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Crytek Releases CryENGINE®3 SDK Free-of-Charge the same tools that have been used to create their next generation AAA game Crysis 2.

Posted by Duruk on Aug 17th, 2011

Crytek Releases CryENGINE®3 SDK Free-of-Charge

First announced back in April, fast forward a few months and it is finally here. Crytek has released the Free-of-Charge CryENGINE®3 SDK , the same tools that have been used to create their next generation AAA game Crysis 2. (For PC, X360 and PS3)

Crytek wrote: It includes the CryENGINE®3 Sandbox™ level editor, a production-proven, 3rd generation “What you see is what you play” (WYSIWYP) - tool designed by and for professional developers.

According to Crytek you will have the same tools that commercial licenses can use. It allows you to create a game from scratch. Crytek also ensures us that the SDK will be updated regularly.
If you want to release your game onto platforms other than PC, or you need access to CryENGINE 3 source code you will need to contact Crytek.


With the release of the SDK Crytek encourages developers to use their engine and hope it will attract new (Indie) companies.

License costs:

The SDK can be used for free if you want to create non-commercial projects such as games, school projects, movies and so on and so on.

If you wish to create a commercial game, for example an Indie game, Crytek is offering a royalty-only license model where Crytek requires 20% of the developer’s revenues from the commercial launch of their game.


The free toolset is available for download on ModDB or at

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Hell_Diguner Aug 17 2011, 5:15pm says:

I wonder where all the folks saying Crytek has abandoned it's PC community have gone? They were screaming about no sandbox, no DX11 in Crysis, expensive SDK, blah blah blah. I wasn't impressed with Crysis 2, but I'm happy to see Crytek disprove the skeptics. Right now, I'd place Crytek up there with Valve and Bungie, when it comes to pleasing the fans. Now if only they would drop EA as their game publisher ;D

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TheNodCommander Aug 21 2011, 2:45pm replied:

I consider Bungie around the level of Infinity Ward/Activision actualy. No, I love Halo. Yes, what made me dislike them is their total ignorance towards their own canon with "Halo: Reach".

But I am glad CryTek got their minds together, EA does not sound so evil at all anymore actualy with CryTek and DICE working for them.

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myxale Aug 17 2011, 5:21pm says:

Wow, this is cool stuff.
It will kick-start lots of mods and Indie-Games!!

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s87 Aug 17 2011, 5:39pm says:

Let's see how it performs compared to UDK and Unity, probably we'll get some more 3D indie games instead of thousands of 2D platformers (have nothing against them in general thought) :)

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agent00kevin Aug 17 2011, 5:41pm says:

Wow. Maybe my next Mod will be an indie game instead...Source SDK may take a backseat to this one next time around...

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Starkiller2356 Aug 17 2011, 6:28pm says:

Downloading now!! I cant wait to learn Cryengine 3, I might just move my game onto that instead of Unity!

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Megadave2003 Aug 17 2011, 6:50pm says:

Sandbox has always been good for terrain making. I shall download this product

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DanielleEber Aug 17 2011, 7:37pm replied:

What I do is create my terrain in E-on Vue (which has much much better terrain modeling tools), and then import it to the Sandbox.

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Duruk Author
Duruk Aug 18 2011, 2:22am replied:

You can use Geocontrol 2 (geocontrol can be combined with Vue) as well for creating realistic terrain :

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[Q]uik Aug 17 2011, 7:26pm says:

and iam TOTALLY getting this as soon as i get my new computer!!

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LordIheanacho Aug 17 2011, 7:28pm says:

I wish I could find how to get the AI to work in this SDK....

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Bakscratch Aug 17 2011, 8:03pm says:

I just realised I spent the whole day on it XD

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Kronatek Aug 17 2011, 8:14pm says:

I keep having an error it says "Engine Error" "Error loading DLL: CryrenderD3D9.dll, error code 183 save level before the editor" I re downloaded it but it still says the same thing. I'm running in 32 Bit windows. I still have windows xp sp3, is it compatible also?

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design3 Aug 17 2011, 8:18pm says:

This is really good news for everyone. Time to talk to Crytek about developing CryEngine 3 tutorials....

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]BlackPhoenix[ Aug 17 2011, 8:50pm says:

*sniff sniff* I smell Alan Wake !

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fdslk Aug 17 2011, 10:22pm says:

No Directx 10/11 :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
Duruk Author
Duruk Aug 18 2011, 2:29am replied:

DX11 render will arrive "very soon" see FAQ.pdf in SDK main folder

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fdslk Aug 18 2011, 3:06am replied:

Wow! I didn't spoted it before on the FAQ, thxs.

The only thing I disliked of the engine, is the poor level of deep modding of the source code it have, I'll stick as my fav with UDK for now, but I'll give it a shot anyhow.

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DarkPivot Aug 17 2011, 11:50pm says:

Umm... this is all I managed to do on it lol

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Icedecknight Aug 18 2011, 12:55am says:

A great gift for me for when I get out of the hospital.

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Maggintosh Aug 18 2011, 5:39am says:

Awesome, CryEngine3 actually brought me back to work on my last project...

+2 votes     reply to comment
cinco Aug 18 2011, 6:50am says:

happy vaporware producing

-4 votes     reply to comment
hannibaldinski Aug 18 2011, 7:16am says:


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Açaí Aug 18 2011, 11:51am says:

I've got a bit of confusion with the "20% of the developer’s revenues from the commercial launch of their game" thing.
Is it 20% of the initial sales, or is it 20% of ALL sales?
Thanks! :)

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Duruk Author
Duruk Aug 18 2011, 2:17pm says:

All sales of the game(s) that you create with the SDK.

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Uliseh Aug 18 2011, 3:46pm says:

yaaaaaay !!!! :D

indie dev has never been so nice :)

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tomaspesce Aug 18 2011, 4:20pm says:

downloading!... will see what this can do!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
YamahaAlex37 Aug 18 2011, 4:46pm says:

Anybody else getting the "The application failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect."? Only when executing Launcher, not Editor.

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DanielleEber Aug 18 2011, 5:18pm replied:

You likely need to run as Admin, or are missing a Microsoft C++ 2008 redistributable. Check the README.html in the SDK top folder.

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YamahaAlex37 Aug 18 2011, 8:52pm replied:

Thanks, but it's still not working (32 bit is working). I downloaded and installed the vcredist_x64 and _x86 for 2008 and 2010, as well as made sure DX10 was up to date... any suggestions? :(

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uechiblu3000 Aug 19 2011, 1:03am says:


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MrMattWebb Aug 19 2011, 12:03pm says:

Only 20% royalties with no upfront costs?? WOWZAH! Where is the fine print?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Squiggers Aug 19 2011, 3:22pm replied:

Still being finalised by the legal boys at Crytek, theres information coming soon on it.

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Duruk Author
Duruk Aug 20 2011, 6:35am replied:

You have to dance with a bikini on in front of Crytek Frankfurt crew ;-)

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mishant Aug 19 2011, 2:36pm says:

Downloading..... lets see what i come up with.....

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RagnarokSkyx Aug 19 2011, 8:44pm says:

Theres is no programming documentation or articles AT ALL on cry engine 3 and there is not documentation at all about anything!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Taamalus Aug 19 2011, 9:30pm replied:

Not true! Try this link.
I'm only doing basics for now, my second sleepless night :)
for more info, why not visit their forums?

This is SDK is so awesome.

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tomkranis Aug 19 2011, 10:18pm says:

Does this engine have ragdoll physics?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Duruk Author
Duruk Aug 20 2011, 6:39am replied:

Yes it has this is for example from CryENGINE 2 (the version before the SDK release)

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Tetony Aug 20 2011, 6:51am says:

want a 3rd person RPG made with this :D
something aka Gothic 3
well i guess ill keep dreaming

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sclera Aug 20 2011, 8:47am says:

I cannot for the life of me find a hi res version of the picture of the girl in the scarf. Can anyone help me out?

+1 vote     reply to comment
gokusuper5 Aug 20 2011, 2:32pm says:

**** IN MY PANTZ!!!

gotta change....

+1 vote     reply to comment
YamahaAlex37 Aug 20 2011, 2:43pm says:

I extracted this SDK to a folder and it worked fine. Then I found 1.1 update online and went to install it, however it defaulted to installing in my Crysis 2 folder. Now I have a Bin64 and Editor in my Crysis 2 folder. Is this correct? Or should I have placed it in a seperate folder?

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Catalyst440 Aug 21 2011, 2:29am says:

Time to see what the cryengine can REALLY do

+2 votes     reply to comment
feather240 Aug 21 2011, 1:17pm says:

So this is for PC games only? Not that I'm complaining.

+1 vote     reply to comment
feather240 Aug 21 2011, 2:26pm says:

Also, since the engine supports C++ does it also support C?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Taamalus Aug 21 2011, 10:13pm says:

@ feather240; for PS3 and/or Xbox support you need to contact Crytek directly, yet, you can develop on multi platforms.
As for C, I doubt this would work ;)

Also, as of today I'm fan! Awesome looks, and codes, etc. Yes, other cool SDKs are out there, but ... love at first sight :D

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DoctorCheese Aug 22 2011, 1:10am says:

So, can you make a playable mod with this SDK even if not you nor the players have any game that uses CryEngine 3?

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scottellison92 Aug 22 2011, 6:00am says:

can this please be usable offline instead of having to log in every time because i dont have a full time internet connection :/ ?

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Jokerme Aug 24 2011, 8:39am says:

Jokerme reaches level 2!

Happiness increased!
Imagination increased!
Motivation increased!
Health decreased!
Socialization decreased!

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