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A short introduction to the spanking new Carmageddon Mod 3.0.

Posted by Gipphe on Aug 20th, 2013

Carmageddon Mod 3

The proper version 3 of the Carmageddon Mod is now finished, now complete with a proper uninstaller and a script that resets your GTAIV and/or EFLC back to how they were upon uninstallation of the mod.

Carmageddon 3 - Mod DB

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the all-new Carmageddon Mod.

Upon first startup of the program, you'll be gCarmageddon Mod 3.0reeted by a prompt asking you to specify where your GTAIV and EFLC installations are located on your computer. Note that this directory prompt is much more user-friendly and prettier to look at in general (in conjunction to being rather familiar to some users as it's an extremely widely used layout for prompts). After specifying the game folders, you are left with a petite window with little explanation of what each button does, until you hover your mouse over them. Each button has a nifty tooltip that pops up when you hover your mouse over the button, informing you of its function and what you can expect once you click it. Utilizing a graphical UI instead of the old text boxes from version 2.x has indeed increased the mod's actual size quite a bit. Even so, I've stripped down a lot of things accidentally included in the installation that were never being used, which brings the new file size to 33,6 Mb after installation.

Proper, unconditional uninstallation:

The uninstall script, which is new to this version of Carmageddon Mod 3, allows the user to uninstall Carmageddon Mod, should he/she so wish, regardless whether Carmageddon Mod's active at the moment (Carmageddon's handling.dat active, instead of the normal handling.dat) or not, removing the Carmageddon'd handling.dat from your computer along with the folders used for swapping out the files in question. This ensures a clean slate upon removal of the mod.

Pictorial demonstration

Less error-prone:

Error messages like "Could not find GTAIV's handling.dat file" and "Permission Denied" errors are a thing of the past as far as I can tell (at least the former of the two). I still need feedback from you, the user, whether this is a problem for you or not. I am one man with one computer; I cannot produce every possible machine setup myself.
If you encounter an error while using Carmageddon Mod, simply mail me the log.log file that is located in your Carmageddon Mod's directory. If you encounter any strange behavior while using the mod and want to know what's happening, open the log.log file in a simple text editor, like notepad, and see for yourself. Most events that happens under the hood of Carmageddon Mod is recorded there. I have extensively tested it for bugs, but I am merely one man, and will possibly have missed something along the way.

I hope you will have as much use of this utility as I had once I initially made it back in 2010. I saw the Carmageddon tweak (in lack of a better term) on YouTube, and immediately realized that that was something I wanted to try out, but I couldn't find a proper mod for it, only instructions on how to do it. So, I created a switcher, which allows you to switch between the Carmageddonified handling.dat and the normal handling.dat in your copy of GTAIV and/or EFLC, to easier let you play like normal as well.

Thank you very much for your support, my fellow GTAIV-fans. Let's hope GTAV uses the same old handling.dat system as all 3D GTA's have.

Pictorial demonstration

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alexkoenigsberg5 Aug 6 2013 says:

Are bugs like certain cars not being crazy fixed? because in v2.0.1.1 multiple times cars spawned with drivers, and never went beserk, even after shooting, driving, totaling, and other stuff, is this all fixed?

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Gipphe Author
Gipphe Aug 16 2013 replied:

In theory, no. There have been no changes to the way Carmageddon makes the cars go "crazy".

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Dejected-Angel Aug 20 2013 says:


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TyXo Aug 20 2013 says:

Does this work in Multiplayer, like the trainer ?

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MastG Aug 21 2013 replied:

Only if everyone else has it installed, and even then it's really buggy.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Gipphe Author
Gipphe Sep 4 2013 replied:

Funny thing is, it works both when other players have it and when only you have it. Other players will see the cars behave normally, while the player with Carmageddon Mod will see cars skip about in erratic movements as the Carmageddon Mod player's GTAIV wants the cars to go crazy, is about to make them go crazy, but then syncs with the host, who hasn't Carmageddon Mod, and the cars are temporarily reverted to their server-side position. If the host has Carmageddon Mod installed, on the other hand, the effect is opposite for players without Carmageddon Mod installed. Cars will generally just skip about everywhere, with the occasional flying cars skipping, dropping a few meters, skipping, dropping a few meters, and so on. It doesn't look right, no, not by any means, but the game doesn't crash at least :)

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medve Aug 20 2013 says:

this is just using cheats, it has nothing to with carmageddon

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Gipphe Author
Gipphe Aug 26 2013 replied:

This has everything that has to do with the Carmageddon mod for GTAIV, not the Carmageddon game from back in 1997, as stated in the page summary of this mod. And no, this is without the use of cheats. This mod is made possible with tampering the parameters for each car make.

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medve Aug 26 2013 buried:


i know well that you named it after the famous game to get more attention, and for this i hope you step on a lego on every ****** morning

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Gipphe Author
Gipphe Sep 3 2013 replied:

I named it after what everyone called the phenomenon that occurs when setting the wbias to negative values. Would it be more applicable if I called it "Carnado"? Carpocalypse is alas also trademarked by Stainless Games, I'm afraid, so that's out of the question.

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Rhayt6 Aug 20 2013 says:

awesome :0

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Mr.Deviance Aug 26 2013 says:

This is not Carmageddon. STOP NAMING IT CARMAGEDDON!
You will soon get a Cease and DESIST order from Stainless Interactive for making constant use of the copyrighted name that is Carmageddon!
I have personally contacted Stainless and talked to them about this and they are very displeased with the usage of their copyrighted brand name that they are trying to rebuild and you are sabotaging them with this action to name your mod like this!

-3 votes     reply to comment
johny67 Aug 26 2013 replied:

Please stop being such a troll. Thanks.

0 votes     reply to comment
Gipphe Author
Gipphe Aug 28 2013 replied:

Stop being ignorant. Thanks.

Mr.Deviance bears a strong point here. The result of modifying the handling.dat file to produce the effect that this mod carries has been called Carmageddon in the GTAIV community since the game first came out, and as such I found it self-explanatory to name the mod, which is merely a way to simplify the implementation of the "cars going crazy"-effect (in lack of a better term), Carmageddon as well. I grew worried over possible cease and desist orders, or even legal action, should the mod have gained enough popularity to attract Stainless Games' attention, so I changed the name to the uncreative name "CarE" back in 2010 (I think... It's been some time). I then realized there are indeed TONS of mods who have used registered trademarks in their names; some utilize the name of the game they're a modification of (Amazons: Total War - Refulgent (Rome: Total War), Third Age - Total War (Medieval II: Total War: KLingdons), Tiberium Essence (C&C3: Tiberium Wars) and BrĂ¼tal Doom (Doom) to name a few) and some that use other registered trademarks in their names (Macross Wars (Distant Worlds), Contra (C&C Generals: Zero Hour), Star Wars Conquest (Mount & Blade) and Marvel Avengers (GTA: San Andreas) to name a few). There are myriads of mods that do this, and the modding community would be dead by now had it not been for the fact that suing modders for copyright infringement because of unlicensed usage of trademarks. I won't say that we have any RIGHT do do what we do, the modders, and if Stainless Games feels my use of the name "Carmageddon", because of public popularity, is damaging to their Carmageddon IP I would very much like them to tell me so, either through a Cease and Desist order or through a friendly mail. Legal action towards me and the mod would most likely be fruitless though, as the mod does not have enough popularity to be considered "damaging", and it is not a commercial product.

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MasterionX Oct 14 2013 replied:

The problem is that it's simply misleading calling it Carmageddon Mod. Because people seeing the title would assume that it's related to the Carmageddon series.

However, if it was an actual Carmageddon Mod, then it would have boosted people's attention to the upcoming Carmageddon game by Stainless Games.

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Guest Mar 10 2014 says:

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Guest Nov 27 2014 says:

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