We have not posted anything since Beta 2 release... Well, now it's the time to give you all a small insight in what is going on...

Posted by d-ce on Apr 1st, 2014

No, this won't be an April Fools' Day joke. Contra suffered from many problems lately as many of you know...

First, our team leader and Contra founder Creator disappeared (probably because of social issues). He left us Contra and a right to continue his work. With our plans for final release and even 009 further release.

Then, the rest of our team just fell apart. And whole team was PredatorBG and me.
We got some help from great people like Zeke, Anubis... and some others as mentioned in release news before. (and I will repay them as I promised)

After that, I suffered from serious social issues, and got a new job which takes most of my time. PredatorBG was also very busy with his real life.

And if that was not terrible... we got more issues. Russian community, more specifically some members there like Javelin, 6aseke, Kur-Zaz... They took Contra for their self... and decided to make 009 version.

I was pissed off... they wanted to change everything for themselves. They decided to reject our plans, plans from Contra mod author Andrey Pestryakov... and make it for their own tournaments. And release it as 009. They even wanted to use models made by us... and everything.

Javelin told me that I can't prove that I have made all those models... After many argue, I succeeded to make some copyright on Contra name, and our development and our work.

So they made Contra 009 RLM (whatever that is). Some older members on Redsys are against that, and they are supporting real Contra.

I need to ask you too... to support real Contra and our work. If you see somewhere Contra 009 download, please know that it is fake... Only real update will be here.

Also, I will tell you now that we are returning to work. Old member LilTasman is back. He will work on fixing AI.

Now I will reveal some updates that we have made... no secret from us:

- Enable machinegun units (infantry, Trackhound, Repair Droid, etc.) to fire at vehicles - DONE for all factions.
- Unit build time and cost similar to 007 - DONE (Assault, Toxin, Superweapon, Cybernetic, Flame, Nuke, Laser)
- Supply piles and dock same amount as in 007 - DONE
- Economy same as in 007 - DONE (Cybernetic, Superweapon, Flame, Assault, Toxin, Nuke, Laser)
- Fix and further modify AI for final 008 release - In progress - lil tasman
- Fix Laser Challenge win/loss conditions. - DONE
- Insert radiation effect from 007. - DONE

- Add new cameo for male Rangers. - DONE

- Improve Duke Nukem (Burton) cameo. - DONE
- Improve RQ-9 Dark Star cameo. - DONE

- Add new AMOS cameo. - DONE
- Add new SSM Site cameo. - DONE
- Add new Burton Ion Cannon Strike cameo. - DONE
- Particle Cannon uses the wrong Particle Cannon cameo. - DONE

- Add new Laser Defender cameo. - DONE

- Reduce Cylon firepower from 45 to 35 - DONE

- Add new cameo for Red Guards. - DONE

- Add new Battlemaster cameo. - DONE
- Improve Flamethrower cameo. - DONE

- Add new Minigunner cameo. - DONE
- Some regular infantry cameos appeared different compared to their x4 versions. - DONE

- Battlemaster gains nuclear shot effect possibility only at heroic level. - DONE

- Add new cameo for Mobile Supply Stash. - DONE

- Add new cameo and description for GLA Carpet Bombing power. - DONE
- Add new cameo for AA Technical. - DONE
- Add stop button for Toxin Tunnel Network. - DONE
- Neutralizers upgrade cameo is missing for some units and buildings. - DONE

- Add new cameo for Demo Technical. - DONE

- Replace cartoon general portrait with a normal one. - DONE
- Booby Trap upgrade cameo is missing for Alshain. - DONE

We hope to get full speed work soon! CYA!

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Guest Apr 1 2014 says:

Quote: Javelin, 6aseke, Kur-Zaz... They took Contra for their self... and decided to make 009 version.

I am heavily against that, i am so ****** off right now.

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Persun Apr 1 2014 says:

There's only one Contra, and Contra team, we all know that - THATS YOU! Keep going dcesarec, if I can help, just ask. I'll do whatever I can. When will you release that fixes?

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BaoX Apr 1 2014 says:

Contra 万岁!

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[TZP]LoNer1 Apr 1 2014 replied:

Nice avatar, bro.

And this is always sad to hear. Hope thing will go well for in the future gents

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BaoX Apr 2 2014 replied:

Yeah, I hope so as well.
I wish you the best REAL Contra Team!

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1313e Apr 1 2014 says:

Thanks for the warning and keep up the good work. I know it takes a serious amount of time and commitment to make a good mod, and it's always hard to see your team falling apart, so I really hope you guys can pull through and make it happen. Will always support you guys and will be waiting for the next release as always.

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Firelord475 Apr 1 2014 says:

Im not trying to be racist

But what is it with russians and stealing things? Some bs happend in the DoW community awhile ago too.

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JoshZemlinsky Apr 2 2014 replied:

I should know what it feels like lol.

Anyways, sorry to hear about all the problems. I hope you can get something together to release a new version.
For now, i'll live with my personal 'fixes' and such. No worries, it is for personal use only.

Good to see an update as always.

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Somebody_Someone Aug 10 2014 replied:

Well, it happens in Russia and near Russia. I've heard about guy that has stolen RA2:Reborn and started to make "new" (really, fake) versions of it.
And afaik atm he compiled stuff from Reborn, Mental Omega, some other mods and made a shitmod named Yuri's Revenge (wait, what? He has stolen the game!!!)
His nickname is LUN_KE_R. If u see him, throw a tomato at him. :D

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St4lk3r Apr 2 2014 says:

That's sad to hear.

I wish you guys the best of luck.

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Drweegee1337 Apr 2 2014 says:

Quote: - Improve RQ-9 Dark Star cameo. - DONE
Did it need improvement? I thought it looked pretty good.

Other than that: it's sad to hear what happened, it was very strong of you to keep going after such a loss.

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ThePredatorBG Apr 2 2014 replied:

"Did it need improvement? I thought it looked pretty good."
The background was changed because it was too simple. It is not worse than before.

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1313e Apr 2 2014 says:

Oh, btw, I googled that Contra 009 RLM and it actually seems it's made for RA3 and not for GZH. Also, it doesn't seem like they are quite populair, also due the fact that everything is written in Russian(?).

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DenGresh Apr 2 2014 replied:

What the nonsense? For RA3 such isnt present

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ThePredatorBG Apr 2 2014 replied:

Contra 009 RLM is actually based on 007. By RA3 they mean the RA3 Garena room for network play.

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1313e Apr 3 2014 replied:

Well, I actually assumed that, because all the descriptions are in Russian, so it's hard to figure out what they actually mean.

And, this also proves that the whole mod sucks, because an ordinary gamer should be capable of figuring out what the mod is and for which game it's made.

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d-ce Author
d-ce Apr 2 2014 says:

Yes, it is mainly for their community and their tournaments, thats why its on russian. But it could easily go outside too. So for all of you to know...Its not official. Its fake...And its very bad from them. They dont respect author and mod team!

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1313e Apr 3 2014 replied:

Don't think they will get an huge fanbase. Contra is the no. 3 mod for GZH and the no. 9 on ModDB. Don't really think you guys will lose your fans fast.

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CommanderDef Apr 2 2014 says:

Well, they may have impatient Russian players. But there are quite few of them compared to number of global Contra fans.

I wish you luck, Contra is my favorite mod. Maybe it would help to make a tournament or something here, for Moddb community. To draw attention back to the real one.

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DenGresh Apr 2 2014 says:

That which can you blame these releasers in this mod with v009 RLM is the theft of models without the author's consent (from 008 B2). And the whole structure of the mod and version number is pure marasmus.

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Valherran Apr 2 2014 says:

Wow, that is some scandalist **** they pulled. Glad you all got a foothold on it.

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contrailanh Apr 2 2014 says:

thanks for your great mod,i am always your fan

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snbarca Apr 4 2014 says:

Don't worry we always be here ! No fake , no leave ! We are supporting this mod !

+2 votes     reply to comment
nr14 Apr 4 2014 says:

I wish you the best of luck, keep up the good work!

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Tietken Apr 5 2014 says:

Damn russians. I'm seeing a pattern here, they always take what's not theirs.

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Watchdream Apr 6 2014 says:

Well, I do not support Contra 009 RLM because of the arrogance of its initiators, but some of their claims to the 008 seem fair to me.
But do not say banal things about "stealing russians", actually Contra mod was originally russian and a few years ago became predominantly international and only recently after leaving Creator became a non-russian.
We must understand that ьщв originally had two streams in development - russian and foreign. Creator tried to combine them together, but now it does not and it is logical that the mod is divided into two branches.

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d-ce Author
d-ce Apr 6 2014 replied:

Sorry, but i cant agree with you. Creator was last 3 years active in developing only on Revora. While on redsys wasnt any serious work, only trolling. There was no 2 Contra versions, only one. And whole development was on revora. He chosen us to be in project team, gave us roles in projects, and access to Contra server with all needed files there. Not any of russian members on redsys had such role. We had mappers, 3d/2d artists, voice actors and music composer. And Creator was every day communicating with us, sharing work and ideas.

It seems to me that redsys community always wanted Contra for themself, with their ideas, but they couldnt do it while Andrey was still active, because yes, firstly he is russian, and he had many rights on redsys. Now that he is gone, their community finally got the oportunity to take everything and make it as they wish...and claim it as it is "russian" mod. It is not russian mod. It is mod by Andrey Pestryakov. Who left the project and gave us permission to finish the project. Those are the FACTS. And there are no any other facts. If you want, i can make dozens of screenshots of our conversations on private forum, skype...etc..

People who are stealing this project are very arrogant...taking everything and ripping it...They deserve to be banned from everywhere.

And i need to say, that after Creator left. We posted about searching for any kind of help. Anyone was free to join us, and help us, and be part of the team. They were just sitting and watching will Creator appear...And then, taking it for themself!

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Watchdream Apr 6 2014 says:

"Creator was last 3 years active in developing only on Revora. While on redsys wasnt any serious work, only trolling."

Sorry, but I remember the days of development Contra mod 6-7-year-old (many years before moddb), and so for me moving on Revora is a recent event.

"There was no 2 Contra versions, only one."

Under one of the "two streams" I mean ideas and desires by russian branch of Contra players and fans. Obviously, the original russian community expects from Contra slightly different things and therefore this reaction incoming. They just do not like the way the development of modern Contra.
Besides, I think you worry too much. Rivalry put everything in its places. In the end, with a reasonable pressure Contra 009 RLM may change their name to something more neutral.

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d-ce Author
d-ce Apr 6 2014 replied:

It doesnt concern me rivalry...and pressure and their ideas...Stealing our resources concerns me. I didnt gave them any right to any of my art. Also, for permission in editing Contra and releasing it they should asked project team and remaining staff members...which is again...us.

The whole situation and the way in which they performed it, is arrogant, stealing...

Perhaps it is recent for you. But 008 development and plans for 009 are on Revora between project team.

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d-ce Author
d-ce Apr 6 2014 replied:

Also, contra didnt started on revora 3 years ago. It started in year 2004. 3 years ago he made Project Team with us as members, and started developing 008. Everything is clear from this pic:


Notice date...and his words.

After that Pendaelose joined him, and they worked seriously...All work was on revora mostly:


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Lonely_guy Apr 6 2014 says:

it's sad to hear.

good luck :)

a small question: will you guys also post updates on revora, or only here?

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MasoudMM Apr 29 2014 says:

I don't think about downloading a contra mod with higher number, just prefer to stay with the original numbers that came and to be came from you guys..., I wish you success in your real life...

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dreamcalmer May 6 2014 says:

Hey there.
Have you thought about crowdfunding the mod? I would really like to see the it finished.
Also, there's so much work done, maybe you should think about putting it as a standalone game on projects like Steam Greenlight

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Guest Apr 5 2015 says:

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