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In a attempt to gain additional ships, the AOL made a bold move to attack the shipyards of Sluis Van

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Combatants: The Sith Empire
The Army of Light
The New Empire
Warlord Emperor Johnyboy1

The battle - In a effort to raid Sluis Van, Jedi masters Headhunter93 and ArielYssou led an AoL fleet to the planet. The initial defenses were small and the Jedi fleet dispatched them quickly. However, once the initial attack was complete, With reinforcements arrived. The Sith Inquisitor Darth Ten10dix jumped out of hyperspace with the Sith fleet led by the Vernichtung, a massive supercruiser. Moments after the arrival of the Sith fleet, two massive warships belonging to AK151, the Valiance and the Furious, both extremely powerful war cruisers, jumped into the middle of Headhunter's fleet, causing disarray. The Army of Light was losing the battle quickly, but help came: the Jedi Tharnis, now the leader of the New Empire, entered the battle with the Super Star Destroyer Paix, and defended the Army's escape. After the arrival of Tharnis, Johnyboy1 entered the battle with the remainder of his once vast fleets. The battle was long and hard, but the Army of Light had a plan. While Headhunter held off the Sith forces, ArielYssou, who's main ships were also in the battle, stole warships from the Sith and jumped away with them, causing the shipyard to self-destruct. The Army of Light then began it's retreat. The Paix changed positions and diverted power to shields to defend the ships as they jumped away. Johnyboy launched every ship he had, but AK151 was able to counter, as he had a Cloakship, the Pandora, in the area, which launched millions of warships to combat Johnyboy's forces while the larger warships handled the larger ships. The Paix, mostly destroyed, was evacuated and was set on a ramming course with the damaged Vernichtung. However, the Valiance was able to stop the Paix from hitting the Vernichtung with it's heavy cannons, and the SSD was destroyed. However, the AoL fleet was able to escape from the battle.

Results- Heavy losses for all sides and destruction of the Sluis Van shipyards and undecided victory.

Note that if a member would like to put actual accurate losses then that is fine

*Edited by AK151*
Current Emperor Johnyboy1

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