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Hey folks, we're back with the newest patch for CoH: Modern Combat! While we generally concentrated on bug-fixes with the last one, this time around we've decided to focus on balance-related changes as well. We want to thank the community for all the informative feedback and discussion on our forums... your input has influenced many of these changes (read the complete changelog at the end of this post).

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Hey folks, we're back with the newest patch for CoH: Modern Combat!

While we generally concentrated on bug-fixes with the last one, this time around we've decided to focus on balance-related changes as well. We want to thank the community for all the informative feedback and discussion on our forums... your input has influenced many of these changes (read the complete changelog at the end of this post).

We've also done some work on the aesthetics and acoustics of the mod, much of it made possible by several new members of our team: evilSpike (2D artist), omnicron (2D artist), robotnik (3D artist), skylineGTR (2D/3D artist) and Sando (level designer). Their help is greatly appreciated, and they've already made some fantastic contributions!
Thanks to them and veteran team-members Darkbladecr, Chopin and SuiXo, we were able to add a ton of new custom gear to our infantry models, add unit portraits to our user interface and create additional environmental assets for use by our mappers.

patch1002 images

And they aren't the only ones that deserve credit! Others have selflessly dedicated their time to improving the mod in various ways, even though they aren't members of staff. We want to acknowledge their contributions here:

patch1002 images

DMz and Beefy^: created the new M3 Carl Gustav/MAAWS for our revised Airborne squad. They've also optimised several existing textures in order to improve their appearance and impact on performance.

Aidas2: created the new M14 EBR rifle model for the Airborne squad and our new Humvee model (originally for CoH: Zombie Mod). Its new texture was created by our very own 2D artist Chopin.

We've also taken the opportunity to replace a number of generic sounds with those from the excellent CoH soundpack made by Rarzor R, and Loran Korn (RIP).

patch1002 images

The Modern Combat launcher should automatically notify you about the patch and download it for you the next time you start it. If you run into problems with the automatic update, you may download and apply it manuall, using this link.

The soundpack by RazorR is available as a separate (optional) download here. Just save the ImpactSounds.sga into your "...\Company of Heroes\ModernCombat\Archives" directory and it will load them instead of the default ones.

~The CoH: Modern Combat team

patch wrote:

Patch 1.002 Changelog

General Changes:

  • Updated portrait images (all units have custom portraits now).
  • Updated AT4 icon.
  • Both PLA and US production Buildings will now automatically rotate to fit tight spaces.
  • Fixed crash that would happen when PLA flamers attacked humvee wreck (with units in cover or without [attack ground]).
  • Fixed Fatal Scar Error with Universal Sanctions and Hack Attack, the title notifier should now only appear once as well, regardless of the number of players.
  • Changed the PLA and US Engineer thrown satchel charge damage modifier against buildings (HQ's, production buildings, ambient buildings) to 1.75. (525 damage).
  • Players will see green XP when killing units regardless of how many CPs they've earned.
  • Added reduced cooldown (-10 seconds) to M109 and PHZ89 for each level of veterency they gain.

USA - Changes:

  • Changed the M1A2 and TUSK to gain M240b gunner with 1st vet.
  • Americans now have a new Humvee Model which gains more health with every level of veterancy. It gains 'uparmored state' at vet 2.
  • When CROWS upgrade is researched on the Humvee, it is possible to see the CROWS operator, and the screen he is using.
  • Air Superiority additional armor upgrade now reduces damage received from mines. This is visually seen by US infantry all loading knee pads, and having a chance of loading Tactical goggles
  • Fixed M870 critical/headshot chances.
  • Increased Abrams TUSK pop cost to match UI cost.
  • Airborne Squad revised, they now carry two M14 EBRs by default and can be upgraded with a Carl Gustav/MAAWS rocket launcher.
  • First Aid Training given to the US (Wher-style passive healing, 10.56 hp/min). Global upgrade, purchasable from US HQ.
  • Fixed the bug with the Apache and Blackhawk being deleted early by allied helicopters.
  • Implemented a slight difference between turret speeds of TUSK and M1A2 (General increase to match ZTZ99 turret speed).
  • US Airborne Doctrine gives riflemen Night Vision Goggles.
  • Updated the unpack to give back 50% resource for TOW nest.
  • Added 101st Airborne insignia instead of 82nd.
  • M1A2 Abrams given faster chassis rotation speed than TUSK.
  • Stryker FSV has new command aura for all vehicles within 30m (vehicle reload x0.9 and sight radius +5).
  • Stryker FSV has free smoke screen ability, with a long recharge though so use it wisely.
  • Updated US sniper vet to give 1.05x increase in range each vet (regardless of off/def choice). Increased health (1.15x) at first vet, normal speed in camo at vet 3.
  • Reduced duration of Apache from 90 seconds to 45 seconds; Reduced cost of Apache from 200 to 125 munitions; Increased damage of M320 by 125%; Increased suppression of M320 by 25%.
  • Bradley TOW will now always penetrate the Type 81's armor.
  • AT4 will now always penetrate the ZTZ96 and ZTZ99's armor.
  • Paladin SPA vet requirement changed to 12/24/48.
  • Airborne AT4 ability now requires the Infantry HQ upgrade.
  • M203 underslung grenade launcher damage changed from 13.5 -11.25 damage (3x damage against garrison) to 15 (2x damage against garrison)
  • M203 underslung grenade launcher reload time changed from 9.5-8 to 7.5-6.5.

PLA - changes

  • The Industrial Efficiency ability in the Full Mobilisation Doctrine has been replaced with a Q-5 Napalm Strike.
  • Adjusted PHL03 Doctrine ability to start with a slow rocket barrage, followed by a main barrage after 6 seconds.
  • Nerfed PLA grenade to do 55-60 damage (from 70).
  • PLA now get incendiary mines from Total Mobilization Doctrine, and gave anti-personnel mines (lower chance of engine criticals) to PLA Engineers by default.
  • Type 59D tank experience lowerd from 16 to 10.
  • RPG given same scatter as vCOH Bazooka.
  • Reduced flamethrower critical chance to same as vCoH.
  • Fixed Advanced Recruitment (wasn't working as intended).
  • Changed the PLA ATMP critical type from supply truck to light vehicle.
  • Fixed the bug where the ZTZ99 could not rotate its gun all the way round.
  • Type 81 Barrage now works like nebelwerfer barrage, dealing loads of suppression but not dealing too much damage.
  • PHZ 89 barrage now costs 40 munitions.

Enviornment/Map - changes

  • Fixed the Factory appearing on the Minimap as a white square.
  • Optimized the Palmtree texture, should improve performance.
  • You are now unable to select the Concrete Caltrop environmental asset.

Localization - changes

  • Chinese translation updated.
  • Polish translation updated.
  • Czech translation updated.
  • Italian translation updated.
  • German translation updated.
  • French translation reworked and updated.

Model/Shader - changes

  • Fixed Stryker Crush to have sound and FX.
  • Fixed Healthy Stryker to disappear when killed.
  • Fixed Stryker ICV not properly loading its wreck model.
  • Fixed Shading issues on ZZC02.
  • Updated Type 59D Texture.
  • Fixed Shading issues on Type 59D.
  • Fixed Shading issues on Bradley.
  • Fixed Shading issues on Stryker MGS attachment.
  • Fixed Shading issues on Type 82 MLRS.
  • Fixed Shading issues on PLA Tier 1.
  • Fixed the ZSD89 shading issues.
  • Managed to fix shading on all PLA infantry.
  • No Deform on the TOW pit anymore, raised the height of the TOW to stop the projectile from hitting the ground.
  • Reduced the intensity of the PLA helmet normal. Added new PLA helmet model. Added a random accessory load for the PLA helmet.
  • Updated shading on M1A2.
  • Updated Shading on Type 96 MBT.
  • Updated A10 Texture.
  • Updated Apache Texture.
  • Updated the wreck texture loaded by all units.
  • Used DMZ's optimization of the TOW, RPG, M16 and many other small arms.
  • New vehicle crew models for US and PLA.
  • US airborne have bound goggles on the top of their helmets.
  • Green Berets get new combat helmet with tactical goggles.
  • All US units have a chance to load a scarf (2 different types of skins).
  • RPGs now have better impact FX.
  • New PLA Tier 2 Building is now ingame.
  • PLA and US now have new default Vehicle Crew infantry.
  • All US Infantry have three forms of backpacks: Camelbak, Molle 2 and Molle Assault pack.
  • US HMG teams carry a brown Camelbak.
  • US Javelin teams carry a green Camelbak.
  • US Riflemen Sergent will be given a brown Molle Assault pack when First Aid Training is researched.
  • US Airborne have a chance of loading brown Molle 2 backpacks.
  • US Spec Ops have a chance of loading green Molle 2 backpacks.
  • US Engineers all wear green Molle Assault packs, if upgraded to shotguns this will change to green Molle 2 backpacks.

Sound - changes

  • Tomahawk Incoming sound increased in volume to make it more prominent.
  • Added Loran Korn's original impact sound mod to our mod.

Sweetness! The new models look great. Are there any plans for a tournament or at least some shoutcasts?

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OnkelSam Author

jup =) keep your eyes peeled

Reply Good karma+6 votes

I don't suppose you could give conscripts a little buff? not even 3 squads of them can take out a riflemen squad

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Militia, not conscripts. Big difference. ^.^

Try using them up close. Their rifles aren't very accurate at long range, but they can go toe-to-toe with riflemen at point-blank range.

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This mod is getting better, will we ever see new factions appart from US and China? Great work nonetheless.

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OnkelSam Author

No, we're concentrating on USA and China

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But once you have finished with them you couldn't take the time to add smaller sub faction's?

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Quality is better than quantity.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Well not always, it depends

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Great work guys!

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In this new patch when i call in the China tank with the "Last Push" doctrine thing i can only see the treads of the tank. and the humvee i can only see the people for the humvee floating around its really wierd.

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