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This is a relatively small patch, as we've been spending a lot of time trying to track down sound and other issues from 164 and generally playing "catch up" from the massive patch that was Build 163. Here's a quick video describing where we are and where we're going for the next week.

Posted by SgtBarlow on Feb 26th, 2011

The latest patch for the Natural Selection 2 Beta is now available on Steam. If you have pre-ordered the game it should automatically update on Steam. If you would like to pre-order and get instant access to the beta, you can still do so here.

This is a relatively small patch, as we've been spending a lot of time trying to track down sound and other issues from 164 and generally playing "catch up" from the massive patch that was Build 163. Here's a quick video describing where we are and where we're going for the next week:

Build 165 changelog


  • Fixed bug where logging into the command station would mess up player's weapons when logged out
  • Updated infestation building sound to not be looping to reduce/fix out of channels problem
  • Disabled distress beacon until it works without spawning people in stuck
  • Fixed bug where looping sounds weren't destroyed when entities were destroyed
  • All parented sounds and particles for all Actors are now destroyed when they are
  • Fixed bug where armory arms opened on the wrong side (due to new random rotation of structures)
  • Mask alien players' names from marines while gestating. This way, aliens can take advantage of the "camouflage" in the hive provided by all the other eggs (thanks Skyler!)
  • Improvements and tweaks for all alien heal effects
  • Added s_stats console command to display sound system statistics
  • Added parasite animation and effect
  • Added a tooltip for failing to place infestation as a Gorge
  • Constrained the Gorge move velocity if building (used to work and then stopped for some reason)
  • Added some tooltips to HydraAbility for failing to build Hydra
  • Added additional profiling sections for particle related functions
  • Increased infestation health from 250 to 500 to make currently slow-growing infestation from being wiped out too easily (especially at the hive)
  • Fixed bug where Observatory could scan when it wasn't powered
  • New pistol sounds
  • Tweaks and iterations to guns and explosions (rifle, grenade launcher, shotgun)
  • Parasite on power point goes away when power point destroyed
  • Added back in marine/rifle/end
  • Increased the amount of time the give damage indicator is visible from 0.25 to 1 second

You can always keep up to date with what we're working on for the next patch with our real-time progress tracker and please don't forget to subscribe to your new YouTube channel to get these updates ASAP!

See you online!

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Dr.Worm Feb 26 2011, 11:29pm says:

woot! great news! keep it up Max, Charlie, Matt, and Cory ^.^

I hope you guys end-up being a successful company and to work with you some day :D

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Detnaite Feb 27 2011, 12:31am says:

I wanna price drop to 20 lol. I want this game but I haven't spend more then 20 dollars a month on games if that. Maybe next month I can buy this game... I feel bad for not jumping on the Special Edition this just gets better every patch.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Mkilbride Feb 27 2011, 12:37am buried:


Yeah, at it's current price it's not a very attractive deal, completed or not, the Christmas 2 for 1 deal was great, me and my friends pitched in, 15$ a copy was a massive steal, 20$ sounds bout right. 25$ tops.

At current it's just kinda like "Yikes..."

Even if it is only beta.

-7 votes     reply to comment
Minuit Feb 27 2011, 1:06pm replied:

Oh stop being so cheap. I'm guessing you're an anime fan based on your avatar, so how much do you spend on anime/manga/whatever?

+6 votes     reply to comment
Torabi Feb 27 2011, 1:31pm replied:


+2 votes     reply to comment
Mkilbride Feb 27 2011, 3:29pm replied:

Nothing, I think I bought a VHS when I was younger, but now I torrent everything like a normal person.

It's not being cheap if you want value for your money. You know those people who are deep in dept, can't afford any of the extras in life, and struggle month to month? Those are the types that aren't "so cheap" and just buy whatever without thinking about it.

Just saying when you've got great Indie games going for 10-20$, then you got this, going for 35$...and it doesn't even have a SP. I pay for value. I understand their hurting for money, making their own Engine, funding is really low, if not entirely gone now, and they have to rush it out, but they'd sell more in volume at a lower price point, and get more exposure.

I've had plenty of friends willing to shell out 10-20$ for a Indie game if it looked fun, but when a new 50-60$ game comes out, they research it in detail first.

35$ is not an attractive price point, is all. Maybe it's because I'm in marketing that I think this way, but I do, and I already have a copy of the game, so I'm supporting them, so no need to insult every time you see me. Christ.

-4 votes     reply to comment
Spuzaw Feb 27 2011, 4:32pm replied:

So in other words: You STEAL what you cannot afford.

+8 votes     reply to comment
iopzx Feb 27 2011, 10:00pm replied:

Mkilbride, you download? I am so proud of you.

+2 votes     reply to comment
gman9220 Feb 27 2011, 10:26pm replied:

I kinda agree with mkilbride. There are games out there with no single player that go for 50% less that NS2 (TF2,CSS,KF. just to name a few). While true that unknown worlds is in need of money so did/do alot of other indie developers yet these indie developers are able to make a profit because the games they release are relatively cheap, that is how iphone app developers are able to make such good profit is because you get a large bang for your buck, because in the end its all about sales. now everybody should stop flaming about 1 person making a critical statement about unknownworlds. just like any other developer UW isn't perfect. I just really wouldnt like to see this somewhat high price come and bite UW when NS2 comes to an official release.

+2 votes     reply to comment
tomnobsnob Feb 27 2011, 3:37am says:

Is it on desura?

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Awesome_ninja Feb 27 2011, 3:59am replied:

steam-only so far...

+2 votes     reply to comment
reok Feb 27 2011, 8:27am says:

really awesome video, mates! Keep it up :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
SinKing Feb 27 2011, 5:29pm says:

I think they should release a bundle with Overgrowth again, for those who have missed that. I basically got both games for the price of one, which is more than fair and was a big incentive at that time for me.

It must be a pain developing an ambitious game for so long and then running short on money. I wish the best to the team and hope they can finish the game that was originally one of the best Half-Life mods ever made. It has potential to be one of the best indie games, too.

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moci Feb 28 2011, 10:19am replied:

Agreed about the overgrowth bundle, I was on the fence but getting those 2 at the price of 1 was great.

Let's not forget that (and especially at the time of the deal) they had almost nothing to show for it. At least now UW has a playable (if you don't mind lag) beta and Wolfire is "getting there".

I agree with the fact that this game costs too much just for MP alone, I don't care that they also have to make the engine - they should have seen it coming when they made the decision.


To end with a positive note, this game is looking great. I never played NS1 so I can't compare but it looks pretty solid so far!

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~Mapster(WFc) Feb 27 2011, 11:15pm says:

Charlie.... You are my hero :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
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