lenin got russia out of capitalistic and imperiaslistic **** and gave the light to russia to go forward. i hope u cought the meaning cause this wasnt only for defending Lenin's name.

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AwsomeCake Dec 7 2009, 4:00pm replied:

okay so first of all, the only thing that's sad is you hating EA because they want to earn money, grow up, unfortunately we don't live in this magical paradise where all people are good, generous and loving. The games industry is as i said earlier just a business and as long as people buy and enjoy EA games they will keep making them the way they do

And what the hell did the whole nuke thing have to do with this? i think you need to work on your metaphors.

Also as far as i saw he wasn't insulting Lenin in any way, he just used him as an example because he rallied an entire nation.

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playmsbk Dec 8 2009, 8:27am replied:

i didnt say give the games for free or stop making them. they should make good games and sell them 60 Euros not 30 Euros and then making a sequel in 2 years which also isnt good to get the money they would earn if they made a game whose development took 3 years and its better and they sell it 60 euros. and i am not talking about cnc or pc games only. as u know consoles to the generation of PS2 and Xbox cant be modded. consoles just started to be moddable and are hard to be modded.

i mean that u MUST see mostly the bad side of things and this is an example of a very bad thing and that has only a bad side.

he didnt ruin russia. he saved it from imperialism.

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moretanks!!! Dec 7 2009, 3:29pm says:

i'm just rather annoyed that there would be no singleplay in cnc4...
no base building, no tib, that's experimentation.

but no singleplay is forced use of an account which might not work.

note: however, this might be a new way of preventing pirating it - piratee games don't have mods, multiplay or movies, nor can it download patches, so if EA release a patch with singleplay , there will be NO pirating... hehe...

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Elementalist Dec 7 2009, 10:21pm replied:

I'm... Sorry? No 'singleplay'? Where exactly are you getting this from? It -says- on game info play the campaign solo.

Or are you talking about offline play?

Also, have you played World in Conflict? It doesn't have base building or resource harvesting, and it's -amazing-. I'm not in the beta, but those two things alone don't ruin my hopes for CNC4. :)

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 8 2009, 1:54am replied:

Well, it ain't that bad. Ain't half as bad as they... 'underhype'/anti-hype it. It's just different. Very different. It's not a regular RTS anymore.

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Elementalist Dec 8 2009, 2:49am replied:

Well, honestly, my first RTS that hooked me was Age of Empires (had never even heard of Command and Conquer till Tib Sun!), and considering how much that series has changed, I'm used to the idea of change. :P

And World in Conflict feels like an RTS to me, and as said, CNC4 sounds very similar. I guess like you said in response to someone else, it's all taste. ^-^

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qpac Dec 8 2009, 3:05pm replied:

WiC is not in the same category with C&C (yeah, I know that they're both RTS). I think.

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Ka! Dec 8 2009, 3:36pm replied:

WiC is an RTT, not an RTS. C&C4 in it's current state is an RTT as well.

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Kerubim90 Dec 7 2009, 3:59pm says:

Admiral-165, I admire your stand against this. I do not like EA either, but I don't go raging 24/7. Agreed that it's been going too far. And this really was worth the read. ;)

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AwsomeCake Dec 7 2009, 4:05pm says:

the irony is that everyone is complaining about how EA are so unoriginal and how they always make the same game. But when they try do do something new with the C&C series they all want it to be just another remake of the previous games with a few updates.

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Admiral-165 Author
Admiral-165 Dec 7 2009, 4:25pm says:

Firstly, CNC4 won't be the end of CNC because it will suck, it's just a different game...

@Kerubim90 - yeah i think EA could've made some better choices but it's in human nature to make mistakes and to learn from them.

@moretanks!!! - nice name :D. yeah thats true, but if theg ame was perfect then what would modding be for?

@playmsbk - Firstly i was using you as an example because yor the most prominant example i could think of.

Secondly i'm not picking on you because your 13 (i'm only 1 and a half years older than you anyways) i was saying your creating a bad name for younger modders.

If you gave a **** and took one second to look at my profile you would see:
A) I'm 15 so i have no reason to call you out on being young
B) I'm from Canada not America
C) I have a communist poster and i'm getting an Ushanka for Christmas with a hammer and sickle emblem which means i'm not a capitalist. No where in my paragraph did i say Lenin was bad all i simply said was "He believes he can rally the internet, like Lenin did with russia" so simply i said Lenin rallied Russia. If you want to know a bit about me it's that i believe Capitalism is ruining the world.

I would like to know where you pulled these comments out of?
"those who dont follow the same ideology as u are terrorists"
"they are allowed to kill anyone they see cause hes a "terrorist" a communist or the nation's enemy."

seriously did you pull them out your ***? I mention Lenin and all of a sudden you're saying i'm a capitalistic, religious, facist or something?
I believe in communism not capitalism and facism and i'm an atheist.

You assume because i live in North Ameirca that i'm christian and capitalist. Okays so i'm gonna assum since you live in Greece you pray to Zeus and eat feta cheese with olives. I'm sure you don't do that (except maybe feta and olives cuz they're good) so it's a very unfair assumption.

+3 votes   reply to comment
Admiral-165 Author
Admiral-165 Dec 7 2009, 4:30pm says:

sorry for double post but:

@Awesome Cake - i agree with the whole nuke thing, i could understand what he meant but it seemed out of place. ALso the whole originality thing is agree with, it's like "damned if you do, damned if you don't."

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Dec 8 2009, 1:44am replied:

Yeah, complaining about one thing, and when they start to make it as they wish, they complain that they do so... -_-

+1 vote   reply to comment
Warlock_23 Dec 8 2009, 12:43am says:

Happily Agreed On Admiral!!!

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