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Latest news of our development status with some general notice as well some background story. MISERY 2.0 will release on July 31 2013.

Posted by N.Aaroe on Mar 10th, 2013



Thanks for all the encouragement and feedback that we get.
This is the reason why we put such an effort into the public display and promoting of our mod project.
In case you are interested the currently active MISERY development team is:

See Q12 in the FAQ for more credits.

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leeleegabriel Jun 24 2013 says:


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[TZP]LoNer1 Jun 24 2013 says:

There you go guys.

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Killer_fagot Jul 21 2013 replied:

Did you guys think of fixing the supplies? Now look, im not trying to be a dickshit but srsly who goes to the worlds most dangerous place with 1 BULLET -__- Nice work i mean u try to make it difficult as possible, but you should also make it realistic as possible. Same goes with the medkits and food.TY in advance i guess.

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Guest Jul 30 2013 replied:

Dont change!Keep it difficult please. Difficulty means we have to think on alternatives to overcome challenges,thx!

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practik Jun 24 2013 says:

Oh my god!
I had a hope to play in vacation in july. But this is crash of hopes.
Ok, i think you are have very important reasons fot this. Anyway, we will wait and hope. But peolpe from russian community was very sad. Ok, it's all will be good.

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Smoothskin Jun 24 2013 says:

This sets back Misery to September for me :(

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Gunnerman091 Jun 24 2013 says:

Guess its worth the waiting

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joesb Jun 24 2013 says:

Great news! This is going to mix perfectly with my August vacation :) Thanks for the update guys. I'm still baffled over the amount of labor you put into this! Btw, gotta love the TODDTHELIAR section :D

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boredgunner Jun 24 2013 says:

lol Todd got his own message. He's just going to troll harder now. But this is cool, now I should have time to finish SGM before this comes out.

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[TZP]LoNer1 Jun 24 2013 replied:

Troll harder? Nahh, not when his posting rights are taken away. I've had enough of him. Leandro got a warning as well.

I'm not going to be the nice guy again, giving people multiple chances of proving theirselves over and over again. In the future, you'll get 1 warning from me if you post messages which contain degrading content or excessive aggressiveness, after that I'll delete your content and if you choose to keep commenting, you'll end up like Todd.

*Degrading content /=/ (does not equal) constructive criticism. If you're calling names, being agressive or just degrading and talking thrash, don't think I or any other team member will take you seriously. if you have feedback, bring it in a polite way and we'll consider it. Easy as that

And props to you Bored, for both backing us up and keeping updated with content. You, and all the others spreading news deserve your fair share of credit!

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EddyGamer Jun 24 2013 says:


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mrmohamed2001 Jun 24 2013 says:

Well, July 31 isn't that far.. Thanks for letting us know of the progress.

Time to start my quest for a good STALKER COP mod.

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Meowjar Jun 24 2013 buried:


**** !!!!!!!! OMG **** **** **** **** !!!!!!! WHY ?!?! FUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKK !!!

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Furman Jun 24 2013 says:

Oh well, shouldn't have gave us so many hopes. This update isn't something I hoped for...
Never mind, keep up the good work.

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Psynamo Jun 24 2013 says:

You just need to think, how massive 1.0 was to begin with, and of course it took patches after being published, and I have no doubt that no matter how polished anyone could feel over 2.0, it would eventually need some form of patch. Y'know, you guys have done all of this work for nothing, and I've seen mods as big as these [some even smaller] die out of development, for whatever reasons. And as a watcher since M1.0, you guys have worked to the bone on something non-profitable and simply for the fans.

I'd personally, like to say thank you, to each developer of this modification, for all that you've done and coped with over the past months and for how much effort and consideration you have put in for all of us, and that we get your work free of charge for an amazing game. And not just for 2.0, but for the Misery concept, since the beginning of January 2012.

Thank you, for not giving up on your community. <33
Much love.

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[TZP]LoNer1 Jun 24 2013 replied:

Messages like these keep us rolling. Thanks bro, we all take it to the heart very closely. It indeed is our vision to share this son a b mod with you guys, and as soon as possible :)

o7 - Salute, STALKER.

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Guest Jun 24 2013 says:

I was thinking, "They probably haven't posted anything because they're uploading the mod." Thanks either way. I can't wait to try this mod out! You guys have done a great deal of work to develop this mod and I think you deserve a "thank you" or some sort of appreciation for whoever try this mod out even if they don't enjoy it.

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roro66 Jun 24 2013 says:

just a few weeks and i'll be lost for a long time in the zone again :p i cant wait :D

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Matqo Jun 24 2013 says:

Oh noes, Im going on holidays 2 days after the release date D:

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Guest Jun 29 2013 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

skogkniv Jun 24 2013 says:

Very excited!!

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Sovietgoner Jun 24 2013 says:

Alright, so I got a month to prepare food, have a good talk with my family, girlfriend, doctor and bid them farewell for a while.

Thank you for your hard work, team ;)

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Smoothskin Jun 24 2013 says:

So there will be more weekly polls?

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UtterHopelessNoob Jun 24 2013 says:

Excellent! I'll have about 2 weeks to get my virtual face dirty with the mod right before the start of the next semester, with a nice long period of time to play other games (or none at all) between now and then.

I'm glad to see you guys taking this attitude-- I understand the desire to make something perfect, but also know pretty well how badly holding yourself to too high a standard can actually limit your ability to do your best. Relax and breathe a little.

Best of luck!

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HDKramer Jun 24 2013 says:

To the Misery Dev' Team : Thank you. Thank you for all your work, your artworks, those awesome features and listening of Stalker community. You didn't give up and that's already a tremendous point. Stalkers from every country have followed the project, from the beginning of 1.0 to this update.

Thanks again to bring back "life" in Stalker. Cheers up for all real life problems you can face and...

Good hunting Stalker ;)

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Beeeerbaron Jun 24 2013 says:

.... July "31" .. :D :D .... NIIIIIIICE!!!!! Awesome work Guys!

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Rhialto Jun 24 2013 says:

True beta testing starts July 31st. ;-)

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The_German Jun 25 2013 says:

I'd marry all of you guys (no ****)

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Nortonskey Jun 25 2013 says:

Where is Todd by the way?
It feels much less homey here now that he is gone.
He was also all in all the only person who would be up front about his criticism of the project.

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[TZP]LoNer1 Jun 25 2013 replied:

You should know that I get around 8 to 12 pm's average a day about the mod. Many, and I mean, many kinds of people are suggesting idea's. Some even make it into the team with their ideas and these get taken into consideration. Todd, chose to display himself in ... another way.

Also, he's been banned from posting. Aka, his rights to comment have been removed.

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Nortonskey Jun 25 2013 replied:

That is quite understandable.
But does an expression of a personal opinion really warrant a removal from the discussion altogether?
Or was Todd doing anything more serious than commenting on the mod updates?

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[TZP]LoNer1 Jun 25 2013 replied:

Todd wasn't really expressing his opinion anymore, so hence these consequences. There's been a lot going on behind the curtains, which the people who just visit this page can't see.

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AoXo Jun 30 2013 replied:

There is a thing called "constructive criticism" which myself and many others were able to provide - it helps the team identify weak points and unpopular decisions they make in order to improve the mod. Todd had no understanding of this concept and it didn't help anyone. He thought everyone was sucking up to the team, or whatever term he wanted to use, without having any idea how these guys worked. Even in public view they responded well to criticism and encouraged it. Behind the scenes they have incredibly long and indepth discussions about those concerns. Todd chose to ait his concerns by borderline harrassing the team and causing trouble in the comment sections.

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Nortonskey Jun 30 2013 replied:

Was there any harassment? Death threats, disinfo, spam, anything that violated the rules of the site? I am not implying anything(except I obviously am), I am just assuming that you have a more complete picture of the events than I do.

Now is the comment section barred to anything but constructive criticism? How is it so if half the comments on this dev report alone are mindless exclamations of joy that contribute nothing to the creative process?
Do you think the devs should ban all of these commenters as well?

May I just say that you are going a little bit overboard. I may not like what Todd or all these joyous appraisers here write down, but I will devote my time to rant about the potential of everyone to contribute to an idea being stumped by unreasonable zeal of the idea's supporters.

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[TZP]LoNer1 Jul 1 2013 replied:

May I set some things straight here, because you're indeed making assumptions without knowing who 'Todd' was. His first impression of me was with his same account but it was called "MuhMisery" and it was intended to mock both the team and the mod with, spamming images which would lead to conflict on the page. Spam, hateful messages, yes. In fact, he got his permission to post taken away on that very first day. I then granted him redemption because I saw truth in his feedback, but this quickly evolved into searching and reacting on the community, while I warned him not to because it leads to conflict.

Now, this is a PM I sent him, and this goes for every and anyone like Todd:

Loner1 wrote:I'm sorry for your feelings, but I've noticed that it takes a lot of effort to make you feel like you're being treated right. And frankly, I don't want to put effort into someone like you. I tried, I failed. Nothing seems good enough, especially when we clearly state we do things like we want to do them.

So, think and shout what you want, but in the end it's the team pulling the strings, not you. We update how we want to update the mod, with you being a mere follower of the event. So enjoy while you're at it, just don't overdo things. Excessive hate-directed messages will be deleted.

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[TZP]LoNer1 Jul 1 2013 replied:

He then continued to PM me about the removal of his reactions on the page and threads, in which I send him the following PM:

Loner1 wrote:Another notion, Todd.

I've deleted some of your replies towards others. The reason being to prevent them reacting to you, because we both know it will lead to nothing but the frustration of both parties. You know how some people think of the mod, some highly regard it and won't take criticism, so just don't take the bait in reacting again (example, the comment on page 2 of the BETA report)

You told the team and I 2 times already that you would lay back off commenting. How many times are you going to promise loose statements? Nic was right, even though you don't do it on purpose, you've created quite the name for yourself. Even if you post something not even close to trolling you get vote-bombed.

So again, if you know the consequence of commenting, why not just think like:"Meh, I have better stuff to do"


He then proceeded with reacting on what he wanted, ignoring all the warnings I gave him about commenting and the communities "thoughts" of his reactions. I mean, he build up quite the rep. Whatever he said, it got vote-bombed within the hour or so.

And, I applied the same technique to his comments and reactions as he did with the team, react on what I want to react to. Childish? Maybe. Effective and to the point? Most definitely. He's history now, and while I'm sure he's still lurking the page, he's at least not causing any trouble.

Also, he asked for this* but I didn't want the admins to ban him at first, until he started calling people "smug little bitches" because that took away all believability for me. Childish provocative behaviour.


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Guest Jun 25 2013 says:

This is awesome.

Thank you and the whole modding team for this... awesomness.

You are literally taking this game to the next gen for this type of games :)

With this my expectations of next horro/survival game will be very, very high from now on :)

p.s. i really do hope you guys will turn this hobby in to full time job and will not let your talents go to waste :P

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antirussia Jun 27 2013 says:

Thanks for the news. As we all know, in the game industry one month delay is, in fact, no delay at all ;)
I'm waiting (in)patiently. Cheers, "Misery" Dev. Team!

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Greaves93 Jun 28 2013 says:

Great! We have a date.

Thank you all for the time and effort put into this mod, and your dedication to get this done for the community. I really appreciate it.

Cheers, and enjoy the upcoming holidays!

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Guest Jun 29 2013 says:

I am quite excited about it being so close.

+2 votes     reply to comment
rantell Jul 1 2013 says:

yes yes yes yes yes

+3 votes     reply to comment
ghussack Jul 4 2013 says:

wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! I "have come here for months" :D
it is good when you tell what is happening, sorry for the ppl that had probs in their r.l. :(

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Joker86 Jul 5 2013 says:

Awesome news with that deadline of yours.

I still thin it's a pity to see Todd gone (for us at least, who won't hear of him any more). He was a good means to keep the community together, some kind of Dark Knight if you want. He is Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen, some sort of. Though not deliberately.

I don't know about this pathologic urge to troll, but somehow I found it really entertaining. It's not like he could really poison the community, since to all mentally sane persons it's abvious he needs help.

I would really like to know what kind of guy he is in RL. I mean, how old is he? What does he do for life? Is he still a student? Does he have many friends?

I really like to know what influences can create a Todd.

But you should unmute him for the release of 2.0, since you said yourself that some of his critics had a point. I bet we are all old enough to deal with the rest. My choice to deal with it will be: feeling entertained.

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LForerunner Jul 11 2013 says:

oh YEAH!!

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ghussack Jul 14 2013 says:

"You will find bugs, you will have crashes."

hey, when you release it, call it "Release Candidate 1", there are many ppl that are good on tracking lua script bugs and may help!

after a week or two, call it "Release Candidate 2" and so on, until you can believe it is patched enough to be called "Final Release" :)

thx for developing it, I cant wait to test/play xD

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Guest Jul 20 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

moddbplayer Jul 23 2013 says:

Perfect release timing!
Because it's holiday time period in August for Bavaria Germany :-)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jul 24 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

antirussia Jul 29 2013 replied:

STALKER trilogy is much better than overrated Metro. Fact.

0 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jul 29 2013 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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