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Having prepared a Teaser and Screens for Gamescom this year we wanted to share it with all of you as well. We hope you like what you see but more importantly read what we have to say and will be revealing/releasing very soon!

Posted by Tatsur0 on Aug 23rd, 2013

With Contagion releasing later this fall, we felt it best to share this Teaser which is a bit more recent than our old engine build 2012 Alpha Trailer. So much has happened this year and we're eager to share even more which is why we'd like you to check back on us September, Friday the 13th where we'll be releasing an even more recent Official Full Game-play trailer that will show players exactly what they're in for with our numerous features, game-modes, maps, characters, and much much more... Maybe even another date.

We're also going to be passing out free "Preliminary Tester" keys exclusive to our Official Contagion Steam Community Hub before the 13th so if you're not already a member be sure to join our Official Group.

We hope you enjoy the Teaser & Screens from our Beta Build

Contagion 2013 Beta Screens
Contagion 2013 Beta Screens
Contagion 2013 Beta Screens
Contagion 2013 Beta Screens

Again, be sure to follow us via our Social Networks and if interested in a free key before our September, Friday the 13th Full Game-Play trailer, sign up on our Official Contagion Steam Group! Limited number of keys of course.


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JohnnyTheWolf Aug 23 2013, 7:21pm says:

The next Left 4 Dead?

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 Aug 23 2013, 8:06pm replied:

I can only hope you're referring to quality and not game-play but again until we get the full trailer out there people will interpret what they see differently per individual.

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leon.ladisic Aug 24 2013, 6:19am replied:

Yeah sorry this looks like a prettier but shittier(in terms of gameplay) no more room in hell clone. (While I know it isn't.)

Seriously the game play looks boring, way to sharp and robotic. The zombies act dumb and their animations are horrible.

Survivors killing each other? COD with zombies? Creativity at its best.
I will rather pay nothing and play NMRIH on steam.

Seriously the only compliment I have is that it looks very nice. And you have some innovative interactivity with the world going on.

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DemolitionSteve Aug 24 2013, 1:37pm replied:

"The following is from our early beta build and is not indicative of the final product."

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leon.ladisic Aug 24 2013, 4:28pm replied:

Thats every developers excuse while they are in beta. What they have shown will hardly change in any significant way that would make what I said untrue.

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DemolitionSteve Aug 24 2013, 5:01pm replied:

Can't be too sure about that. We're just gonna have to wait and see.

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 Aug 26 2013, 6:00am replied:

It's not an excuse. For some the changes are minor for others they're significant. As for Contagion you'll just have to wait and see for yourself.

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 Aug 26 2013, 5:55am replied:

I'm sorry you feel that way.

The animations were done in a large mocap studio with professional actors. The game-play is a bit higher paced, nothing like L4D and I'm not sure how AI zombies = NMRiH clone. I can say that those from NMRiH that have played it feel differently than you.

Rather than defend the teaser I can only hope you'll be patient enough to see what the game is about and how it really looks when we release our full trailer which was the point of the teaser to highlight.

There is no game like Contagion, we're confident that many will enjoy it and we hope to scratch that itch. But in the end we'll have to wait and see.

Thank you for the compliments, they're greatly appreciated.

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cowzwithgunz Aug 23 2013, 7:36pm says:

Looks more like an remake or update of NMRIH unfortunately.

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 Aug 23 2013, 8:05pm replied:

NMRiH developers would disagree :) The games are completely different, in fact there is no game like Contagion currently available. We're confident you'll feel differently once we reveal our Official Contagion Full length trailer.

Also I wouldn't put it that way, the guys on NMRiH did a heck of a job. They just don't have full access to the latest Engines so they can gut it like we did and rebuild more than enough to nearly give it a new Engine name heh.

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*Flame* Aug 23 2013, 8:58pm says:

Holy crap this looks epic ! :D Great stuff

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Tabajara77 Aug 23 2013, 10:28pm says:

Looking Goooood!!
I already have some extra money in my SteamWallet, hope won't be so expensive. Keep up a good work at this game guys. :)

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 Aug 26 2013, 6:02am replied:

Definitely not. We are confident that the price will definitely be accepted as both affordable and fitting.

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Mr.RoBoT Aug 23 2013, 11:45pm says:

looking nice, I hope the versus is good as ZP:S (which survivors would die easily) and not like L4D!
Also I'm very glad the flashlight lights up for everyone and not for yourself only unlike some other games/mods, But I wonder why survivors are shooting each other?

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 Aug 26 2013, 6:04am replied:

Thank you. Our full trailer should answer most questions.

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deniable_pain Aug 24 2013, 3:58am says:

damn, that looks intense and that thing that you fight other humans(possible looters)is a good addon even though it reminds l4d a bit by its gameplay, but i think the greatest thing is the fact youre not confined to 3 other guys playing with you,a thing that most other zombie games copied from l4d,and for that i say good job guys

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Dejected-Angel Aug 24 2013, 7:20am says:

Looks nice.

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DemolitionSteve Aug 24 2013, 1:35pm says:

Is that a motha ******' over-under double-barreled in that last screenshot?

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joure Aug 24 2013, 3:09pm replied:

mebe... ;)

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Tatsur0 Author
Tatsur0 Aug 26 2013, 6:02am replied:

shush it Joure, IT SURE TEH HECK IS! Man I love that thing too, couldn't wait to get it in game.

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waldo101 Aug 24 2013, 8:31pm says:


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dave_5430 Sep 1 2013, 5:48pm says:

Normally I'm the one that talks smack about games, in particular bad ones.

Frankly, when I watched the first trailers, I considered it to be -yet another L4D clone-

However, this trailer has a specifically consistent and different vibe from L4D, OR NMRIH.

I have no idea what shitbag MCcumstain and the other nay-sayers up there are complaining about,
but if anything, this trailer gives the complete opposite feeling of NMRIH, meaning suspense and using your brains instead of just bashing planks ontop of a door and then rapid-firing on some slow-*** zombies,
At least, that's what NMRIH is to me, and a lot of people on my servers have come forward with the opinion that the game is only as fun as the competence of the other players.
Playing with a bunch of retards in NMRIH means that you'll have to do all the dirty work.

In fact, it gets so boringly repetitive after as little as 72 hours of playing through various campaigns and maps with pretty much every single possible player combination out there this moment,
I'm not even sure how you managed to MAKE the comparison with this game. The graphics are one-tier-over NMRIH's, the gameplay seems a lot more fast paced, yet in the sense of a controllable chaos. Weapons seem to look a lot more responsive than those in NMRIH, which, in the end, only have a few extra features in turn to make them interesting.
Frankly, I'm getting sick of people bullshitting with the 'any game out there that is a zombie shooter is in turn a clone of L4D, because L4D was first' or NMRIH crap.
Just because NMRIH is on this page doesn't mean every damn zombie shooter is a clone of NMRIH either.

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dave_5430 Sep 1 2013, 5:49pm replied:

And beside, how about you shut up and give them a few comments on 'what they should change to make the game better' instead of saying 'LOL GTFO COD ZOMBS CLONE ROFL BACK TO 360'.

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